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At the hotel, Phyllis sees that they’re having a party for the bride and groom without the mother of the bride. Nick arrives and Phyllis gasps. Diane rolls her eyes in the background as Phyllis chokes up asking Summer if this is why she ditched her in the coffee house. Summer denies it. Noah insists Phyllis was going to be invited. She notes that she was second, that’s all. Noah takes full responsibility for messing this up and asks if she’ll forgive him.
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At home, Nate has a romantic setup in place for Elena when she arrives. He hands her a glass of champagne, and she wonders if this is his attempt to get her to forget his plan for corporate espionage against his family — because it will take a lot more than wine and flowers. Nate explains he smoothed things over with Devon and Lily and is staying at the company. She knows he did that with an agenda in mind. Nate concedes he’s moving forward with his plans, but insists it will unify his family. Elena snarks that he’ll have to explain that to her. Nate needs her to be with him on this. Elena says she knows he thinks this is the right thing to do and she’s his partner; she wants to support him… Nate interrupts. That’s all he needs to know. They kiss.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon, Billy, and Lily are all pleased about how things worked out with Nate. When Devon mentions “seeing if his ideas really work,” Billy worries Devon will set him up for failure. Devon wouldn’t intentionally do that. Billy gets a text from Chelsea asking him to meet and Lily encourages him to go in case she’s rethought doing the podcast. Lily asks Devon how Amanda is doing. Devon explains it’s a stressful situation and he’s supposed to fly out and support her — it’s another reason the issues with Nate got to him — he needs to focus on Amanda. Lily knows she’ll appreciate his visit. She turns the conversation to taking the company public and Devon tells her she made a great pitch, but he still has a lot of concerns. His biggest is losing control of the family business he and Neil built. Lily reminds him they can retain 51% of the shares. That’s the only way Devon would agree. Lily asks if they have a consensus. Devon tells her if she really thinks this is the best course of action, then he’s on board.
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At the ranch, Victor tells Victoria he heard from her mother, who met up with Deacon Sharpe. She hinted that she learned some details about Diane Jenkins’ life in Los Angeles. Victoria will feel better when she’s home. She has something to run by her father and reveals, “I’d like Newman to become the majority shareholder of Chancellor-Winters.” Victor’s jaw drops.

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Victoria tells her father about Nate’s reveal that Chancellor is planning to go public and him offering to be her inside man so they can get a majority stake. Victor asks why he’d do that. Victoria says she agreed to put him in charge afterward. Victor finds this to be a risky game and reminds her this is insider trading. Victoria asks, “When do we ever shy away from a risk.” Victor grins, “You’re tough, like your father. I love it. Let’s do it.”
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At Noah’s club, Nick prompts Phyllis to forgive his son, so she lets Noah off the hook. After, she sits down, seemingly dazed and hurt. Across the room, Diane mutters about the redhead sticking out like a sore thumb. Kyle snaps, “Mom!” Diane can’t help but notice her big pouty face. Traci hopes they can all behave themselves today. Nearby, Summer asks Nick to talk to her mom. Nick joins Phyllis and says he doesn’t blame her for not wanting to see Diane. Phyllis, still emotional, says she’s spinning out. She lost her job at Marchetti, a job she loved, because of her. Diane lost her mind and she got punished for it. Nick asks her to take a breath and leave it alone for tonight. Kyle and Summer deserve to enjoy their party. “Don’t ruin that.”
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At Society, Billy tells Chelsea that Lily encouraged him to come. Chelsea tells him he doesn’t have to name-check Lily; she won’t make any advances at him. She hasn’t reconsidered doing the podcast, but she wanted to thank him for allowing her to spend time with Johnny the other day. It was such a success, she thinks it’s time they told Johnny and Connor they’re more than cousins. Billy reminds her that he and Victoria think that it’s not the right time. Chelsea argues that Johnny will think this is great news — he has a brother! She feels they should get ahead of the questions he’s certain to have, knowing he’s adopted. She needs to know when he intends to get Victoria on board.
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At the party, Phyllis calls to make a toast as the mother of the bride. Diane mutters, “Here we go…” Phyllis announces that she and Diane are perfectly capable of being in the same room. She holds up her glass in Diane’s direction. “Cheers!” Diane stammers, “Uh, cheers!” Phyllis compliments Noah on the club and thanks him for including her in the party. She toasts to Summer and Kyle, who share a kiss. Phyllis calls out, “Hey, let’s party!” Everyone starts dancing. Phyllis shoots Diane a smug look across the room.

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Mariah calls for everyone’s attention after a while, and with Tessa by her side, she announces that she’s appointing herself as Kyle’s “best person” and is making a speech. Nick interjects that he’ll appoint himself “king of the dance floor”. Mariah was just kidding about the “best person” thing but will make a speech. She toasts to Kyle — she’s so proud of the man he’s become — and to Summer. She wishes them happiness and looks forward to raising their families together. Everyone cheers.
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In their apartment, Nate promises Elena that he’s not being driven by revenge. He wants to prove what Chancellor-Winters could be under his leadership. Elena points out that Devon and Lily will feel blindsided. Nate realizes this but he plans to be the opposite of what Devon has been as a leader — he’ll embrace their input so they can create something amazing.
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At the party, Noah thanks everyone for coming out so he could do a soft opening and win big brother points. He makes a heartfelt speech to Summer, telling her he’s so glad they’re both home now and can make up for lost time. This is about family. He toasts to her and Kyle.

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At Society, Billy asks Chelsea to be a little more patient; he hasn’t had time to talk to Victoria. Just then, Victoria walks in. She heard Johnny had a little hangout with Connor by the pool and doesn’t appreciate them arranging it behind her back. She asks Chelsea, “What are you up to?”
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Billy insists it wasn’t sneaky — the boys are cousins. Victoria doesn’t buy it and accuses them of trying to back her into a corner. Chelsea says she’s right — they should have spoken to her first. Victoria declares that it’s not a good time for this. Chelsea tears up as she tells them how important this is to her. She’s worried about what emotional issues this could bring up for Johnny down the road when he realizes his biological mom was in his orbit but she never told him. One day he’ll learn that they were all at family gatherings and he was the only person who didn’t know it. “Do you realize the damage that could cause?” Victoria and Billy recount how she never lied to Johnny. It’s always been their intention to tell him about Chelsea. Victoria reflects that time has gone by so quickly. She feels if they tell him, it will change everything. She warns Chelsea that if he needs time to process and doesn’t immediately want to spend time with her, she’ll need to respect that.
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Chelsea promises she will. Victoria asks her not to tell Connor until they’ve had a chance to tell Johnny. Chelsea agrees and hopes that he’ll embrace Connor as his brother. Victoria knows she’s also hoping that he’ll want to know her in a different way but warns she should be prepared in case he doesn’t want that. “And you have to accept his decision because I’m only willing to take this step if that’s the way it’s going to be.” Chelsea agrees, and thanks Victoria from the bottom of her heart. Billy and Vikki will have a conversation about where and when to tell Johnny and then it will be up to him. Victoria takes her food and is on the way out but stops to watch as a jubilant Chelsea throws her arms around Billy and chirps, “Thank you, thank you!” Victoria shoots Billy a look.
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At the party, Summer and Kyle slow dance and decide it was a good move to come back to Genoa City. She asks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kyle sighs, “Let’s do it.” They take Diane and Phyllis aside and tell them to come back to the office tomorrow. They’re giving them one more chance. Diane thanks them and Phyllis looks forward to a long tenure without incident. They urge the kids to go and enjoy themselves. Once alone, Diane and Phyllis stare at each other.
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Later, Jack asks Diane about the little meeting and Diane explains the kids gave them a second chance at Marchetti. Jack was impressed with her taking responsibility and offering her resignation. Just then, Diane gets a text that says, “On the way to Genoa City. Can’t wait any longer.” She looks totally unnerved.
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At home, Nate embraces Elena from behind, who breaks the news that she doesn’t think she can get behind his plan. Nate wonders why it’s so impossible for her to see things from his perspective. “You’re as limited in your view of what I can accomplish as Devon is. I guess the two of you have more in common than I thought.” He walks out to get fresh air.

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At Crimson Lights, a brunette says, “You’re Nate Hastings.” Nate asks if she was a patient of his. She recognizes him from the press coverage of the Chancellor-Winters launch party. She asks what she does. She introduces herself as Audra Charles (played by Zuleyka Silver) and confides that Jill brought her in to help take the company public. Nate hadn’t heard the decision was official. Audra says it’s not, but she hopes it will be by morning. Nate wants to sit down with her and offers any help he can. He’s looking forward to a smooth and successful venture.
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At the ranch, Victor sits alone thinking by the chessboard. He swills some scotch and smiles to himself.

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At the party, Nick asks how Phyllis is holding up. She’s okay. Nick is proud of her restraint. She thanks him. In the corner, Diane looks at the text worriedly and walks out of the party. Phyllis notices and walks to the door to watch her go.
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