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At Jabot, Jack comes upon Phyllis and Diane. Phyllis is mocking Diane for showing up at work with a basket for her bosses. They all know she’s a taker not a giver. Diane announces the basket is for Phyllis since they’re turning over a new leaf. Phyllis takes it as Jack cuts Diane a look. Diane wants to win back her trust and forgiveness. Phyllis marvels at her appearing with the basket right as Jack was leaving his office. “That’s not subtle at all.” Diane makes a speech about the opportunity they’ve been given. Phyllis reminds her she just about lost her job because of her outburst. She wonders what that was all about — had she come from seeing Victor and was worried about Nikki discovering something in LA? Phyllis then asks why she left the party so early — she slipped out like she didn’t want anyone to notice.

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In bed, Noah tells Allie she’s beautiful first thing in the morning. She has to get to work and asks why he didn’t tell her what time it was. He wasn’t in a rush to let her go. They canoodle and talk about his club. Allie thinks it was a meaningful way for him to open his nightclub. He’s happy she was there. “You mean a lot to me.” They kiss and she pulls away. “I have to go.” He wants to get coffee on her break, so he doesn’t have to wait all day to see her again.
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Billy enters the office and Lily asks if he’s okay. He explains the situation with Johnny was harder than he expected and asks what he missed. She updates him on the meeting with Audra and relays that Devon’s worried his heart’s not in it — she didn’t think it was her place to tell him about Johnny. Concerned, she wants to know what happened. Billy tells her Johnny was upset and hurt that others knew the truth. Lily understands why they had to tell him, although it did seem to be more about the adults than what he was going through. “I’m sure it was scary for him trying to process all that information out of the blue.” Billy worries he didn’t make the right decision and was too easily convinced by Chelsea, who may be trying to figure out a way to be his mom — she immediately wanted to see him and be there for him when she learned he’d been told. Victoria warned Billy this could happen, and he should have listened to her. Lily thinks Chelsea might think about it and back off. The only thing Billy can think about is the amount of pain his son is in and stop it. Lily recalls being hurt and angry when she found out about Malcolm… but she always felt like Neil was her dad. Billy vows to protect Johnny at all costs.
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Nate arrives at Victoria’s office and reports everything is going smoothly, and no one suspects anything. All it took was a complete absence of an opinion on his part. He says the decision for Chancellor to go public is official and they met with her representative, Audra Charles. Victoria feels it’s risky bringing in an outsider, but Nate was impressed. Victoria warns him to keep his eyes open; he’s trusting this woman with not only the company’s future but his and hers. She asks, “Are you sure this is really what you want to do?” Nate wonders if she thinks he’s not up to the job of running Chancellor-Winters.
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In the Abbott mansion, Summer and Kyle joke about having slept in and talk about the vow renewal ceremony. They kiss as Allie and Noah appear. They thank him for last night and assure him his club will be a success.

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At Newman, Victoria assures Nate she’s not backing out of their deal and feels Chancellor will flourish under his leadership. Nate’s taken all the necessary steps to sell his shares to Newman and wonders why she’s second-guessing him now. Victoria warns he has to be able to do the distance and handle the wrath of his family when they find out he betrayed them. Nate counters that he’s setting the stage to prove himself and introduce a new way of doing things that will benefit them all. “How can that possibly be a betrayal?”

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At Jabot, Diane insists she left the party because she was tired. Phyllis isn’t buying it. Diane asks what she can do to change her mind about her. Just then, she gets a text from Nikki saying there have been “interesting developments” in L.A. and asking her to keep Diane “distracted and off guard” because “this could be big.” Phyllis tells Diane there’s absolutely nothing she can do to change her mind about her. Jack urges the redhead to give a little. Phyllis interjects, “You didn’t let me finish.” She tells Diane the basket is tacky, but… their constant fighting almost cost her her job and she’s tired of their constant battling too. Diane finds it hard to believe as she seems to enjoy it. Phyllis insists she’s exhausted and if Kyle and Jack can move on from her manipulation and betrayal maybe she can do. Kyle and Summer walk in as Phyllis announces she’ll meet Diane halfway and pulls her into an embrace. Phyllis whispers in Diane’s ear, “Let’s figure out a way to make this work, Diane, okay?”
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Diane struggles out of the hug and Summer asks to speak to her mother alone in Jack’s office. Once inside, Phyllis says she was doing her best out there. Summer throws her arms around her and thanks her: “I could tell that you were really trying and that means so much to me.” Phyllis says yesterday was a wake-up call. She can’t keep feeling this way. Summer, Jack, and Kyle — they have all moved on. She can’t trust Diane and can’t be convinced that she’s changed but she can’t go on harboring all these bad feelings. If she’s wrong, then she’s glad for their family, and if she’s right… secrets have a way of coming out and she won’t have to do one damn thing.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah tells Allie he didn’t think he could be this happy with anyone. In the past for him there’s always been ups and downs; questioning how the other person feels and having to fight for love and appreciation. Allie asks, “Are you trying to say that we’re too easy?”
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Inside, Audra spots Victoria, introduces herself, and tells her Newman Enterprises seems to be heading in a bigger, better direction with her at the helm.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Chelsea shows up to thank Billy again. He tells her that he’s second-guessing his decision to tell Johnny the truth right now. Chelsea just wants to go forward in a positive direction. She realizes he’s right that Johnny’s not ready to have her in his life, but she would like Billy to give him something for her. It’s a blanket she bought for Johnny when she was pregnant with him. Billy’s unsure it’s the right time. Chelsea wants to show him she never stopped thinking about him. She doesn’t intend to be a threat; just another person in his life that cares about him. “And I want him to know that.” Lily asks to see the blanket. Billy tells Chelsea that he knows her heart is in the right place but it’s inappropriate. Johnny will make the decisions; this is something he didn’t ask to be a part of this. He informs her he doesn’t want to be harsh, but she’s overstepping. “No more gifts, no more anything unrequested.” If Johnny decides to reach out to her or Connor that will be his choice. “Until he decides to do that, she needs to back off. Lily, who has put the blanket in a bag, assures her this is difficult for everyone and that she will get through it.
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria asks what kind of consulting Audra is doing. She can’t disclose that due to confidentiality. Victoria says, “Of course, I’m sorry.” Audra will be in town for a while and would love to do lunch — she has every intention of getting to know all the players in town.
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At Society, Jack, Kyle, and Diane reflect on the truce with Phyllis. Kyle steps away to take a call and Diane thanks Jack for always seeing things objectively. Kyle leaves for a meeting. Jack asks Diane about Phyllis’ remark about Nikki being in L.A. “Is there something you haven’t told us?” Diane claims she can’t imagine what Nikki’s trip would have to do with her. Jack tells her that Kyle said Nikki went to get Summer’s dress. Diane will enjoy what happened with Phyllis today and hopes the war is behind them. Jack hopes so too — it’s exhausted him almost as much as it’s exhausted her.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah teases Allie that their relationship is too easy… in the best ways. He can be himself around her and not be worried when the other shoe is going to drop. He hopes she feels the same way. She does. Talk turns to planning an after-party at the club for Summer and Kyle’s vow renewal. Noah notes it will be the second wedding they’ve gone to together. They kiss and Allie says she has to go back to work.
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Chelsea appears at Victoria’s office. The brunette tells her it’s not a good time. Chelsea is sorry things didn’t go well. She still believes that once the shock wears off, there’s a future where Johnny will want her in his life. If they all work together, maybe they can slowly nudge him in that direction. Victoria gives her a speculative look.

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Nate arrives at home and accuses Elena of trying to avoid him. She won’t talk to him unless he falls in line with her advice. Elena can’t have an opinion and she can’t stay quiet — what is it he wants her to do? Nate just wants her to try and understand where he’s coming from and why he has to do this. Elena argues he doesn’t have to do anything — he could leave the company or slow down and learn the ropes. Nate doesn’t see any reason to play small ball when he has big ideas, strong leadership skills, and the ability to execute. Elena’s sorry… but how does he know he has those skills, and what, exactly, has he successfully executed? Nate retorts, “Nothing, but that’s because Devon refuses to let me do anything.” Elena says it’s his business! He gets to make that call. Instead of giving it time, he wants to hurt Devon and everyone else who’s directly or indirectly involved. Nate asks, “Who exactly is being hurt?” She says Lily, Jill, Billy… and right now, her. This is about more than business, it’s about family. He’s not the man she fell in love with. “I’m not sure I can be around this version of you anymore.” He asks what she’s saying. Elena thinks they need some time apart.
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At Chancellor, Billy assures Lily he’ll be 100% in a bit, it’s just a rough day. Lily assures him he’s handling it really well. What’s done is done and all they can do now is forge ahead in a positive direction. She knows he’s trying to figure it out and take care of everyone and that can be exhausting. If he needs to take a break or to vent, it’s okay.

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At Newman, all Victoria’s hearing is what Chelsea wants — she knew this would happen. “You’re trying to weasel your way into my son’s life even after Billy obviously told you Johnny wants nothing to do with you.” Chelsea says Johnny’s a child and doesn’t know what he wants. Victoria scoffs, “I thought he was old enough to know the truth, so which is it?” Victoria informs her that none of them will be nudging Johnny along. He’s not obligated to build a relationship he’s not comfortable with. Chelsea loves him too and is just asking that he be open to getting to know every part of himself. Victoria reminds her that she gave up her rights to Johnny. This is his life and his decision to make. She hopes with every ounce of her being that she’s not trying to influence him. “I am the only mother that he has ever known, and I will not stand for it!” Chelsea walks out.
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At Jabot, Kyle and Summer compare notes on Diane and Phyllis. Their moms making peace is the perfect way to go into their vow renewal ceremony. Nothing will get in the way of their celebration now.

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At Society, as Jack and Diane get their takeout, Diane gets a text: “Arrived in GC. We need to meet ASAP.” Jack asks, “Is everything alright?” Diane says everything’s fine but she has to run. Jack watches her go. Outside, Diane looks panicked.

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