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At Crimson Lights, Nate greets Elena, who regrets her part in things getting heated between them earlier. She suggests a romantic night, but Nate asks for a raincheck he’s getting everything in place for the first ever Chancellor-Winters music festival, which he’ll complete before Devon gets back. He knows Elena doesn’t approve but he’s covered all of his bases. Elena doubts he’ll convince Devon, even with his favorite BBQ. Nate muses that he never completely vetoed it and everything is ready to roll. Elena urges him to hold off until Devon returns and approves the plan. Nate refuses. “No. This has to happen now.” He will consult with Lily, who will at least be fair. Devon will never greenlight it.

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Elena reminds him Devon is his boss — cutting him out of the loop will be professional suicide. Nate argues that things are different in the business world but Elena’s unconvinced. Nate was hired for his instincts so he’s going to follow them. “I’m tired of holding back to appease Devon.” Elena feels she’d be a horrible person if she didn’t try to convince him to slow down. She pleads, “Can you please do this for me?”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy greets Lily with a kiss. She updates him that his mother has contacted her and has a very important announcement to make. Billy assumes she’s planning another trip around the world. Lily thinks it must be something different as she’s asked Devon to call in from Virginia as well. Billy has no idea what it could be.
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Outside Society, Sharon is checking her phone when Nick walks up. She wanted to see if Faith had posted photos yet. Nick assures her that their daughter will be fine. Victor walks up and reports that Nikki’s on a conference call so he’s on his own. He heads in to grab them a table for lunch as Sharon and Nick agree it’s not ideal. Nick dares her to tell his father to go back to the ranch, but she thinks it might be nice to spend time with someone who loves Faith as much as they do.
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Inside, Victor, Nick, and Sharon talk about Faith and Moses. Victor hopes they don’t get too serious; he wants Faith to focus on her studies. He muses about her family being there to back her up and love her, which brings Sharon to tears. She excuses herself for a moment and Nick exchanges they’re both a little raw over Faith going to school and Sharon’s still sad from losing Rey. “She’ll get through it.”

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Outside, Sharon fights to get her tears under control.

Inside Society, Nick and Victor discuss Faith one day joining Newman Enterprises. Victor feels this is why they need to ensure it stays strong. He asks about Sally’s acquisitions and repeats that he wants her replaced with someone who will make the division profitable again. Nick stares at him, clearly not agreeing with the idea.

At the rooftop bar, Sally arrives and spots Adam brooding at the far end. She awkwardly quips, “What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?” Adam invites her to sit. He’s sure they can handle having a drink together and she decides it’s worth a try. They discuss her wins at Newman Media, and she tells Adam she has him to thank for it.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate is looking to speak to Lily, but Billy explains she’s stepped out. Talk turns to Jill calling the meeting. Billy figures it has to be something big. Nate airs his grievances against Devon to Billy who concedes that he’s historically been cautious when it comes to business. Nate thinks their personal relationship has complicated things. Billy won’t second-guess Devon, but he feels it would be a loss if Nate walked away. Nate needed to hear this and asks if he’ll listen to his pitch. Billy reminds him he’s a COO and can’t greenlight anything. Nate still wants him to hear him out.
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As Nate wraps up his pitch on the music festival, Billy says he thinks it’s fantastic and gives him a chance to strut his stuff a little bit. He has good instincts. Lily walks in and Billy reports that Nate was just filling him in on the music festival, which he feels has massive potential for success. Lily says they’ll talk about it after the conference call. Billy encourages Nate to share his idea with Devon and Jill but he’s reluctant.

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Jill and Devon call in and Nate asks about Naya before Jill asks Devon about Moses going to college. Lily wants to know why they’ve been summoned. Jill has a proposal that could change everything. First, she wants to hear an update on their progress and asks how Nate is doing. Billy interjects that he has a great idea for their music festival. Devon thought they’d put a pin in that. Nate argues it has great profit margins and he can counter all of his cousin’s objections. Lily finds his ideas and the acts he has lined up amazing, and Jill remarks, “Wow, that’s enterprising.” Devon insists he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to this — its not right for the company right now and he has a decade of experience to back that up.
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Jill is intrigued and asks if Lily likes the idea. She needs time to look at the data and suggests they discuss it in-house later. Jill supports rigorous debate and says it does her heart proud to see how passionate they all are about the company. Billy and Lily still want to know the reason for the conference call. Jill is contemplating another big move. “I want to take the company public.” Everyone looks flabbergasted.

At Society, Nick tells Victor he won’t replace Sally who will be a fantastic leader for them one day. He’s not convinced all the media division’s success was because of Adam and Sally’s done a great job. Having the company completely family run isn’t realistic. Victor feels very strongly that family is what makes the company strong. He complains about Jack hiring Adam at Jabot. Victor may have no say about that but will continue to guide the major decisions for his company. Sharon rejoins them and wants to hear what they’re discussing. Victor declares that Sally Spectra is getting the pink slip and he wants Nick to take her place.

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Nick, fuming, tells Sharon that Sally’s exit is not a done deal and accuses his father of doing this as a slap in the face to Adam. He doesn’t want any part of it and doesn’t believe his brother deserves it right now. Victor’s stunned to hear him defend his brother. Nick thinks Adam’s made the healthiest decision for him. He understands him better these days — they share a strange but tragic link — Victor helped them avoid the repercussions for taking a man’s life. Victor doesn’t want to discuss it now, but Nick assures him Sharon knows everything.

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At the rooftop bar, Sally tells Adam that he believed in her and saw something in her that she didn’t see in herself at first. Even though he broke her heart he left her with something very rewarding. Adam asks if she’s forgiven him. Sally shrugs, “You are who you are.” Even if she thinks he’s a jerk, he’s the jerk she fell in love with. Adam would like to make a confession in return and says, “You may have fallen in love with a jerk, but I fell in love with the one woman that I never felt the need to pretend anything with, except the one time, and I am genuinely sorry, Sally.”
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Sally, internally struggling, coolly says they can have a cordial cocktail now that they’ve cleared the air… as friends. Adam moves his face close to hers and says, “I don’t feel like just a friend right now.” Just as it seems they’ll kiss, Sally’s phone dings — it’s Chloe. Something at work urgently needs her attention. Adam asks, “You really have to go?” Sally says she definitely does… for many reasons.
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At Society, Victor bickers with Nick about discussing what happened with Ashland in front of Sharon. Nick says both she and Adam feel he should talk to a therapist. Victor won’t apologize for protecting his sons. Nick doesn’t expect him to, it’s just interesting that this might finally be the thing that makes him understand what makes Adam tick.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Jill goes on about it being the time for big bold moves and asks, “Don’t you agree, Nate?” She thinks they could have a worldwide circuit of music festivals. Lily needs time to digest the idea of going public — it’s caught her off guard. Devon worries they’d be giving up a lot of control. Billy agrees. Nate mutters that to some people, control is everything. Devon reminds them the vision was to be a family company. Lily asks Nate’s opinion. He fumes that he’ll leave it to the experts and walks out. Jill wants to know what that was all about.

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Outside the office, Elena walks in just in time to hear Nate canceling the festival and asking the person on the other end of the phone to bill the company. After disconnecting, he tells Elena she was right — staying at Chancellor-Winters was a big mistake. “I’m out!”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nate makes a bold move, Nick and Victoria conspire against Adam, and Lily faces an ethical dilemma.

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