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At Newman Media, Sally looks at Nick’s text from the night before. Chloe comes in with takeout to make up for the way she acted yesterday. “This is me trying to apologize.” They can agree to disagree about Adam. Chloe feels scolding her boss isn’t professional and she wants a fresh start. A distracted Sally tells her there’s something she has to take care of before they get to work.

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Nick arrives in Victoria’s office, where she’s considering having Nate Hastings come on board. Nick says he ran into him, and he seems ready for a change. He suggests they create a position for him to get him in the door. Victoria will give it some thought. She asks how things are with Sally. She hopes he didn’t just accept her apology for missing the marketing meeting and let it go. Victoria guesses his hesitation means she’s right. Nick says he’s handling it. Just then, Sally knocks and enters. She stops short when she sees Nick and then carries on to apologize to Victoria in person for missing the marketing meeting. She’s in awe of her ability to carry on in a crisis and is confident that in time she’ll be able to emulate her example. She messed up but it won’t happen again. Victoria says, “Good.” Nick tells Sally he needs to speak to her about “that other matter they got into” — does she have time for coffee? Sally says she’ll make time.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily, Devon, and Imani hold a meeting. If Nate won’t change his mind and stay on, Lily wants to know the legal ramifications — can he take ideas from there and use them elsewhere? Imani muses, “You mean all those great ideas you guys shot down?” She can’t believe what she’s hearing — Nate’s chair isn’t even cold yet and they’re talking legal ramifications. “Is that how this family operates?” Devon questions why she’s being so defensive of Nate. Imani snaps, “Clearly someone has to be.” Lily frowns at her. She says they’ll try and work things out with Nate but they need to know where things stand with the intellectual property he’s been overseeing. Imani argues that Nate’s an asset to the company. She feels he can be swayed to stay. Devon doesn’t want to persuade someone who doesn’t want to be there. They can’t find common ground and he doesn’t see that changing. Imani complains about how easily it is for them to let Nate go. Lily, irritated, tells Imani she doesn’t know what she’s getting at.
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Nate awakens in bed next to Elena, who says she let him sleep late and hates when they argue. She wants to support him and help him move on with his next opportunity and repair his relationship with his family. Elena’s hoping he’s changed his mind about going forward with the plan he shared with her. Nate replies that he’s actually more determined than ever. Elena pleads with him not to do this as it will cause more trouble. Nate shrugs, “So be it.” She asks if he’s even thought about how much this will hurt Lily. “This feels so wrong to me!” Nate argues that ultimately, he’ll be helping Lily. Elena sees nothing wrong with being a visionary but that’s not what this is. Nate has to make a lasting mark so he can finally take control. “My mind’s made up and I’m going to set things in motion today.”
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At the park, Nick and Sally make small talk about the weather. Nick smirks and tells her they can be honest with each other. They agree they don’t want things to be weird at work. Sally relays that Adam came to see her last night after their weird dinner. He made some remarks that messed with her head.

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At Newman Media, Adam appears behind Chloe and asks if Sally’s around. She tells him her boss got called to a meeting with Nick. Adam complains that when he was CEO he didn’t interact even once with the Newman Enterprises COO, at least not about work. Chloe thinks maybe that’s because it was Nikki, who wanted nothing to do with him. Adam wonders if they’re keeping a closer eye on Newman Media, and if so, why? Chloe snaps at him about assuming they’re on the chopping block. She relays that Sally missed an important meeting yesterday when she was with him. Adam says she told him when he was with her last night — the last thing he wanted to do was cause her problems. Chloe holds up her hand. “The two of you were with each other again?!?” She reads him the riot act for destroying every person he’s in a relationship with. He says his personal life is not her business. Chloe argues that when it affects her friend, it is. Adam has Sally’s best interests at heart but won’t convince her of that, so he’ll leave. Chloe texts Sally about his visit and asks her to avoid him. “This has to stop.”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily declares that this whole thing with Nate has spiraled out of control at the worst possible time considering Jill’s proposal. She asks Imani to assume Nate’s not returning and report back to her on the legal issues. After Imani leaves, Devon and Lily agree that the lawyer has a thing for Nate. Devon complains that Lily talks about the IPO like it’s a done deal — does he not have a say? Lily replies, “Of course!” Devon asks why she makes it sound like it’s a done deal and she’s siding with Jill? Lily isn’t on anyone’s side. Devon thinks Lily is about to make an impulsive decision about something that’s really important. He points out Billy has concerns about going public too. Devon feels that there are three people making the decision and he’s the only one not on board. “I’m on my own on this.”

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At the park, Nick can guess what Adam’s declarations were about. He knows she has very strong feelings about his brother, and he doesn’t want to make things difficult for her if she wants to get back together. Sally’s not saying that’s where it’s headed. Nick feels they should sort it out without him being a factor.
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At Newman, Adam knocks on Victoria’s door and says he’s looking for Sally. Victoria says she stepped out with Nick for coffee and muses that his job at Jabot must not be very important if he has time for this. Adam can multitask. She replies, “Unlike Sally.” Talk turns to her missing her presentation at the marketing meeting. It’s not behavior she values in an executive. Adam asks if she knows why Sally missed the meeting. Victoria has her COO to handle personnel issues. Nicholas got into it with her. She hopes he’s making it clear to her that people are replaceable. Adam thinks Victoria is overreacting and talks up Sally’s good points. Victoria questions why he’s still advocating for his ex and tells him if his presence in her life is causing this distraction then, for the love of God, why doesn’t he just let her go? If he really cares about her, he’ll let her get on with his life. Adam’s sick of people telling him that. He’s trying to right a wrong. “I do love Sally.” He made a terrible mistake. Victoria doesn’t like to admit that so it’s no surprise she has no clue where he’s coming from. He walks out and she texts Nick that Adam is looking for Sally and trouble for her means trouble for them.

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At Society, Imani reports to Nate that Lily and Devon are shaken up by his exit. She says Lily has hopes of working things out. Nate has a better, more powerful solution, thanks to Imani. He’s going to act more… ruthlessly. Starting today.

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At Crimson Lights, Devon bumps into Elena, who asks if everything is alright. Devon’s been better and asks, “What about you?” Elena replies, “Same.” He guesses Nate is the reason they’re both down. Elena doesn’t like the path he’s on. Devon had every intention of it working out when he hired him. Lily comes in as he says this. Devon tells Elena that they have different philosophies. Elena muses, “That’s for sure.” Lily breaks up the conversation to speak with Devon privately. Elena goes.
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At the park, Sally needs to steer clear of distractions and keep her attention laser-focused on Newman Media. She appreciates Nick’s understanding and she feels they should have the same for each other at this moment. They stand up and get very close. Nick asks, “Should we head back to the office?”
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Sally and Nick burst into her hotel suite, kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off as they head for the bed. He throws her down onto it and lands on top of her as they make out. After sex, Sally gulps, “Well that did not go according to plan. I did not intend for this to happen again, I swear.” Nick rambles, “This attraction or whatever we’re calling it… I never thought in a million years.” They joke until he kisses her neck. She teases she has expertise in all sorts of areas he’d never expect. Nick tells her this is unexpected and surprising. She shrugs that they can overanalyze it to death or they can order room service, take a shower, and … get back to work.
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In Victoria’s office, Nate tells her he has a proposal that he believes will be of great interest to her. He divulges that Jill wants to take Chancellor-Winters public. Devon balked, Billy had concerns, but Lily is all in. He believes she and Jill will prevail. Nate knows she’s been on a shopping spree for Newman and he’s willing to be her inside man and feed her information that’s helpful so she can buy up the majority of shares in Chancellor-Winters and gain control of the company.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Lily’s upset that the tension between Devon and Nate has gotten to the point that their cousin feels his only option is to quit. Devon asks if she blames him. She kind of does because she feels he’s being unfair to him. Lily wanted to build something for their family so she can’t lose Nate. “I need you to consider your part in this. Why is it so hard for you to let him have a win every once in a while?” Devon says that’s not what it is. Lily knows he’s had control over things for a long time so it can be hard to delegate. “Is it deeper than that?” Is he subconsciously trying to punish Nate for what happened with Elena. Devon denies it’s payback. Lily apologizes; she’s just trying to figure this out. Devon feels there may be some truth about his leadership skills, but he knows what to look for and can see the pitfalls ten steps ahead. Lily argues that sometimes people have to make their own mistakes. Devon realizes that she’s saying he has to give Nate room to fail.
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In her office, Victoria can’t believe Nate has come to her with this. “Why would you help Newman gain a controlling share of Chancellor-Winters.” Nate admired his skills and drive. He needs a way to shine. She challenges, “You think feeding me insider information is the way to do that?” Nate declares that he’ll help her get the shares if she’ll put him in control of the company. Victoria asks, “You would do that to your own family?” Nate nods.
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In her suite, Nick and Sally are dressed again. Nick reads Victoria’s text warning about Adam. Sally reads Chloe’s text asking her to avoid Adam. She says she should get back to the office. Just then, there’s a knock on the door — it’s Adam, who is stunned to see Nick in Sally’s room.
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