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At Newman Media, Sally tells Nick she won’t stop fighting if he won’t. He takes her outstretched hand and then places his other hand over top of hers. They gaze into each other’s eyes. Nick reaches a hand behind the nape of her neck and kisses her. They part, look at each other, and then really start kissing. She backs him up against the door, throws the lock, and they start ripping each other’s clothes off as they fall onto the sofa.
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Lily are on separate work calls on either side of the room. They both conclude their calls and then compare notes on doing business after hours. “Life of a CEO,” Lily sighs, but they both love it. Talk turns to the kids before Victoria stops Lily with something to say, mogul to mogul.
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Lily and Victoria sit down together, and the Newman offers her congratulations on the success of Chancellor-Winters. She’s sorry things got tense between them for a while. The stress of dealing with Ashland affected every part of her life. Victoria tells Lily they’re part of an exclusive club of female CEOs and they need to acknowledge that. Lily jokes they should have a secret handshake and returns the compliment on Newman Enterprises’ recent acquisitions. Victoria notes it’s important to have a team you can rely on. Lily looks concerned.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate tries to dodge Devon, but he doesn’t want to prolong this and leads his cousin into the office. He tells Nate the back and forth between them needs to stop. Nate would like to speak bluntly to his cousin. Devon urges him to go for it. Nate wants him to admit what his big problem is — he’s rejected every idea he’s ever had. Before the thought is even out of his mouth, he’s telling him why it won’t work. They bicker about the 50 podcasts situation. Devon insists he listens and then makes decisions based on what he tells him. Nate argues he bent over backward to answer his concerns about the music festival, and he still shot him down. He wonders if Devon wants a yes man in his position with no ideas of his own. Devon wants someone willing to learn. He goes over Nate going rogue at the launch and storming out on Jill’s meeting. “What an impression to make on the co-owner of the company!”
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At Society, Jack doesn’t believe for a second that Victor’s ready to walk away from Adam. Victor insists he can’t understand. He was very proud to call Adam his son, but he’s also caused him a lot of heartache. Victor’s only had good intentions where he’s concerned, as he did with his other children. They agree it’s not easy being a father sometimes. Victor apologizes for not conveying his condolences in regard to Keemo.

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At Newman Media, Nick and Sally are wrapped up in each other on the sofa, kissing, when Adam walks up to the office door. He thinks about opening it but changes his mind and walks away. Stopping, he decides to return to the door. Inside, Sally and Nick are having sex. Adam tries the door, only to find it locked. Inside, Sally and Nick stop, and Sally holds her finger to Nick’s lips as Adam calls out her name and says he saw her car was still in the underground parking. “Are you in there?” Adam keeps trying the door and then stalks away. Inside, Sally sighs but resumes her love-making session with Nick.
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At Society, Jack thanks Victor for his condolences and acknowledges the heartache of losing Keemo. They recall a past conversation about regrets and agree that family is most important. Jack relays it’s why he doesn’t understand Victor’s stance on Adam. Victor won’t discuss it and turns the topic to Noah and Allie, who he finds to be a beautiful young woman. Jack teases there could be another generation of Abbott-Newmans walking around before long. They’re chuckling when Adam walks in and muses that hell must have frozen over. Jack shares they spoke about him, among other things, such as the meaning of family and the gift a son can be to his father. Adam and Victor exchange a look.

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At Newman Media, Nick and Sally conclude their lovemaking and he says he’s hungry. “Want to get something to eat,” he asks. Sally seems a little subdued but nods, “Sure.” She strokes his side and smiles.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate figures Devon gave Jill an earful about him. Devon counters that he didn’t even bring him up — he had nothing good to say so he didn’t say anything. He’s sure Lily tried to play it off but he’s certain was wondering the same thing, which is what is Nate getting out of all this? Nate thinks Jill appreciated his healthy debate but Devon wonders what’s healthy about Nate being singularly focused only on his ideas. “It doesn’t work like that.” He tells Nate that he’s acting like a surgeon with a God complex and it’s not going to fly there. Nate snarks about him throwing his surgery career in his face and asks if he wants to hit him. Devon guesses that’s what this is really all about — he can’t take a punch! They get in each other’s face with raised voices until Billy intervenes and snaps, “That is enough!”
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At Society, Adam thinks Victor is deeply disappointed in him. Victor declares that his move to Jabot is a mistake that both he and Jack will regret. He can’t change his mind, and warns Adam he’ll regret this as he walks out.

At Crimson Lights, Lily thinks they’ve built a solid team at Chancellor-Winters. Victoria recalls what it was like working with Billy and Lily relays that he stepped away from the podcast to focus on his COO job. Victoria’s surprised; she thought he loved sharing his opinions. Lily explains he did some soul-searching. Talk turns to working with family. Lily’s sorry about what Victoria went through with Ashland. Victoria was grateful to have her family around her. Lily enjoys having her family around too. They have issues but keep it professional.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate hollers at Devon that he’s playing hero for handing him a worthless title with no power to do anything. Devon complains that he just can’t get it through his head that he’s not a one-man band and has collaborators to work with and bosses. Nate tells Devon his ego is out of control. Billy reminds them others can hear. Nate informs him it won’t be a problem after tonight. “I quit!”

At Society, Adam tells Jack he’s the one who suggested he and Victor part ways. He hopes it sticks this time. Jack sees Victor is in pain and thinks Adam is too. He walks out and Adam orders a double scotch. Just then, Sally walks in with Nick.
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Lily arrives at Chancellor-Winters to Billy trying to mediate between Nate and Devon, who tells her their cousin just quit. Billy informs Lily this is about family at this point and leaves. Lily says she’s really getting tired of this and declares she won’t accept Nate’s resignation. They’re going to sort it out if it takes all night. She sees both their sides and feels they both want what’s best for the company, they’re just going about it in different ways. She brings up Neil and how he would want them to work through it. Nate and Devon think they’ve reached the end of the road.
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At the ranch, Victor sighs deeply and looks at his chess table. He then walks away.

At Society, Adam calls out to Sally and Nick. “You guys working late?” He invites them to join him for a drink. They decline and Nick tells him they’re actually having a working dinner. Adam says he came by Sally’s office earlier. She tells him she was upstairs in Nick’s office. Nick adds, “Yeah. Meeting.” Adam declares he just realized he hasn’t eaten and asks if they mind if he joins them.
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Billy enters Crimson Lights, where Victoria senses he’s had a trying day. He joins her and goes on about life, wondering why it can’t just go smoothly once in a while. Victoria thinks he needs a new outlet to spew his truths.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily won’t let Nate quit. Devon thinks it’s for the best. Lily argues that they’re on the cusp of something big here and divulges that she’s considering Jill’s proposal. They have to present a united front, and that includes Nate. He’s unconvinced that anything will change on Devon’s end and says he’s done. “Goodbye.” With that, he walks out.

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At Society, Sally, Nick, and Adam share an awkward dinner. Adam notes they seem to have built up an appetite. Sally muses, “Work, work, work.” Adam chides Nick, “You’re a real taskmaster, huh?” Nick would say Sally’s self-motivated. Adam agrees. He’s sure Sally is doing great work at Newman Media. Nick wants to move away from the business talk, but they find it difficult.

At the boxing club, Victor takes out his frustrations on the punching bag. After, he sits on a bench and breathes deeply.
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At Society, Nate orders a drink at the bar and calls Elena. He gets her voicemail and asks her to meet him there as soon as she can. Just then, Imani walks in. She sees that he’s furious and asks what happened. Nate can’t keep banging his head against a wall. His argument with Devon earlier pushed him over the edge and he walked away from Chancellor-Winters.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy confides to Victoria that there’s some conflict at Chancellor-Winters that’s escalated. He’s not a fan. It’s affecting everything and has the potential to sink the ship. It’s more than a distraction, it’s a disruption. “I don’t know what to do about it… but something’s gotta give.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily hopes Nate cools off and comes back. Devon tells her not to hold her breath. He wants to know if she’s seriously considering Jill’s proposal. Lily had her doubts but now she did her research and intends to convince him it’s the right thing to do.
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Nick walks Sally to her suite and muses, “That was an interesting dinner.” Sally feels it wasn’t as big a disaster as it could have been. She then says, “Good night.” Nick tells her goodnight and walks off. After she goes inside and closes the door, Adam appears. He looks to make sure Nick is gone and stands there thinking.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor helps Nikki take on an opponent, Jack extends an invitation to Diane, and Elena worries about Nate’s decision-making.

Oops, she did it again! See Sally’s history of wreaking havoc in the gallery below.

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