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At Crimson Lights, Sally thanks Chloe for working late tonight and her COO asks how her meeting went with Nick. Sally says he was “positive” but she is vague. Chloe is happy to hear it went better than expected and tells Sally she wants what’s best for her. She fought hard to be here and now Nick Newman is singing her praises. “He can’t seem to get enough of you.” Sally grimaces. Chloe assures her she can tell her anything. Sally says it’s about Nick… but has nothing to do with business. Sally reveals that things between her and Nick have taken a decidedly personal turn. Chloe learns they’ve been intimate and muses, “These things happen.” A couple of drinks over dinner and you can make a mistake. Sally asks if it’s a mistake if it happens twice. Chloe needs to process this. Sally explains it’s brand new and was out of the blue, but it has been mind-blowing. Chloe holds up a hand. “Over-sharing!”

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick informs Adam that his ex can do whatever she wants, including taking a business dinner with him. Adam muses that by the way they were looking at each other he highly doubts they were talking profit margins. Nick accuses him of letting his imagination run wild. Adam wants him to come clean. Nick tells him jealousy isn’t a good look and warns him to tread carefully. Adam snarks that Sally is using Nick to get back at him. “You’re the rebound guy. I broke her heart, and she went to the next Newman in line.” Nick says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “If you think that’s what’s going on then you don’t know me or Sally very well.” Adam notes he hasn’t denied they’re sleeping together, so that tells him everything that he needs to know. He keeps prodding Nick for the truth, but his brother tells him to let it go. “We’re finished.” Adam asks, “Are you for real, Nick?” He won’t crawl out of there with his tail between his legs and is just getting started.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally continues on to say they’re not putting a label on it but Nick is honest, charming, funny, and listens to her opinion. She’s really happy when she’s with him. Chloe sighs. She thinks Nick’s a good guy, but Sally’s not doing herself any favors by getting involved with not only her boss but Adam’s brother. She worries that Sally’s not 100% over Adam. Sally will get there. Chloe warns that overlap can get very messy. “Does Adam know about Nick?” Sally says he doesn’t know for sure, but he suspects. Chloe bristles, “That’s not good.” Sally points out they’ve been civil — even when she and Nick crossed paths with Adam and Chelsea at dinner. Chloe thinks that sounds like the night from hell and is grateful for her boring life. She warns Sally that if Adam thinks she’s sleeping with Nick, he’ll hound her, and if he finds out what’s really going on, he will not handle it gracefully!

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Summer and Kyle greet each other at the Abbott mansion with a kiss and wish each other a Happy Vow Renewal Eve. Kyle informs her he’ll hear about her day later — she is needed in the bedroom right now for a surprise.

Nate enters the penthouse after taking his walk and hopes they’ve cooled off. Elena hasn’t changed her mind about what he’s doing and still believes they need to spend some time apart. “I booked a room at the Grand Phoenix.” Nate asks, “For how long?” She doesn’t know. Nate wants to work through this together in their home, but Elena says no. With how she feels, she can’t stay there with him. It would make things worse than they already are. Nate hates that she can’t see his plan from his perspective. Elena sees what he’s doing and doesn’t like what he’s becoming — he’s blinded by greed and ambition and thinks his is the only opinion that matters. He values power over everything else, even his family. Nate denies it. He doesn’t value power over the people in his life, especially her. Elena would do anything to help him, but he won’t even listen to her. Nate doesn’t need her to save him. “What I want is your love and support.” He sighs, “But it seems like that’s too much to ask.” Suddenly, he thinks she’s right — a separation is for the best.
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In Kyle and Summer’s bedroom, she has her eyes shut and he kisses her. He then puts a straw hat on her head. She opens her eyes and takes it off of her head so she can look at it. Summer deems it “cute” but doesn’t know how much wear she’ll get out of it. She guesses it’s a clue. Kyle nods.
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He tells her they’re going somewhere that the straw hat will fit right in with the tropical vibe — Costa Rica for their honeymoon! Summer squeals, and jumps up and down and into his arms. After, she wants to know all about the honeymoon. Kyle paints a picture of paradise so vivid she can practically feel the sand beneath her toes. Kyle offers to give her a preview of what will happen in Costa Rica and they kiss and start undressing.
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At Newman, Adam wants to know what’s going on with the woman he still loves and his brother. Nick tells him if Sally wanted to talk about her personal life with him, she would. He calls it sad for Adam to do an end run around her to come after him. Adam reminds him this is about what he is doing to him. Nick groans, “Here we go.” Adam points out that there are thousands of women in this town, but who is the one he went for? Nick tells him not everything is about him. They get heated just as Victoria appears and asks what the hell is going on.
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Adam says was there to see Nick but he’s leaving now. He tells Victoria that Nick can bring her and Sally up to speed because he’d bet good money he’ll be seeing her again tonight. “Until next time, brother,” Adam intones as he walks out. Victoria asks Nick, “What was that?” Nick says it was just Adam doing what he does best and looking for a fight. Victoria asks if he’d like to elaborate on his comment about Sally. Nick says it’s nothing for her to worry about — it’s nobody’s business. Victoria disagrees. “You and Adam just made it my business.”

At Crimson Lights, Sally insists to Chloe that she and Nick are not a thing. She wants to drop the subject. Chloe thinks they should address the most important thing. “What does your heart feel?” Sally knows she can’t go back to Adam. She refuses to let him break her heart again. Chloe wasn’t talking about Adam… she was talking about Nick.

At the penthouse, Elena has everything she needs… for now. Nate says, “It’s not like this is forever, right?” Elena should get going. She walks to the door, stops, and turns. “I love you, Nate. I wish…” Nate says, “I know. Me too.” Elena leaves.
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Elena enters her suite at the hotel, sits down, and cries.

At home, Nate pours a scotch, sighs, looks at a photo of him and Elena, and paces.

At Newman, Victoria notes that Nick’s become a strong advocate for Sally. He’s convinced she’ll do great things for Newman Media. Victoria trusts his judgment, which is why she gave her another chance, but Adam seems to think there’s something going on between him and Sally and he doesn’t seem happy about it. Nick quips, “You noticed that too?” Victoria warns him not to joke about this. Adam is going to lash out — the only question is how bad will it be?
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At Crimson Lights, Sally doesn’t get Chloe’s concern about Nick. “Don’t I deserve a nice guy?” Chloe says, “Of course.” But she knows Sally feels things deeply. What if Nick shows up and says this was just a thing? “You’d be okay with that?” Sally insists they’d talk about it and just call it off. She appreciates Chloe’s concern but she’s not going to get her heart broken. Chloe reminds her she can’t predict that. Sally just needs time to figure things out. Suddenly, Adam walks in.

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Chloe balks at leaving Adam alone with Sally when he says he wants to talk. Adam tells her she can stay. He just wants a straight answer from Sally. “You know this is eating away at me and you know how I feel about you so just tell me, please. I just need to hear the truth… from you.” Sally sighs. “Yes, something happened between me and Nick. I don’t know what it is but whatever it is, you don’t get to have an opinion on it. You and I broke up. I don’t owe you an explanation.” She walks out and Chloe stares at Adam with her arms crossed.
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Chloe tells Adam he did this to himself by pushing too hard. He caused Sally to run in the opposite direction and now she has room in her life for good things. Chloe decides she should be thanking him. “Well done. Good work!”

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At the Abbott manse, Kyle and Summer are cuddling on the couch when Harrison calls to them from upstairs. Once they have the boy downstairs on the sofa with them, Summer guesses he had a really good dream. Harrison nods. Summer thinks it’s because he’s excited about tomorrow. Harrison confirms, “I can’t wait.” Kyle declares it’s going to be a great day for all of them. Summer calls for a group hug.
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At Society, Victoria runs into Nate at the bar. She’s ordered food to go, and he invites her to join him while she waits. She notices he doesn’t appear to be having the best night and asks if it has to do with Chancellor-Winters. Nate confirms it has everything to do with it. Victoria wonders if that means he’s changing his mind about their arrangement. Nate assures her he’s a man of his word and their arrangement stands. He confides that it’s created conflict between him and Elena. Victoria’s surprised he told her the plan. Nate wishes he hadn’t. He tells Victoria not to worry, she won’t spill the beans. Victoria reflects that not everyone is like the two of them and her father. Nate’s not used to having to justify his decisions. Victoria urges him to stick to his path and his convictions, it’s the only way to not have regrets.

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At Newman, Nick tells Victoria he can handle Adam. Victoria feels he’s not the only one to worry about — their father will have something to say about him becoming romantically involved with a woman he wants to fire. Nick shrugs, “It’s not a big deal.” Victoria asks, “What about Summer?” and reminds him Sally tried to steal her job. Nick tells Victoria she’s getting ahead of herself and this isn’t for public consumption. Victoria scoffs that things have a way of coming out. Nick says, “It’s my life.” Victoria gives up. “Fine.” But she warns him to consider what he’s doing with Sally affects the family and the company. “That’s an absolute certainty.”

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Sally is staring out her hotel room window when a knock comes at the door. She opens it to Nick. She exhales. He takes a step toward her and they kiss.

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