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At Society, Sally arrives and looks in at Nick. She walks in and he looks up. She smiles and he gets up to pull out her seat. He’s really glad she said yes to this. Sally always loves to have dinner with a colleague. “There’s so much to discuss.”

Chelsea is brooding at Crimson Lights when Adam walks in and says, “Hey there.” He asks her to reconsider taking a getaway with him and Connor. “It would be good for the three of us. What do you say?” Chelsea suggests he and Connor take a father and son trip. Adam senses something is wrong and asks her if he can buy her dinner so they can talk about it. She isn’t hungry and doesn’t want to talk. Adam convinces her by agreeing to only talk about Connor.

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Victoria arrives at Billy’s office and tells him that she went home to hang out with Johnny, but he won’t look at her, won’t eat — he’s shutting her out. Billy says he’s not getting back to him either. Victoria feels he’s furious with them but notes that the situation with Chelsea isn’t going anywhere; the boy will have to deal with this sometime. She reveals that Chelsea had the nerve to barge into her office and suggest they all team up to nudge Johnny into a relationship with her. Billy’s outraged and wonders what is wrong with that woman. He can’t believe she went to Victoria and kept pushing after he spoke to her. Victoria had to threaten her to get her to leave and fears this is only the beginning. “I think we made a terrible mistake.” She knew Chelsea would want more. She went against her better instincts. Billy reminds her they went along with her request because a lot of other people know the truth. Victoria says it was fine, in theory, but she wishes she’d been more adamant about waiting. Johnny didn’t want to know who his biological mother was — maybe he’d have left that door permanently closed. Billy is second-guessing their decision too. Victoria complains Johnny is facing something he didn’t want to… and it’s because this is what Chelsea wanted.
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Diane arrives outside the Abbott house and reads the text from the mystery person one more time before ringing the doorbell. Jack lets her in, and she explains she brought a new dump truck for Harrison. Jack will make sure he gets it in the morning. He remarks on her being in a spending mood what with the basket for Phyllis. Diane doesn’t want to talk about her. Jack notices she still seems stressed. Diane’s phone gets a notification. She reads, “Where are you? I’m waiting.” She frets. Jack thinks it’s obvious something is going on and says, “Talk to me.” Diane admits she brought the gift for Harrison as a way to see him. If he offers her some liquid courage, she might be able to tell him.
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At Society, Nick tells Sally she won over the marketing team — all the people who were calling for her head. Sally took full responsibility and then dazzled them with her charm — she learned it from him. He’s been upfront with her from the beginning and it’s very refreshing. Nick assures her she nailed it. He asks about her plan for success moving forward. Sally wants to learn from her mistakes and gives him some specifics about what she’ll do. Nick muses about overthinking things — sometimes it’s best to just dive in. Sally feels they make a good team and inspire each other.

Sally and Nick get to talking about his past. “Tell me about New Hope,” she asks. Nick is proud of what he built there and is still on the board so it’s not like he walked away forever. “Very happy where I am right now. I needed a change.” She hopes he’s not overworking himself. Nick says coming back to Newman is… invigorating. “No one is more surprised than I am.”
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At the Abbott house, an emotional Diane asks Jack for honesty. “Have you abandoned the war against me too?” She needs to hear him say he forgives her. Jack can forget the past and start a new beginning with a clean slate. He hopes that’s enough. Diane asks if it will really be a clean slate. He says yes… unless what Phyllis said is true and there is something in her past in Los Angeles that could be her undoing. Diane fumes that this is never-ending and that having to constantly defend herself is exhausting. Jack reminds her she earned the reactions she gets from people — she could have stayed in L.A. Diane couldn’t because Kyle and Harrison are there. “And you. The only three people whose opinions matter to me.” She lives in fear that one of her enemies will find something that will change their opinion of her whether it’s true or not. Jack sees how hard this is and advises her to take the clean slate she’s being offered. Diane appreciates him so much. She pulls him into a kiss. After, Jack gently tells her that he doesn’t want her misinterpreting his friendship for something else entirely.
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At Chancellor, Victoria and Billy talk about how they hate to see Johnny suffering. She has no idea to make it better. Billy vows they’ll figure it out together. Victoria thinks a part of their son is scared that they told him for a reason. Billy says they need to prove to him that his world won’t change. Victoria will keep telling him that but how do they make him believe it and feel it? Billy suggests family counseling. “We can’t unring this bell.” Victoria agrees they need to keep the lines of communication open. Billy says, “In the spirit of that, there is something I have to share with you.”

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At Society, Sally and Nick discuss dessert preferences. They’re beaming at each other when Adam and Chelsea walk in. Greetings are briefly exchanged. Sally tells Nick, “He definitely knows.” Nick suggests they go someplace else for dessert. Sally doesn’t want to miss the bread pudding and says, “Not on your life.” She then admits it’s uncomfortable with Adam there despite having moved on. Nick asks if she’s sure about that. Sally has made it clear to Adam that they’re through and there’s no way forward for them. Nick knows she’s told him that, and herself too. Sally says, “This is complicated and confusing.” Nick teases that they’re getting close to talking about non-business stuff.
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At Adam’s table, he grumps about Sally cozying up to the boss. Chelsea neglects to make a dig and Adam notices. He gives her a pep talk about Connor being the one thing they’ve done right. Chelsea concedes she’s done a lot of things right with Connor but she’s done everything wrong with Johnny. Adam asks why she’s brought up Johnny. She tells him Victoria and Billy told the kid that she’s his biological mother. Adam asks why they’d tell him that. Chelsea persuaded them too. Adam can’t believe she didn’t warn him about this — it’s huge and affects Connor. Chelsea didn’t know they’d go through with it. She won’t talk to Connor about it without conferring with him first. She reveals that Johnny is upset and doesn’t want her in his life at all. Adam glances over at Sally and Nick.

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At their table, Nick notices Sally watching Adam and asks if Sally wants to talk about the two of them… or about her and Adam. Sally wants to stick to shop talk for tonight. “Is that okay?” Nick assures her they’ll do whatever she wants. She smiles.

At Adam and Chelsea’s table, he recalls how brave she was back in the day and made a hard decision about what was best for Johnny. Chelsea says, “I’m not a bad person. I want to do the right thing, but I always make the wrong choice or love the wrong person.” She’s starting to think she’ll never find the answer. Adam urges her to stop being so hard on herself — maybe she should think about starting over elsewhere. They can make an arrangement where Connor’s concerned. Chelsea can’t walk away from Johnny now. Adam suggests a getaway. Chelsea pushed for Johnny to know the truth and has to be here to help with the fallout. Adam tries to get her to lower her expectations. Chelsea argues she’s a helluva mom and says, “Something has to go right for me eventually, right?”
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At Chancellor, Billy lets Victoria know that Chelsea came by with a gift for Johnny. He told her it was inappropriate. Victoria sniffs about her trying to buy Johnny’s love. Billy thinks it was an offering and explains it was a baby blanket she had when she was pregnant with Johnny. She wanted him to know he was always loved. Victoria fumes that she warned her not to make any attempts to influence Johnny. “Where do we draw the line?” Victoria rants about Chelsea over-stepping. She doesn’t get to force a relationship on their son that he doesn’t want!! She’s done letting that woman invade their lives. Chelsea has no boundaries and pushed until she got what she wanted. Billy asks what she means by “she’s done”. Victoria states if Johnny wants to talk to Chelsea when he’s 18, that’s fine, but for now, she wants nothing more to do with Chelsea. “We need to close the door on this now, for Johnny’s sake!”
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Outside, Society, Nick asks if Sally’s heading back to the office. She’s meeting Chloe and notes they got a lot accomplished. Nick sure has a lot to think about. Sally muses, “Then my job here is done.” She walks away. Inside, Adam watches them.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane apologizes for misreading the moment and kissing Jack. She’s been hungry for a sympathetic ear, and he’s been generous when he has every reason not to be. She will respect his boundaries and is grateful for the clean slate. She rushes off and leaves Jack thinking.

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Chelsea is holding the baby blanket in her suite when Billy knocks at the door. He asks to come in and she guesses Johnny still doesn’t want to talk to her. Billy says he and Victoria agree that they want their son to have some space for now. “I’m sorry.” Chelsea nods and cries.
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At Newman, Nick is working when Adam comes in and shuts the door. “No more lies, Nick. You and Sally are sleeping together, aren’t you? You couldn’t wait to make your move.”

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Diane lets herself into her suite and stops short, startled to find someone in there waiting for her. The man, (played by Trevor St. John), across the room confronts her for avoiding him and tells her it’s hurtful after everything he’s done to help her. Diane closes the door. He says, “I thought we had an understanding. An arrangement. It would be a shame to find out now that I can’t trust you, Diane.”
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