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At the Grand Phoenix, Sally opens her door to Adam, whose jaw drops upon seeing Nick standing behind her. He wonders what he interrupted. “Why is my brother in your suite, Sally?” Nick frowns. “What makes you think that’s any of your business?”

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle shows Traci his favorite images of Summer ahead of the surprise wedding ceremony. Traci confesses that she thinks keeping Summer in the dark about his plans is a mistake. It’s a celebration she’s going to want to plan for and anticipate. “Is she going to have a maid of honor?” Kyle hadn’t thought about that. Traci says, “Exactly.” Kyle realizes she’ll want to do the fun things she didn’t get to do the first time. Traci tells him they do everything together and this should be no different. “When Summer finds out about this…” Summer walks in and asks, “When Summer finds out about what?” Traci exits and Summer tells Kyle he has three seconds to tell her what’s going on.
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At Jabot, Phyllis stops Diane and tells her Mariah said she was doing a great job… considering her lack of experience. Diane reveals she’s been assigned to write the press release for Marchetti Home. Phyllis can’t believe they’ve given it to a novice. Diane alludes to the people in charge not knowing what they want and then accuses Phyllis of planting a false document on her computer. Phyllis thinks if she did that, she really doesn’t know what she’s capable of. She didn’t plant anything. If she wanted to take her down, she’d know it. Diane reveals she’s shared her concerns with Kyle and Summer. Phyllis mocks her for going to the kids to cry about something she didn’t do.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle makes a speech about how much he loves Summer, who is the center of his universe along with Harrison. He takes her hands and says it feels like they’ve lived a lifetime together. Kyle loves the way she opened her heart to Harrison — she didn’t sign up for that. “I would choose you every day.” He tells her how lucky he is to face life with her and Summer assures him the next chapter will be out of this world. He likes their story and loves their family. He would follow her anywhere in the world and wonders if she’ll do the same for him. She asks where they’re going. Kyle says, “Back down the aisle.” He kneels and asks her to make him the happiest man in Genoa City and marry him… again.

At Sally’s suite, Adam informs Nick that when he’s ready to talk to him, he’ll tell him. Nick says it doesn’t look as though Sally has anything to say to him. Adam retorts that Sally doesn’t need Nick to speak for her. Nick explains they were having a private conversation in a private place — that’s all he needs to know. Sally asks why Adam is even there; she just got a text from Chloe saying he was looking for her. “What is it you need?” Nick muses that he just got a text from Victoria saying the exact same thing. Sally thought she made herself clear that she doesn’t want to see him and now he’s hunting her down all over town. She finds it odd that he’s shown up at her hotel room uninvited again. Adam muses, “Almost as odd as the two of you being here during business hours. The last place I would expect.” Sally wonders what he has to say to her. Adam will wait until Nick’s gone.
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Sally asks Nick to let her speak to Adam alone. He asks, “You sure?” Adam scoffs at him implying he’s a threat to her. Sally says he’s fine and Nick exits. Sally exhales. Adam asks her, “Are you sleeping with my brother?”

At the Abbott house, Summer wonders if Kyle has lost her mind. He says they deserve a do-over. Kyle wants everyone’s eyes on them, celebrating. Their wedding in Milan was magical but it wasn’t home. He wants to go big and have their family and friends there on their happy day. Kyle admits he was going to surprise her with a vow renewal, but Traci talked him out of it. Summer laughs, thankful for Traci. They kiss. Summer then realizes, “I’m going to need a dress.” She’s taken aback to hear that Nikki’s in LA meeting with the Forresters to have one designed for her. Kyle explains he couldn’t get her a Marchetti dress without her finding out. She understands. Summer tells her husband, “I would love to marry you all over again.” They kiss passionately until Summer says they have to get back to the office.
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At Jabot, Diane informs Phyllis that Kyle and Summer can decide on her culpability. Sharing her concerns allowed her to feel heard and supported by her son — Phyllis did her a good deed. Diane walks off and Jack appears. Phyllis tells him she accused her of trying to set her up. Jack asks, “Did you?” Phyllis shoots him a look. He says, “Not an answer.” She snarks, “No. Are you satisfied?” Jack doesn’t need to tell her that would be a mistake. Phyllis gets it.

Kyle and Summer arrive at Jabot and Kyle kisses his wife before entering his dad’s office. Summer tells Phyllis, “Mom, I know everything.” Phyllis learns she’s talking about the vow renewal and says, “Oh, thank God.” Summer’s glad everyone can come together for this. Phyllis moans that keeping it a secret was killing her. Summer explains why Kyle told her and says he even got down on one knee and proposed again. Phyllis is happy for her. They’re excited to plan the wedding and hug.

In Jack’s office, he wraps up a call and Kyle tells him Summer knows about the vow renewal. Jack learns Traci advised him it’s not a thing a woman wants sprung on her. “Why do you still look like your world is falling apart?” his father asks. Kyle has something else to talk to him about. His mother came to him and Summer about an incriminating document on her computer she thinks Phyllis planted. Jack thinks that explains a lot and relays that Phyllis proclaimed her innocence. Kyle says if it’s true, Phyllis would have to go, but what’s more upsetting is that they’re both stuck in this cycle. “Nothing is improving.” Jack finds it counter-productive. Kyle questions if it was a mistake to have them work at the same company.
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At Crimson Lights, Chloe asks Nick if he’s seen Sally. She’s worried because Adam is searching for her. She doesn’t want him getting in her head and putting her off her game again. Nick replies, “I think Sally’s got this.” Chloe, skeptically, asks, “Yeah? Really?” Nick thinks she learned a lesson yesterday and hit the reset button. Nick feels she’s stronger than people give her credit for — in the long run, she’ll be fine no matter where she ends up. “I think she’s going to be a very valuable part of Newman.” Chloe didn’t realize how well the two of them had gotten to know each other.

At the hotel, Sally fumes, “Am I sleeping with your brother? How can you even get your mouth to form those words? How dare you?!” She declares he has no right and wonders if that’s why he’s been tracking her down; to hurl baseless accusations at her. Adam says, “Baseless? Come on.” Sally complains about him wanting to play the jilted lover after dumping her. Adam accuses her of avoiding the question. Sally hollers that even if she were sleeping with Nick, what would it matter?! They’re all adults and free to do as they please. Adam smirks as Sally says, “You could go back to Chelsea.” She asks why she should believe for one second that any of this actually matters. Adam steps close and declares, “Sally. It matters to me.”
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Sally doesn’t know what’s important to him anymore after all the back and forth. She believed he was worth it and laid it all on the line to prove it to him, which put her career in jeopardy. Adam is sorry. Now she’s fighting a battle to prove she’s more than just one of his exes but every second she spends with him proves to everyone else that they’re right! “I can’t keep doing this with you. I have to focus on what’s best for me.” Adam looks at the door Nick walked out and asks, “Which is what, Sally?” Sally says, “Your absence.” There’s no future for them because she can’t forgive him for manipulating her. “I’m done. I am moving on with my life. You should too.”

At Crimson Lights, Chloe needles Nick about being besties with Sally. He gives her some formal talk about their business relationship. “When we’re all supporting each other that’s how we grow.” He explains that he’s convinced Victoria to keep Sally on and would like to see her do well. He knows as well as anyone what the power of Adam’s mind games can do but from what little he knows, he feels she’s going to do just fine. Chloe nods. “That’s the plan.”

At Jabot, Jack tells Kyle that if Phyllis and Diane are causing problems both of them have to go. Kyle balks, “Both of them? No matter which one’s hands are dirty?” Jack says choosing one would only exacerbate the tension. Kyle hopes seeing them recite their vows will remind them of what’s important. He marvels that they’re both doing a great job at Marchetti, he’d hate to lose either one of them. Jack suggests bringing them together and making his concerns clear. “Tell them there is a zero-tolerance policy now. No more shenanigans going forward.”

At Society, Kyle and Summer talk about warning Diane and Phyllis that if they get out of line, they will get the axe. Summer thinks it’s extreme; they could lose valuable team members but concedes that Phyllis is even getting competitive when it comes to wedding planning. Kyle feels if they don’t do something their ceremony will turn into a battle royale. They agree to take Jack’s advice and put them on notice.

At Jabot, Phyllis leaves Nikki a voicemail whispering that she needs to know what she’s doing down in Los Angeles. She says it’s going okay there, she has it handled. She gets a text from Summer asking to meet at Society and assures Nikki she has it under control. They’ll talk later.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam walks in. Nick, at a table, notices him and flashes to sex with Sally. He says he must have handled whatever he had to talk to Sally about pretty quickly. Adam wonders if it makes him happy that she’ll be available for another private meeting soon. “Is this your way of getting back at me for leaving Newman? Have you told dad?” Nick asks, “Told him what?” Adam muses that their dad likes a good revenge plot but he didn’t think Sally was good enough for him; what’s he going to think about her sleeping with the golden boy? Adam sits down. “And then there’s Sharon. She’s not going to like this one, Nick. What about Summer given the things Sally has done to her?” Nick fumes, “That’s enough.” Adam is so sorry — he wouldn’t want to get him angry. Nick tells Adam he’s like a wrecking ball in every relationship he has. Adam scoffs at him giving him analysis. He thought they’d come to an understanding after recent events and now that’s just vanished. “Why is that… brother?!?”

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At Newman Media, Chloe muses about Sally making a pretty good impression on Nick, who made it pretty clear he’s her number one fan now. “Lots of glowing praises.”

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Outside Society, Diane comes up behind Phyllis, who asks if she’s following her. They’re about to start bickering when Phyllis notices Kyle and Summer watching them. “They planned this.” Diane urges her to try and behave for once. Phyllis isn’t worried. With that, she walks inside and Diane follows.
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