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Nick arrives at Society, where Nate is already at the bar. They both need to clear their heads, so Nick says, “Let’s get a drink.” They toast to surviving another day. Nate assumes Nick’s troubles have to do with Ashland Locke. Nick guffaws — that was three crises ago. Nate recalls how he felt suckered by Locke. He questioned if he targeted him because he was weak, but knows now it was because he’s ambitious. Ashland saw that. He feels there’s nothing wrong with that. Nick agrees there’s nothing wrong with ambition, within reason. When it turns malicious it’s a problem. Nate has let go of his animosity toward Locke and hopes Victoria has to. Nick reports she’s doing the job she was born to do. Nate confides he’s questioning things right now. Nick assures him there are other places he can go if it doesn’t work out at Chancellor-Winters… perhaps Newman. Nate feels things are going to turn around for him very soon.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s surprised to see Diane come down the stairs. She apologetically explains she fell asleep reading to Harrison. Jack assures her it’s not an intrusion on his time. They talk about Harrison’s penchant for re-reading the same story and him making up names for dinosaurs. Diane croons, “He is such a little stinker.” Jack offers her a drink, and she tells him she’d love a cup of tea to calm her nerves after the day she’s had.
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Victor pours himself a drink at the ranch as Nikki enters the room looking for her travel chargers. Victor thinks she can buy the gadget in California and takes her in his arms to slow dance. He’s never seen her so tense. Nikki learns he blew off steam boxing. She’s worried about packing but Victor kisses her cheek and they keep dancing. Talk turns to her confronting Deacon Sharpe and she admits her conversation with Victoria shook her. She’s worried about the negative memories the meeting will bring up not just for what they might to do her… but to the two of them. Victor doesn’t think Deacon can affect their marriage. Nikki didn’t like the person she was back then; it was a terrible time in her life and Deacon Sharpe was front and center. Victor would go back and erase all the pain he’s caused her if he could. Nikki says the feeling’s mutual. Victor wonders why she doesn’t just call off the trip. Nikki reminds him that Deacon is the only one who has the information she needs.

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In her suite, Sally looks in the mirror, exhales, and flashes to having sex with Nick. Outside the room, Adam approaches the door, knocks, and calls, “Sally?” She wipes her face and marches over to open the door. She asks if he followed her home from Society and he denies it. He wonders about her leaving the GCAC. Sally found it stuffy there. Adam asks to come in and talk. She relents.
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After Sally’s fixed Adam a drink, she wonders what couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Adam blurts, “I miss you.” Sally asks him not to make her regret letting him in there. He realizes he moved too fast at the pool bar and blew it with her in every way possible, but he doesn’t want to let her go. Sally did not need to hear that right now. She paces to the other side of the room. Adam sees how strong she is and how well she’s doing. Seeing her succeed makes him think he made the right decision, though he realizes he shouldn’t have done it unilaterally. They supported each other and he’s committed to getting that back now that they’re at different companies. Sally gawps — does he really think they’re just going to get back together?!? He wants to earn her forgiveness and her love again — they have so much potential. “Are you really ready to throw away what we had?”

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Nick passes Elena as he leaves Society and tells her that her man seems to be going through something. She thanks him for the heads-up and goes inside to ask Nate if everything’s okay. He sighs. “I quit.” He gave no notice, and it was not on the best of terms. He complains that Devon admonishes him like he’s a child. He couldn’t take it anymore. Lily wanted them to stay in the room and work it out, but he made it easier on everyone by walking out. He insists Devon gave him no choice and says it’s not only on him to keep the peace.

Jack gives Diane her tea at the Abbott house and asks her about her bad day. She complains that being at the same company as Phyllis is challenging. Jack urges her to focus on her job. Diane isn’t intimidated by her but hates the pressure it puts on Kyle and Summer. “Maybe me working for Marchetti was a mistake.”

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In Sally’s suite, she tells Adam his timing couldn’t be worse. She shouldn’t even tell him why because he doesn’t deserve her honesty at this point, but earlier today she made an error in judgment. “I missed a very important meeting because I was at the rooftop bar with you.” She neglected her job because of the man who caused her so much pain. “Being with you is intoxicating and apparently from keeps me from thinking rationally.” It’s not a good thing. Sally says it’s like he’s an addiction; it’s toxic. Letting him in and letting him get to her was a huge mistake.

At the ranch, Victor offers to take care of Deacon Sharpe himself, but Nikki tells him she needs to do this on her own. She assures him there’s nothing Deacon or anyone can do to take what they have. Nikki thinks he’s sure to know something about Diane’s time in Los Angeles. Victor wants to send a team to bring him to Genoa City. Nikki asks, “You mean kidnap him?!” Victor gives in and accepts that she’s going to LA to see Deacon in hopes of getting the information she needs to run Diane out of town.
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At Society, Elena’s relieved that Nate left Chancellor-Winters; he’s been so unhappy. Nate thinks he’s figured out a way to make it clear to Devon and everyone else at the company just how capable and forward-thinking he is.

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In Sally’s suite, Adam insists there’s something between them. Sally says things have changed. She sits and Adam kneels in front of her to apologize for what happened today. He wants to talk of their future. Sally has a lot of things she needs to invest in right now and unfortunately, he’s not one of them. Right now, he’s a huge liability with no foreseeable return on investment. Sally has a lot resting on her shoulders — not just her own position but the well-being of her employees. She needs to clear her head and re-focus. Adam wonders if this is what she and Nick were talking about in his office. Sally won’t get into what happened with her and Nick with him — he doesn’t work for the company. She asks him to finish his drink and go back to his room. “I think we should call this goodbye for now.” Adam downs his scotch. He knows she’s saying the things she thinks she needs to say to get through the pain but he’s asking her to listen to her heart. “I hurt you, Sally, but I meant every word I said today.” He thought he was protecting her but that was stupid, and he was wrong. Through the whole thing he never stopped loving her and he doesn’t think that love went away for her anymore than it did for him.
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At the Abbott house, Jack urges Diane to stay at Marchetti and stick with her plan. Diane feels he’s right. Jack muses that life is complicated. Diane finds this an understatement. She declares she wants to stay at Marchetti and prove she’s up to the challenge, and not just for Kyle anymore. “For you too.”

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At Society, Elena tells Nate, “No! You can’t do this. It’s a horrible plan.” Nate can’t believe she’s not supporting him again — she’s the one who wanted him to walk away from Chancellor-Winters. Elena argues, “Not like this!” Nate feels she never wanted him to leave medicine, so he shouldn’t be surprised she’s this hesitant now. Elena fumes. “That is not what this is about, and you know it.” She doesn’t think going through with this plan will get him where he needs to go. Nate doesn’t expect her to always agree with him, but she has to understand where he’s coming from — he has no other viable options. Elena insists he’s going too far and compromising his integrity. Nate thinks it’s justified after what Devon put him through. Elena argues that other people could be affected. It’s wrong, and in his heart, he knows it. “Come on, Nate! Think this through!”

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Diane agree it’s nice to be sitting there getting along. She takes pride in how far they’ve come. Jack admires her determination to prove she’s changed. Diane announces she should get home. Jack offers her a guest room since it’s late. She says she should probably go and does.
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At the ranch, Victor will have his security team follow Nikki in LA. She wants to ensure they’re discreet and won’t spook Deacon. Victor intones, “Family means everything to me.” They kiss.

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Nick arrives at Newman Enterprises and calls out, “Vick, you here?” There’s no answer, so he sits on the sofa and pulls out his phone. He texts Sally, “CEOs miss meetings sometimes. In the future, keep me in the loop.”

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In Sally’s suite, she’s face-to-face with Adam when Nick’s text comes in. She grabs her phone and reads it. Adam asks if it’s something important. She tells him it’s none of his concern. “I need time and space.” She walks over and opens the door. “I think it’s best that you just go.” Adam does as she asks. Sally closes the door and leans against it looking both angry and sad.
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