Adam accepts Jack's offer Y&R
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Adam joins Jack in his office at Jabot and informs him that he has changed his mind about the co-CEO job. Jack is thrilled and shakes his hand, welcoming him aboard. After they go over some details, they agree to start tomorrow. Adam worries about how the rest of the Abbotts will react and doesn’t want to cause him any difficulties. Jack assures him he’s talked most of them around. He tells him to drop his obsession with Victor and offers him plenty to keep busy. Billy strolls in, looking to take his brother out for a drink. He quickly guesses what’s going on. “You’re really going to do this aren’t you,” Billy asks. Jack reminds him that this is his decision. Adam says they haven’t signed anything. As far as Jack is concerned, it’s already settled.

Billy and Adam step out into the corridor. Billy warns him that he will be watching his every move. This company is his father’s legacy and Adam destroys all he touches. Adam is sure that if the company could survive Billy, it can survive anything. Jack comes out and suggests a celebratory drink. Billy would rather have a root canal so Jack and Adam leave him behind.

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At Society, Abby tells Nick that they had a birthday party for Dominic. He can’t believe he wasn’t invited. She promises a bigger party when things calm down. He thinks she’s crazy if she thinks things will calm down in their family.

Abby and Nick discuss Chance Y&R

When they sit down at the bar, Abby admits she’s been worried about Nick since the night of Locke’s death. He claims he’s alright but admits that what he did weighs on him. She hopes he knows his actions were justified — he’s a good person who was stuck in a horrible situation. It makes her angry that Ashland is still torturing them from beyond the grave. Nick points out that their father isn’t looking tortured. She tells him Chance is struggling too. She thinks there is integrity in him standing by the family but Chance still sees it as a conflict of interest. It’s clear to her that he did the right thing but he’s still haunted. Nick suggests she let it go and stop mentioning it. She worries about what it could mean for their father if Chance can’t drop this. Her brother urges her not to let this come between her and her husband and gives her a hug. Abby gets some shortbread cookies for him to take to Christian. They chat about how busy he must be working with their sister.

Jack and Adam stroll in and reveal that the latter has been hired at Jabot. Abby and Nick exchange disturbed glances. “That is some news,” Abby says. Adam and Jack say they are “amped” about it. Jack thinks it’s a brilliant move now that his son has moved over to Marchetti. Adam admits he was reluctant but realized it would be beneficial. Nick points out he would have had more autonomy working at Newman Media. Adam doubts anyone has autonomy working under Victor and Jack says this is a whole new direction. Nick assumes that Adam has been driven by resentment and shakes his head.

Jack and Adam announce they are working together Y&R

On the GCAC rooftop, Chelsea chats with Connor on the phone and tells him how much she misses him. She chokes up as she gets off the line. Chance wanders in and notices her looking upset. Chelsea has a hard time hiding her feelings. The person he’s waiting for hasn’t shown up so he offers to keep her company. They discuss therapy and how they were both pushed into it. He’s glad he agreed to go. Things don’t always work out the way you think they should, but there are scenarios where the rules don’t seem to apply. You can get worked up or accept it and look for solutions. Chelsea claims her chosen paths keeps going in the wrong direction. Whenever Chance feels lost, he looks for moments that will give him hope or strength. Those usually come from his son. The same is true for her. She’s impressed by how open he is about his struggles.

Chelsea and Chance talk therapy Y&R

The cop notices his informant has arrived and walks off. After Chance finishes his meeting, he stops to say goodbye to Chelsea. She grills him about his meeting. He can’t say anything but admits that as of today, he will have closed all Rey’s cases. She thinks that’s amazing and starts tearing up. They both miss Rey.

Back at her hotel suite, Chelsea sits on the bed and cries.

Noah and Allie wake up in bed together at the Abbott house. He stops himself from making a lame chemistry joke. She likes his lame jokes now. When he refuses to tell it, she threatens to tickle it out of him. They cavort and then lounge around. She wonders if his last relationship was ruined by his puns. He doesn’t want to be the guy who trashes his ex. Allie understands but wonders what happened that made him available to be scooped up.

Allie and Noah lounge in bed Y&R

He admits he was always confused in his last relationship. He could never predict how she would react. It was always a guessing game and eventually, it got so bad he felt like he was walking on eggshells. In the beginning, he thought he loved her but in retrospect, he thinks it was pretty toxic. Allie admits she hasn’t dated many guys and it’s usually been awkward. He tells her the past isn’t as interesting as the future.

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When they stumble downstairs, they bump straight into Traci, which makes for an awkward moment. Noah takes off, leaving the women to laugh. Traci assures Allie she has nothing to be embarrassed about. She gets out some food to nosh on after all the “strenuous activities” she’s sure Allie must have been up to. She loves seeing that her friendship with Noah has turned into more. Allie can’t stop smiling. Part of her worries that this is too good to be true. Maybe she should reign herself in and be more cautious.

Traci gives Allie advice Y&R

Traci urges her to enjoy every moment — it’s the height of the happy, giddy feelings. For most people, it moves into something deeper. She’s had a difficult year and she should be thrilled to have someone to balance it out. Allie feels safe with Noah and it’s never boring. “Enjoy it for what it is and, honey, do not talk yourself out of experiencing something rapturous,” Traci advises. Allie gets the message. She’s giving herself permission to be happy. They discuss how Allie has only had dud relationships. Traci thinks Noah is an amazing young man. They toast to it.

Chance stops by Crimson Lights and informs Sharon that he has closed all of Rey’s cases. She thanks him. He says it was honor to finish what her husband started. Sharon says that Rey had a lot of respect for him and how honorable he is. This gives Chance pause. They get a booth and discuss Rey’s pencil obsession until Nick interrupts and asks for a moment with the detective.

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Once Sharon steps away, Nick tells Chance that Adam seems to have had a change of heart and has gone to work with Jack. Maybe Adam really is looking for a reset? Chance hopes so. Nick warns him that Abby is very concerned and starting to fill in the blanks. She’s worried. He needs to talk her down. Chance thanks him for the heads-up.

Nick has a warning for Chance Y&R

As Nick and Sharon chat, Noah strolls in and announces that he’s falling in love.

Chance arrives outside of Society. His wife spots him in the window and comes out. He’s sorry for how he spoke to her earlier and promises he won’t lose sight of how important their family is again. She accepts the apology and they kiss.

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When Jack and Adam return to his office to sign the contract, Jack notices legal hasn’t sent it up yet. He leaves to find it and Adam walks around the office before trying out the CEO chair.

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