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At Crimson Lights, Billy baits Jack about hiring Adam at Jabot. Jack wants to question Billy about Chancellor-Winters’ purchase of the Grand Phoenix. He’d like to open an exclusive boutique in the hotel. Billy thinks he’s trying to divert the conversation from Adam. Jack doesn’t want to debate his hires. He knows that he hurt Billy, but he has to support Adam now as his co-CEO. Would Billy rather he talk to Lily about the boutique? Billy surprises Jack by revealing that he’s walked away from the podcast to devote himself to being Lily’s COO.

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At Society, Abby and Chloe compare notes on Chance and Kevin working long hours on the Ashland investigation and are glad the case is closed. Abby’s happy they’ll have their husbands back. Chloe hopes Kevin and Chance can get past their tension. Abby asks, “What tension?” Chloe backs off and should have kept her mouth shut. Abby assures her it’s fine. Talk turns to Chloe’s new job at Newman Media. Chloe loves it but is sick of Adam hanging around — he has some kind of hold on Sally, which is a distraction. Abby has no sympathy for her; she gets what she deserves for falling into bed with Adam.
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At the park, Adam asks where Chelsea’s idea to visit Anita and take Connor is coming from. She needs to get out of Genoa City and clear her head. Adam thinks it’s a good idea… for her. But not for Connor, who is just about to start school. If she’s considering a lengthier move, the answer is unequivocally, “No.” Chelsea protests — she doesn’t want to move, just visit, but it wouldn’t necessarily be quick. She suggests Connor could re-enroll in his old boarding school as a day student. Adam argues that he has friends and soccer there — he’s not going. Chelsea is upset that he won’t support her. She tears up as she says she senses the old issues coming back — she needs a change. Adam hears her but Connor’s not a life-preserver, he’s a kid. Fixing her is not his job.
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On Crimson Lights patio, Chance calls Abby and makes plans with her. He disconnects as Sally appears and wonders if he wants to thank her for not publishing the details of the Ashland Locke case. She explains that Adam came to her with the evidence and wanted her to publish it. She suspects Chance had to make a tough decision as she did. She reveals she went to Victoria and Nick with Adam’s offer. They both had to do the right thing, which is to toe the Newman family line. Chance denies he towed the line and insists he couldn’t prosecute anyone based on the evidence. Sally gets it and tells him she’s moving on and putting the issue to bed. Chance hopes everyone involved can put it behind them.
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Inside the coffee house, Jack’s concerned that Billy gave up something he loves. Billy insists that supporting Lily is exactly where he wants to be — it’s very rewarding and he’s continuing his mother’s legacy. Jack thinks he’s working very hard to convince himself. Billy accuses him of projecting his insecurities about his recent hires on him. Jack declares he’s very happy for Billy and offers to be there to help him in the corporate scene. Billy scoffs. Where would he be without the wise, wise words of Jack Abbott?

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At the park, Adam thinks Chelsea needs more than a visit to her mother. He knows how hard she took Rey’s death and that her career has taken some turns lately. Chelsea fumes about the way he talks down to her and rants that it’s ironic he’s pushing her to get therapy when she’s the way she is because of him. Chelsea is just asking for alone time with her son. As they argue, Sally appears behind them and looks concerned. Adam can’t let Chelsea go away with Connor in this state — she can’t run from this and needs to stay and deal with her issues. Chelsea fumes that if it weren’t for Connor, she’d wish to God she never met him. With that, she storms off.

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Sally approaches Adam and asks, “What was that about?” Adam is really concerned about Chelsea. He thought she was making progress, but she’s been so erratic lately. Sally has been on the receiving end of some of her anger and can see he’s concerned. Adam’s concerned about Connor and won’t be letting her take him out of town to see her mother. When he refused, she didn’t take it well.

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At Society, Abby asks if Chelsea’s okay. She says she’s fine, but then backtracks and says she’s not fine and she’s not sorry. “I’m not okay and I haven’t been okay for a long time. Since Rey died.” She rambles that nothing has been the same since and she was just getting back on track doing the podcast with Billy and that was yanked out from under her. She needs all the amateur therapists in town to keep their opinions to themselves and shut up! Abby stands there looking stunned.

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At Crimson Lights, Jack delicately tells Billy that he’s not well-suited to corporate life. It never quite works out. “That’s not where your passions lie, and you should be wary of history repeating itself.” Billy walked away from the podcast to break the cycle he keeps reminding him of. He’ll do the job Lily needs him to do. Jack asks, “What about what you need?!?” Is being COO of Chancellor-Winters what he wants? Billy tells Jack his dream job would be a professional gambler. Jack groans. Billy tells him, “That’s what you want to hear.” He turns the subject back to Jack hiring Adam. Jack knows he’ll never forgive Adam, but that’s not what this is about. “This is about you and me. You think I have more faith in Adam than I do in you.” Billy says, “You do.” Jack tells Billy he’s his brother and there’s no comparison. “I will always be there for you.”
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At the park, Sally tells Adam she has sympathy for Chelsea. She knows what it’s like to be cut off from family. She isn’t blaming him, but she can see her side of it. “I will see you around,” she says, and walks away.

At Society, Abby’s sorry Chelsea is going through a rough patch. Chelsea apologizes for dumping all of that on her. She just got in an argument with Adam, who is one of the people telling her to live her life. Abby hopes she’ll find a healthier relationship. Chelsea isn’t getting back with him, but they have to co-parent. Abby muses that family stuff can be hard to navigate. Chelsea will drink to that. She downs her cocktail and orders another. Abby looks concerned.

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Later, Chance arrives, and Abby kisses him deeply before suggesting he offer the tipsy Chelsea a ride home. Chance approaches a chatty Chelsea at the bar, and he offers her a ride. She declines, but then stumbles getting off of her stool. She accepts the drive home and Chance leads her out.
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At Newman Media, Sally asks Chloe if she’s checked in with Chelsea lately. Chloe’s stunned to hear she’s concerned about her. Sally explains she happened upon an argument between Adam and Chelsea, and she was very upset. Chloe rants that this is what Adam does to the women he loves. Sally argues that Sharon and Adam are in a very good place and she’s even rooting for them to get back together. Chloe’s unconvinced and goes on about how the repercussions of getting involved with Adam go on long after the relationship ends. Sally thinks that’s true of every relationship and can’t keep going over this with her. Chloe is tired of it too. Adam listens outside the door as Sally says she should consider herself lucky her relationship with him ended before she ended up screaming at him in the park.

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At Chelsea’s suite door, she’s apologetic to Chance and they chat about people making assumptions about how you feel. He assures her she can trust his motivations. Chelsea complains about not having a home and Chance suggests that where their kids are is home. Chelsea picks up the sign Connor made and tells Chance he really is her superhero guru. Chance strikes a pose and they grin at each other.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy resents Jack thinking he’s jealous of him hiring Adam — he has no desire to return to Jabot. Jack is trying to get to the source of this restlessness. He talked about feeling lost and something missing in his life in his podcast. “It’s a symptom. Why are you feeling like that?” Billy thinks he’s reaching and suggests that perhaps Jack is the one with issues. Maybe he’s worried he’ll outshine him in the corporate world. Jack is worried about Billy walking away from the podcast and questions if his brother would be this angry if nothing he just said were true. Billy walks out.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nikki makes a shocking announcement, Phyllis corners Jack, and Chelsea makes progress with Billy.

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