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At Society, Kyle and Summer tell Diane and Phyllis they thought they should sit down together. Phyllis thinks it’s a kick and says, “Sure!” Kyle relays that they didn’t invite them there for fun. Summer echoes that sentiment — this is serious. They all sit and Diane and Phyllis assure the kids how focused they are on the success of the company. Diane is bent on family harmony; it’s the only reason she’s there. Phyllis thinks they’re on the same page. Kyle announces they’ll be doing the rest of the talking. “No more threats, no more accusations, and no more trying to undermine each other in any way.” Phyllis protests that she’s been all but ignoring Diane despite her attempts to cause trouble. Diane fumes about the file on her computer. Phyllis calls the accusations baseless. Summer declares they’re done refereeing their feud. If there are any more confrontations, no matter who provokes it, they’re both out.

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In LA, Nikki meets with Talia Morgan and reveals she’ll be meeting with Deacon Sharpe, who helped Diane Jenkins fake her death. She’s hoping to get enough dirt to run her out of town. Talia’s keen to hear what she finds out so she can expand the scope of her story. She’s committed to turning this into a book if the magazine refuses to print more on Diane. Nikki’s thrilled. She plans to confront Deacon completely off guard and confront him. “He has no idea what’s coming.” Talia thinks she’s talking tough but seems nervous. “What exactly do you think is going to happen today?” Nikki isn’t sure but has a sense of caution around meeting with Deacon. “I have my issues with him.” She has to be focused and not let Deacon distract her from her goal. Talia realizes that Deacon has the potential to knock her off her guard. Nikki can handle Deacon. Talia suggests she talk it through with her first. Nikki muses that she may be right but it’s off the record.
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Nate joins Imani at Crimson Lights and she’s clearly upset. Imani reveals that her dad collapsed and had to be hospitalized. It’s too much on top of her mom — she has a knot in her stomach that won’t go away. Nate offers to call his doctor and see what he can find out. He says she’s done more for him than she realizes, and he’d like to return the favor.

Nate gets on the phone with the physician and learns Imani’s father’s collapse was due to extreme exhaustion. He disconnects and tells her that her dad will be fine and just needs some rest. Imani’s relieved and thanks him. Nate suggests she go and visit him so she feels better. He gives her a big hug.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria confides in Nick that she’s come into some big information that could be lucrative, but it can’t leave this room. Nick’s surprised to hear that Devon and Lily are planning to take Chancellor-Winters public. Victoria wants to use the insider information to snap up as much stock as possible with the goal being to take majority control. Nick demands to know where she got this information. “Did Nate bring this to you?”

Nick knows Nate has been disgruntled but he has to wonder what happened to make him go this far — it’s very unlike him and vindictive. Victoria feels Nate sees that it’s a smart move all around. Nick wants to know, “What’s in it for him?”

In Society, Diane complains it’s not fair if she gets fired for Phyllis’ bad behavior. Phyllis agrees that it doesn’t seem right if Diane does something and she gets fired. Kyle reminds them that they were told any conflict between them would be a deal-breaker. If they can’t handle interacting, they shouldn’t have the job in the first place. Phyllis appeals to Summer and Diane to Kyle, but they won’t budge. Kyle tells them they’re doing great, and they don’t want to lose them, but they are done making allowances. Summer declares, “This is your last warning.” Diane promises they won’t have to deal with being in the middle anymore. Phyllis’ heart is broken that they have to hold this conversation with them. “I’m not going to do anything. You don’t have to worry about me.” They all enthuse about getting back to work with a new perspective. Phyllis and Diane exit. Kyle hopes that’s the end of it. Summer muses, “Let’s hope.”
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At Crimson Lights, Imani assures Nate that she’ll go to see her dad. He thinks Devon would want her to use his jet. Imani marvels at how calming he is — he’s always showing up for her. Nate values having someone to confide in who really understands what he’s going through. “I appreciate that you really listen to me. I mean, really listen.” They sit, and Imani reiterates that she encouraged Nate to follow his instincts because he’s really good. He belongs in the C-suite and is right to think bold. Nate muses, “I’m only getting bolder.” He assures her that Devon has not undermined his confidence. She hopes he’ll reconsider quitting. “Devon has no reason to hold you back and you need to show him that.” Nate grins, “Once again, you’re tuned into exactly what’s going on with me.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria explains that Nate wants to be CEO of Chancellor-Winters. Nick reels, “Whoa!” Victoria reiterates that he sees an opportunity and wants what’s best for the company. Nick figures that’s the speech he’s composing right now but everything he’s doing is completely unethical. He warns that if Nate benefits financially, it could bring some scrutiny from the SEC. Victoria just wants to know what he thinks about the acquisition. Nick fumes that Nate felt so under-appreciated that he took it upon himself to do an end-run around Lily and Devon after all the hard work they did to merge these two companies. “Vick, they’re going to take it personally. Because it’s personal.” Victoria shrugs. They’ll be upset initially, but that’s one of the risks of going public. Nick wonders if her desire to acquire the company has anything to do with Billy. “Does he have to answer to you? Is that what this is about?”

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In Los Angeles, Nikki tells Talia about her alcoholism and how Deacon was around for it and took advantage of it. She recalls Deacon pouring her a drink at Gloworm and then flashes to them making a pact to get sober. In the present, she explains to Talia that Victor moved on with Diane. The day she supposedly died, she confronted her drunk, picked up a rock, and hit her in the head. Deacon took advantage of that situation too. She flashes to ordering vodka from room service so she could get through marrying Sharpe. Nikki explains it took her time to climb out of that hole and she didn’t want to look back. Today, to face Deacon, that’s exactly what she’ll have to do.
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Talia admires Nikki for taking back her life. Nikki had to be strong for herself and her family. Talia thinks she’s strong enough to deal with anything or anyone. Nikki flashes to canoodling with Deacon in a hotel room and informing him that she’s going to visit her sister so she can figure out what’s going on in her head… and her heart. In the present, Nikki tells Talia she needed to remember exactly who and what Deacon Sharpe is… if you become complacent, that’s when you can really get into trouble.

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At Newman, Victoria denies Billy’s potential role is a factor. Nick doesn’t buy it for one minute. Victoria goes on about how powerful and explosive it would be to bring Chancellor-Winters under their umbrella. Nick counters, “Explosive yes, but not in a good way.” He complains it undermines Devon and Lily, two people he greatly respects, and thinks it’s a move their dad would make. He’s also concerned it’s a massive financial output. Victoria concedes it’s exactly what Victor would do. She’ll run it by him but ultimately, it’s her call. She recalls that Victor once had control of Chancellor after Katherine died. Now they have the perfect opportunity to get it back. “Can you give me one solid reason we shouldn’t seize the moment?” Nick shakes his head. “Not one you want to hear, apparently.”
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At Jabot, Diane stops by Jack’s office to say she’s sorry she took her accusations about Phyllis to Kyle and Summer. Jack wonders if she realizes Phyllis wasn’t guilty as charged. Diane glosses over that to say she now knows that she put the kids in a terrible position by forcing them to mediate when all they want is uncomplicated working relationships with their mothers. Jack asks what caused the epiphany. Diane tells him about the scene at Society and the ultimatum. Jack thinks they have plenty of incentive to get along. Diane says they both found it unfair. Jack raises an eyebrow — so she and Phyllis agreed on something. He thinks they’re enjoying this war and questions if it’s more important to them than their jobs and even family. Diane says that’s ridiculous, but Jack has been there with Victor. “Don’t fall into old habits!” he implores. Diane takes this as him being concerned about her and assures her she’ll take all of his advice to heart. “I promise that things will be different from now on.” Jack’s glad to hear it, for Kyle’s sake and hers.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Imani he may have acted prematurely by walking away; there’s still a lot he wants to accomplish at Chancellor-Winters. She hopes he’ll be back there by the time she returns. Nate says, “That is the plan.” Imani leaves for her trip. Nate gets a call from Victoria, who asks to meet about his proposal.

At Society, Summer and Kyle are feeling optimistic about the situation with their mothers and want to focus on the vow renewal. They share a deep kiss.
Summer Kyle kiss Y&R

On the coffee house patio, Phyllis calls Nikki and leaves a voicemail saying, “Please tell me you’re getting enough paydirt in Los Angeles to drive this bitch out of town.”

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By the Jabot elevator, Diane gets a text that says, “Nikki is in L.A. with Talia Morgan. Can’t hold off her editor much longer.” Diane looks concerned.

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In her hotel room in Los Angeles, Nikki texts, “Important that we meet,” and gives her location.

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In an undisclosed location in LA, Deacon reads the text from a number he doesn’t recognize.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nikki meets with Deacon, Victor pushes Diane’s buttons, and Nate takes a risk.

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