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At Newman Media, Sally and Chloe disagree about whether to dump the Omega platform. Chloe thought the decision was made but Sally argues that you don’t give up on something just because it’s hit a rough patch. Chloe tells her to cut the crap; they’re not talking about Omega. “Forget about Adam.”

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Sally denies she’s obsessing over Adam. Chloe isn’t buying it and runs down how Adam keeps a hold over a woman. Sally declares, “I think we’ll keep Omega.” Chloe scoffs, “Of course, you will,” and keeps going on about Adam. She went through this with Chelsea so many times she knows it by heart. It’s wearing her out watching someone else wasting her time thinking about this guy and loving him. He’s not worth it and Sally deserves a hell of a lot better. Sally thanks her for caring but when you love someone… Chloe groans. “Do not get sucked back in. Break the chain. Resist him.” Sally vows she will and thanks her for the chat.
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In her suite, Chelsea is wiping away her tears when Adam knocks on her door. She sighs and opens the door. He tells her there’s something that she needs to see — it’s going to blow her mind. It’s a sign that Connor made a camp with their three names. Chelsea loves it and wants to keep it. They agree they did something right where their kid is concerned. Adam then updates her that that he took her advice, went to see Jack and took him up on his offer to work at Jabot. Chelsea’s thrilled. Adam marvels that she knew what road he was on without him even telling her. Chelsea holds up the sign and says they’re part of each other. Adam thanks her for her advice and for still having his back. “I want to do the same for you.”
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Adam can see something is bothering Chelsea, who insists she’s fine. Adam urges her to talk to someone she trusts if she won’t talk to him. Otherwise, whatever’s wrong will grow and fester. Chelsea screams, “Why does everyone keep acting like I’m one step away from a breakdown?!?” After, she apologizes and admits she’s having a bad day. Instead of offering her a Mai Tai, everyone suggests she see a shrink. Adam argues that she’s been through a lot. He feels partly responsible and thinks she’s evading. Adam gets a text from Chloe, who wants to see him asap. Adam apologizes if he offended or upset Chelsea, and she accepts. Adam heads out.
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At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis drops off the final repayment of the loan Nick gave her to buy the Grand Phoenix. “The end of an era.” They recap her rise from the ashes, and she tells him she couldn’t have done it without her. Nick feels she could have — not much gets in her way. He tells her she created a luxury destination that is unforgettable — like her. Phyllis hopes the staff will remember her fondly and admits it was a lot of hard work, but she made it into something. She tears up as she says, “I’m walking away.” She made a profit and is out to dream another dream… and turn it into reality.
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Phyllis wants to know how Nick is making out at Newman Enterprises, even though she disagrees with it. Nick insists it’s great and he loves working with his mom and his sister. He intends to ensure Victoria meets her goals. Phyllis reminds him Victor is pulling the puppet strings and he suggests they talk about something else. Phyllis insists she’s happy for him. He assures her he doesn’t have blinders on when it comes to his father. Phyllis warns him to stay vigilant — even when it’s smooth sailing… especially when it’s smooth sailing. Nick questions her move to Marchetti. He’s happy for her but it seems super suspicious. “Diane.” Phyllis claims she’s just going ignore her. Nick warns if she’s gone to Marchetti just to make a move against Diane that would be a mistake. “You sold your hotel.” Phyllis vows she went there to work with their daughter. Nick just reminds her not to put her happiness at risk to stick it to Diane — it’s not worth it.
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Sally arrives at the office door and hopes she’s not interrupting. Phyllis sneers, “You always are.” Sally needs to consult with her boss. Phyllis informs her they’re having a private conversation right now. Nick thinks they’ve covered everything and dismisses Phyl, who makes a point of letting Sally know she’s working at Marchetti with Summer, who rises like a phoenix when people try to take her down. Nick and Sally smirk. He closes the door and Sally explains she doesn’t have a problem but there’s something she wants to run by him.
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In the corridor, Phyllis runs into Nikki and updates her on her last meeting with Talia. They enthuse over her getting ready to write an in-depth expose on Diane Jenkins.

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At Society, Talia Morgan texts Nikki and Phyllis to get together as Diane walks in. She spots the journalist and walks over to ask what brings her all the way to Genoa City. Morgan claims she’s working on a story about Ashland Locke and Diane offers to help shed some light on the man. Morgan invites her to sit down. Diane’s curious as to how she’ll breathe new life into old facts. Talia intends to go beyond what’s already been published. The secret to her success is in her ability to dig deep and bring secrets people are hiding to light. Diane’s thrilled to help out and asks, “What do you want to know?” They get to Diane being a grandmother to Harrison and Talia asks if that’s why she left L.A. Diane came back to be with her son and grandson. Diane tries to take the focus off of her. Just then, Phyllis and Nikki walk in and stop short. Phyllis whispers, “Don’t stare.” Nikki grits, “Someone needs to teach out journalist friend to bury the lead.” She figures that Diane showed up unexpectedly and Phyllis questions if they should come back later. Diane spots them and calls out for them to come and meet someone. Nikki mutters at Phyllis to fake a smile and hold on tight.
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Diane introduces Talia to Nikki and Phyllis and explains she’s from L.A. and is doing a story on Ashland. Nikki hopes she leaves out Newman Enterprises. Diane explains that she spotted the journalist and barged on over. Morgan remarks on Diane having a connection with Locke, and Nikki and Phyllis insist Diane isn’t a reliable source. Nikki sneers about her miraculous return from the dead. Talia says it sounds like a juicy story. Nikki lifts an eyebrow and says, “You have no idea.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Sally explains to Nick that she’s trying to decide whether or not to drop one of their platforms. Nick reminds Sally how she spoke to him and Victoria with such passion and made them believe in her — why is she suddenly second-guessing herself? He implores her to be honest with him. “What is going on?” Sally admits there was an outside issue that may have made her question her initial decision. Nick guesses, “Adam.” Sally thanks Nick and assures him she’ll take a deeper look at the platform and make a call. Nick’s always there if she needs to bounce an idea off of him. Sally vows that her personal life won’t be a problem and walks out.
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At the rooftop bar, Chloe thinks Adam seems distracted. Adam relays he was in the middle of an intense conversation with Chelsea, who seems to be in a precarious position. Chloe stops him. The last thing she wants to hear is that he’s spending time with her friend, while he’s still messing around with Sally’s head. Adam’s not playing games with either of them and truly believes Chelsea needs help. He doesn’t want to hurt Sally. Chloe challenges, “Prove it.” She points out that he finally did something decent by letting her go and then mucked it all up by claiming he still loved her and making himself look like a hero. Adam crosses his arms. “It was the truth,” but agrees he’s no hero.

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Chloe asks, before Adam “hangs up his cape”, for one more act of kindness. She wants him to make it crystal clear to Sally that there is no future for the two of them. “Go be the jerk that I see.” Adam’s not sure he can. Chloe insists he break that girl’s heart, otherwise, she’s going to be staring at the skyline wondering if he’ll ever take her back. Does he want her to fail at her job?! Adam replies, “No of course not.” Chloe urges him to do what he needs to do then — he’s done enough damage for one lifetime.
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In her suite, Chelsea flashes back to Adam refusing to go on a family outing because of Sally, and then to kissing Billy and the aftermath. She shakes her head, sighs, and lays back on the bed holding the sign Connor made.

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At Society, Diane thinks Phyllis and Nikki are trying to goad her into having a meltdown in front of the journalist. She apologizes for not giving them what they want and walks out. Nikki and Phyllis quickly sit down with Talia, who explains that Diane painted herself as a doting mother and grandmother who has overcome a lot of adversity. “She’s a real piece of work.” Morgan knows that, with people like Diane, if you push the right buttons, it’s amazing what comes out and how they give themselves away. Nikki and Phyllis all but salivate as the redhead enthuses, “This is going to be good.”
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