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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria brags to Nick that she closed almost every single deal she set her sights on. Nick hasn’t seen her this happy since before the merger. This time, it’s hers. One of the reasons she has this smile on her face is that Nick was there to have her back and run things while she traveled. “Everything is running seamlessly.” Nick hates to bring down the mood but isn’t sure that’s the case. He explains their father wants them to fire Sally and for him to take her place. He’s sure it’s a form of retaliation against Adam for joining Jabot. Victoria got a bunch of texts about it from Billy. She admits she didn’t see it coming. Nick complains about Victor interfering in everything and moving them all around like chess pieces. Victoria agrees — that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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At Newman Media, Sally tells Chloe she rushed back to the office — what was so urgent? Chloe informs her she missed a huge marketing meeting. All of their preparation and work was so nothing! “So what important and urgent meeting were you in?!?” Sally protests that the marketing meeting is in two hours. Chloe says she’s wrong. “I was just there.” Sally realizes she’s right but is sure Chloe handled it well. Chloe says everyone was confused and annoyed that she was a no-show. Sally decides she’ll send a message to all the parties claiming her assistant put the wrong time in her calendar. Chloe learns she was at the rooftop bar and asks why. Sally was trying to clear her head. She ran into someone that she has been trying to catch up with and got distracted. Chloe asks, “With who?!?” Sally admits, “Adam. Alright. It was Adam.” Chloe thinks she must be hallucinating. Sally informs her she should be happy — she now has absolute clarity.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate rants to Elena about Devon’s stodgy thinking. She wonders if there’s still a way to resolve this. Nate’s ready to leave the firm now, so she should be happy. Elena only suggested he leave was because of all the tension between him and Devon, which is also why she suggested he slow down on the music festival plans. Nate relays that he pitched it to Billy, who loved it and brought it up in a meeting with Jill. Elena guesses Devon was blindsided. Nate wonders if he was supposed to keep quiet when the rest of the team wanted to hear his ideas? Why does she keep taking Devon’s side?!?

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Elena’s only objective is to get Nate and Devon to work out their issues, but she does believe things will be better for him without the stress. She asks what’s next? Has he handed in his resignation? Nate’s only done it in his head. She warns him to take care to preserve his relationships with Lily and Devon. Nate’s not sure he can cool off where Devon’s concerned. Elena chirps that he should come back to the hospital — everyone misses them there. Nate would only go back as a surgeon and they both know that will never happen… because of Devon.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily tells Billy she can’t believe Nate lost his composure like that, and in front of Jill. Billy explains he’s under a lot of pressure and was offended by Devon’s negative reaction. Lily fumes. It sounds like Billy is taking sides and he, of all people, should know she can’t deal with that right now. She complains about Billy bringing up Nate’s music festival at the meeting with Devon and Jill. Billy thought it was important they see that Nate has good instincts. Lily worries Devon felt blindsided. If they don’t do something about this, Nate may walk away for good, which would make Lily feel like a failure. Billy reminds her Devon is her equal partner and he must figure out his issue with Nate outside of the office — it’s not her job to mediate. Lily argues it is her responsibility as the person who pushed for the merger and as a member of their family. Billy suggests she have a serious conversation with Devon then, or Nate may jump ship.

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At Newman, Victoria asks her brother, “What do you want?” Nick would like to not be part of their dad’s mind games with Adam. Victoria asks what else is on his mind. He admits he has some concerns about Sally, who has been second-guessing herself and questioning her instincts. She seems to have lost her strong leadership style. Nick thinks Adam has her off-kilter. Victoria sniffs that she should have stayed away from him. Nick cajoles, “Come on,” they’ve all been through bad break-ups. Victoria knows better than anyone about that but there’s a difference between having a few bad days and being unqualified. Nick thinks it’s bad for optics if they replace her so soon after replacing Adam. He feels she can grow and deserves credit for coming to Victoria after Adam approached her with the evidence. Victoria was impressed with her loyalty. Nick wants to give her some time to turn things around. Just then, Victoria gets a text that Sally was a no-show at the big marketing meeting.
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At Newman Media, Sally tells Chloe it felt good to have a civil conversation with Adam. When things could have gone completely off the rails, she looked into his eyes and put the brakes on. Chloe guesses it was actually her emergency text that did that. She rails at Sally to realize that Adam is so deep in her head that he’s screwing with what she claimed was her number one priority — becoming the best damn CEO Newman Media has ever had. Sally hollers that she missed one meeting; it’s not the end of the world! Chloe retorts that it could be the end of her career — all because she was distracted by Adam. Sally feels she’s overreacting. Just then, Nick walks in. “Everything okay in here?”

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Sally wonders if Nick is there with bad news. Nick wanted to see how the marketing summit went. Sally asks Chloe to give her take since she was really great in the COO role. Chloe stammers that she was grateful to get to give the presentation. Nick finally calls them out. “It’s like you want me to believe that Sally was actually there, when we all know she wasn’t.” He’s really hoping there’s a reasonable explanation for her not being there. Sally takes a deep breath and admits she screwed up. She vows to make it up to both teams.
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Nick asks to speak to Sally alone. He tells her he can count on one hand the number of people who want her to succeed, and he’s one of them. “Level with me, Sally. You missing this meeting is a big deal and I need to understand why it happened.”

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At Crimson Lights, Elena wonders if he blames her too. Nate says, “Absolutely not.” His point is that once again Devon has screwed up his career path. Elena argues the first was an accident because he felt betrayed, and this is a difference of opinion in business. Nate won’t rehash it again and spots Victoria arriving. Elena exits after hoping they can map out a plan for his future at dinner. Nate walks over and approaches Victoria. He’s been hearing some terrific things are in the works at Newman. Victoria’s doing what she was always meant to do. She asks about him and Chancellor-Winters and he admits he’s interested in pursuing other opportunities. At one time there was talk about him being a great fit at Newman. Victoria’s a big fan of his but has to ask why he’d even think about walking away from his family’s company.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy suggests he and Lily unpack Jill’s proposal to go public before she speaks to Devon about it. They agree giving up control makes them nervous, but it also makes Lily excited. It could provide them with the financial freedom to pursue other projects, like the music festival. Billy questions if the cost is the real reason Devon has the problem with Nate’s idea in the first place. Lily shakes her head. They need to solve this issue. She asks if Billy has any ideas. Billy muses that every problem Devon has had, Nate has figured out a work-around and he’s been doing a great job. Yet, Devon still won’t budge. Lily asks if he thinks it’s residual hurt feelings from the cheating. Billy shrugs, “Maybe. Or Devon’s worried that his accolades aren’t being recognized.” Devon has worked hard to earn respect and now there’s new blood coming in that is getting attention — it may hurt his ego. Lily stresses they can’t let this keep bubbling over until everything explodes.
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At Newman Media, Sally messed up and will just tell Nick the truth about why she missed the meeting. Nick finds this to be a good strategy. Sally says, “I ran into Adam.” Nick asks, “You missed a meeting because you saw Adam.” Sally clarifies that she genuinely thought the meeting was later in the day. She’s been distracted trying to process the break-up and went to clear her head… and ran into Adam. He apologized and asked for forgiveness. Nick realizes this whole thing with his brother has really done a number on her — despite her best efforts she just can’t seem to get past it.

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Sally tells Nick it’s not the first time she’s had her heart broken. She realizes now that Adam was being noble and didn’t want Victoria’s hatred of him to get in the way of her opportunity. Nick says it doesn’t excuse what he did. Sally agrees; in some ways it makes it harder to reconcile the fact that he hurt her because in his own twisted way he was trying to protect her. Nick muses that “twisted” is often used to characterize Adam’s motivations. Sally knows he hates the guy but that’s not really fair. Nick doesn’t hate Adam and, in fact, has come to understand him better. He’s there to talk about her. Nick can’t ignore the fact that she ignored this meeting — it impacts everyone’s perception of her as a leader. He needs to know she can do this. Sally implores, “I can.” She vows to Nick, “I will make things right.” She won’t let anything come in between her and her dream job. Nick states, “Someone has.” He’s confident she can succeed… if she gets Adam out of her system.

At Crimson Lights, Nate explains it’s more difficult working with his family than he thought. Victoria doesn’t have a good fit for him right now but once the dust settles on her new acquisitions, she’ll need people to run those divisions. She’ll keep him in mind. Victoria advises that working with family forces them to push through the difficult moments — she hopes he figures it out.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy pulls Lily into an embrace and complains that he feels like he’s hugging a statue — she needs to relax a little bit. He starts massaging her shoulders and gives her a pep talk. He’s in awe of her. They kiss.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Imani joins Nate, who tells her his idea blew up. He fills her in on the conference call and him walking out. “Not my proudest moment, but it doesn’t matter. Today was my last day. I’m leaving Chancellor-Winters.”

Chloe rejoins Sally in her office, where she’s beating herself up for being so careless. Chloe blames Adam. Sally is grateful Nick is being so understanding but if she messes up again she’s gone. Chloe tells her she can fix this by staying the hell away from Adam. Sally gets that she hates him and wants the rest of the world to despise him as well, but did she ever once think about it from her perspective?!? She actually thought she found the person she belonged with. Chloe counters that she doesn’t belong with Adam — no one does! Sally is tired of all these warnings about how terrible he is. She understands him because they’re cut from the same cloth and she can’t just erase him from her heart because Chloe and everyone else tells her to. Chloe hollers that fine, she can just throw away her whole future. She fumes, “I’m done!” and storms out.

Nick enters Victoria’s office and updates her that Sally messed up but took ownership of it. Victoria feels that’s just not good enough. If he doesn’t want to go over to Newman Media they’ll have to find someone else if Sally’s not up to task. Nick thinks she is. Victoria feels the marketing department would beg to differ. Nick cajoles, “Come on, who hasn’t missed a meeting?” Victoria informs him that at a bare minimum he should make it clear to Sally there will be no second chances. Nick thinks she’s being harsh. Victoria argues that they’ve overlooked a lot when it comes to her. There are plenty of executives out there, like Nate, who is looking for a new job. Nick questions why he’d leave his family’s company. Victoria isn’t sure but he’s keen to make his mark.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Imani he’s not leaving because Elena suggested it. She asks where he’ll go. Nate replies, “Somewhere I’m appreciated.” Imani appreciates him. Nate thanks her for that, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the authority to greenlight his projects. Imani argues if he leaves now, Devon will think he was right about him not being able to handle the position. Nate has no other choice. He’s played by Devon’s rules and defied them as well — nothing has worked. Imani muses, “Well maybe it’s time to start thinking a little more ruthlessly.”
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