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In her hotel room in Los Angeles, Nikki paces and exhales. A knock comes at the door — it’s Deacon Sharpe. He asks, “Nikki?” He can’t believe this — he hasn’t seen her in forever and never thought he’d see her again. Nikki didn’t think she’d ever have to see him again either. He’s happy to see her and admits he’s thought a lot about her over the years and all the things they went through. He charms, “Oh, and one more thing…Nik? You look good.”
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Nikki tells Deacon to save his flattery and reminds him he almost ruined her life. She lays into him about taking advantage of her and manipulating her into marrying him before pretending he was on her side when she thought she killed Diane Jenkins. “You didn’t give a damn about me!” Deacon protests. He set out to use her but then he fell in love with her. Not a lot meant anything to him back then, but she did. They flash to him trying to get her to go to an AA meeting as she swills vodka and him saying he saw her in the park with Diane. In the present, Deacon wishes he handled things differently. Nikki’s not buying it and reveals she knows he helped Diane fake her death! Deacon asks how she knows. Nikki explains she’s back in Genoa City after revealing herself to Jack. Deacon realizes she threw him under the bus. Nikki muses that she’s not loyal to anyone but herself. Deacon wonders if Nikki wants revenge. She replies, “Yes, but not on you. As long as you do everything I ask.”

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At Society, Diane runs into Victor. He asks, “Is there something you need?” She wants to catch up. Victor isn’t up for it. Phyllis appears and finds it interesting that they’re together. She wants to sit down and watch. The redhead whispers, “What are you two talking about? Do I have to ask?” Victor didn’t ask either of them to join him. Phyllis relays he’s getting takeout and Diane urges her to take it and leave so she can say a few things to Victor. Phyllis wishes her luck and walks out.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily thanks Devon and Billy for joining her. She wants to talk about taking the company public. Now that she and Jill have done the research, they’re eager to pursue this IPO. She’d like to have their support by the end of the day. Billy and Devon don’t want to be rushed. Devon is certain that he wants to hold off — it’s too soon for a number of reasons and he’s not a fan of giving up autonomy and having to answer to shareholders. Lily wants to send them some things and she believes they’ll be really impressed by what they see.

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At the park, Victoria tells Nate she’s been considering the information he brought her. Nate believes the company will go public. Victoria’s interested in buying shares to secure a majority stake. She realizes that Jill and Lily are savvy and that they’ll have arranged it so the bulk of the stock remains with them. Nate confirms that 51% of the stock will stay with the senior executives. Victoria sighs. It would be impossible then for her to have the level of control she’d want to have. Nate would be willing to sell her his shares, so Newman becomes the majority shareholder. Victoria muses that it would be a huge risk on his part. Nate’s willing to take it if, and only if, she’s willing to give him what he asked for in return. Victoria wants to know if he’s still part of the inner circle at Chancellor. Nate will iron things out so he still has the access he’s always had to feed her information. Victoria agrees to let him run the company once it’s under the Newman umbrella. They shake on it.
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At Society, Diane sits with Victor and tells him she doesn’t carry any ill will towards him and Nikki. He says the feeling isn’t mutual. Diane understands but she’ll keep trying to prove she’s not the person they knew before. Victor will pass it on to Nikki when she returns to her trip.

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In LA, Nikki tells Deacon that Diane came back, supposedly to be a mother to Kyle, and has wormed her way back into the family and business. She’s telling everyone she led a clean life there in Los Angeles, but Nikki’s not buying it. She thinks she’s hiding something that could ruin her new image. That’s where Deacon comes in. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll tell me everything I can use to expose that bitch and get her out of our lives for good.”
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In the park, Phyllis runs into Victoria. She shares that she just ran into her ex-stepmommy and Victor in Society. Victoria’s more interested in what her mother is doing in LA about Diane. Phyllis says she’s there to meet with the Forresters to design Summer’s wedding dress. Victoria figures Phyllis also knows she’s there to get the goods on Diane. Phyllis is trying to be discreet. She admits they found common ground when it comes to Diane. Victoria doesn’t appreciate her urging her mother to go meet Deacon Sharpe. “What the hell is wrong with you, Phyllis?” The redhead would have preferred she stay away from him but if she can deal with Victor, she can deal with Deacon. Victoria sniffs, “That’s so funny.” Phyllis feels Nikki won’t let Deacon play her, especially when it comes to getting Diane out of town once and for all.
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In LA, Deacon agrees he owes Nikki, but he doesn’t have much to offer. He and Diane went their separate ways. He ran into her a couple of times over the years when she was living there as Taylor Jenkins but that’s it. Nikki asks for any details he can remember. Deacon recalls thinking she had a lot of money — she was always driving around in a Bentley. Nikki muses that she told everyone she barely got by working as a realtor. Deacon assumed she was dating some rich guy — she’d ride around in the back of the car with him. When he asked her about it, she shut him down. Nikki wonders why she would be so secretive and not tell her co-conspirator the truth.

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At Society, Diane asks Victor if Nikki’s on a trip for Newman. He wonders if she’s worried that she’ll stumble onto something about her on the west coast. Diane has already told them there’s nothing to find. She wishes they’d let her alone while she tries to build her life there. She poses no threat and is only there to be with her family. Victor warns that because his family lives in the same town, she’ll have to deal with the consequences. Diane didn’t just come back from the dead to suffer endless abuse. She has worked hard to start over and has too much to lose to let someone chase her off. Victor can see her fighting spirits are up. “But you know where this will probably end, right?”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy concedes that Lily’s numbers are impressive. She asks if they’re any closer to agreeing to the IPO. Devon reminds her that he agreed to the merger to make this a family business. If they go public, they’ll lose all of that and will report to a board of directors; it will all become about profit and share prices and pleasing their hedge funds. He feels there should be more to owning a company than making a profit. Lily gets it, but she still thinks their vision will define the company moving forward. They’d just be getting the money they need to make it a bigger, stronger entity. “This is our moment to reach for the stars.” Just then, Nate knocks. Lily lets him in. Nate informs them he’s been doing a lot of reflecting. He’s realized that Devon was right about him overstepping. He needs to respect the opinions of others and regrets resigning in anger. “I’m here to ask for another chance.”

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Lily thanks Nate for coming to say that and asks what changed his mind. Devon notes it’s a pretty big shift. Nate claims that he cooled down and thought about what they all have been trying to tell him. He was doing a lot of talking and not much listening. Nate would still love to see his ideas come to fruition but he over-stepped and lashed out. Devon says, “Yeah, you sure did.” Nate talks about the need for the family to present a united front to look more stable for the IPO and asks if they’ve decided to proceed with it. Lily relays they were just discussing it. Nate understands that if he returns, Devon will be the boss, but he hopes he’ll meet him halfway.
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In LA, Nikki wonders what the real story is about Diane having money. She figures she didn’t tell Deacon because she didn’t want his grubby paws on it. Deacon chuckles. He would like to help Nikki to make amends. Nikki fumes, “There is no making amends for what you put me through!” She just wants information. Stalking to the door, she says, “We’re done here.” Deacon sighs. “Nikki wait.”

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At Newman, Victor finds Victoria ending a business call. He wonders if she’s adding to the portfolio. She has something in play that he might find intriguing but she’s not ready to present it to him yet. Victor’s intrigued. He tells her how proud he is of what she’s accomplished there with her mother. Victoria’s concerned about her trip to see Deacon and worries about what games he’s playing with her. Victor assures her the security team is watching Nikki and she’s strong. Victoria just hopes she can get the dirt Deacon has on Diane and come home so she never has to think about him again.

In LA, Deacon has thought of something else, but he’ll have to show her… at the restaurant where he works. Nikki makes noises about him trying to “lure’ her. Deacon says he’ll hand it over and then she can pretend she never knew him.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily would love to have Nate back. Devon can try and be more open to his ideas and give him more leeway but the back and forth between them has been terrible and has to stop. Nate agrees. Billy, as the king of second chances, welcomes him back. Lily sees a bright future for all of them. Nate grins, “I couldn’t agree more.”

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In LA, Nikki tells Talia that seeing Deacon brought up all kinds of memories. Morgan’s sorry she had to deal with that. Nikki got one thing out of them and tells the journalist what he said about Diane living the high life. Talia will have to dig into that. Nikki relays that he also has something for her to see. Morgan feels meeting with him one last time might be worth the effort.

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As Diane walks into Jabot, Phyllis notes she emerged from her conversation with Victor unscathed. She wonders if her mea culpa worked. Diane tries to get past her, and Phyllis blocks her, asking if she’s going to apologize to her. Diane grits, “Get out of my way.” Phyllis gawps, “Oh, there it is. This is the real Diane. I knew you would start to crumble. This is the first crack in the armor, isn’t it?” Diane fumes, “Where do you and Victor get off throwing stones at others?!” Diane yells about them getting some kind of free pass while they just torment and punish her. “I am warning you, Phyllis! You keep pushing me and you will regret it!”
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Phyllis leers at Diane, “There you are. There you are. That is the Diane I know and hate. There you are. And this is the beginning of the end for you.”

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