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At Newman Media, Chloe and Sally thank Nick for meeting with them and the COO pitches their ideas. Sally feels it might be time to think about expanding to an international market. Nick likes what he’s heard and finds they make a strong team. They describe how they brainstorm and Chloe calls Sally “their fearless leader.” Nick asks to speak to Sally alone. He reiterates that he loves their ideas but wants to talk to her. “This is about you and Adam.”

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At the park, Chelsea tells Adam she’s too tired to keep up with fake pleasantries. He is too. “Let’s just come clean. Who wants to go first?” Adam talks her into going first and Chelsea reveals she just did her final podcast with Billy. Adam’s taken aback to hear that she’s not going to continue it now that she’s lost the “dead weight.” Chelsea can’t understand why she can’t find something that sticks. The podcast excited her and grounded her and then Billy quit on her. Adam can relate — he had the perfect future at Newman dangled in front of him and then yanked away. He’s exhausted. Chelsea knows that down deep he’s feeling pure rage.
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At the Abbott mansion, Traci notices Jack is happy and asks what’s gotten into him. Jack acts coy. Traci asks if it’s Harrison that has him so chipper… or is it something or someone else? Jack doesn’t want to be scrutinized. He knows what she’s fishing for, and he isn’t biting. Jack’s thrilled that Kyle, Summer, and Harrison are back and his family’s at peace. He marvels at Diane not causing trouble. Traci asks if he’s in the process of forgiving her. Jack’s not sure that’s the right word. Just then, Allie comes in with Noah and announces they have great news!
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At Society, Diane spots Nikki and walks over to confront her. She’s taken aback when Nikki is cordial. “Is there a hidden pie about to smack me in the face, or should I brace myself for something worse?” Nikki claims he’s just decided not to engage. “You’re just not worth my energy.” Diane jabs about the constant upheaval at Newman and Nikki sniffs that the company is thriving. Talk turns to Kyle and Summer’s success at Marchetti. Diane’s grateful that Summer didn’t listen to all of the things Nikki and Phyllis said about her. Nikki is confident that Diane will self-destruct and blow up her life all on her own. Diane finds this new attitude suspect — Phyllis seems to have made a turn as well. They may talk a good game about letting go but something is clearly afoot.

Nikki claims Phyllis just wants to work with her daughter. Diane could believe this if she hadn’t witnessed how much she loved that hotel. Nikki muses that the redhead has never been very successful at hanging onto anything. Diane thinks Nikki’s being mean about Phyllis to throw her off of them working together. Nikki calls her paranoid. Diane sighs, “Now you’re deflecting.” Nikki sniffs that everyone is bored with her drama and has moved on. Diane counters that Nikki and Phyllis are the drama queens of Genoa City. Nikki tells Diane she’ll just have to accept that she’s not the center of attention anymore. She wishes she could be there when she realizes that — how sad and pathetic that will be.
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At Grand Phoenix, Talia lets Phyllis into her suite and notes that she owns it. Phyllis just sold it to work at Marchetti. Talia figures it’s no coincidence that it’s also where Diane works. Phyllis admits it’s strategic… and totally justified. “That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” Talia learns of Phyllis’ plan and that Nikki is in on it. “She’s going to get into trouble on her job.” Phyllis muses that she’s in way over her head, is going to screw up, and get fired.

At Newman Media, Nick tells Sally that Victoria told him about Adam’s attempt to get her to publish the evidence in Ashland’s case. Sally knows what happened that night and understands why Nick felt so sick about it. She will never tell anyone about it. Ever. Nick says she’s proven she can be trusted. She’s sorry for how difficult things have been… and still might be. Nick was protecting his sister. Sally assures him that the town is breathing easier without Ashland around. If Victor hadn’t covered it up, they probably would have given him the key to the city. Nick doesn’t know about that. Sally finds truly brave people are usually modest. Spending more time around his family makes it hard for her to understand Adam’s attitude toward them. Nick is genuinely grateful that she didn’t publish the story. Sally was never going to do Adam’s bidding but warns Nick to be on guard — Adam’s in pursuit of one thing. “Revenge.” Nick would like to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, but he’s made his position clear. Sally finds this so sad. Nick knows she cares about Adam but she’s better off not being in a relationship with him.

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In the park, Adam insists he’s not as rage-y as he can be. Chelsea knows he’s feeling wounded and wants to lash out. “I know how dangerous that can get. Is there any way I can talk you off the ledge?” Adam insists it’s between him and his dad — he pulled another one of his classic maneuvers. Chelsea’s aghast to hear the truth about Ashland’s death and Victor’s cover-up. She’s sure it brings up a lot for Adam, but she thought he made peace with it. He questions how you make peace with finding out you’re a child killer. Chelsea feels Victor wanted to protect Adam the same way he would have if it were Connor.

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At the Abbott mansion, Allie and Noah reveal that his new venture, The Glam Club, will be opening its doors at the Grand Phoenix as soon as the Chancellor-Winters acquisition of the hotel is finalized. Jack is stunned that Phyllis actually went through with the sale and offers to take the kids to Society to celebrate.

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In Talia’s hotel suite, she asks Phyllis why she’s rooting for Diane to fail. They go over Diane’s history, including the sperm stealing. Morgan wants to know it all, so Phyllis tells her to take a seat and get comfortable. “Where do you want to start? Multiple blackmails? Child abandonment? Faking her own death?”
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At Society, Jack and Traci walk in and spot Diane and Nikki. He feels that can’t be good. They walk over. Jack, expressing concern for Diane, asks, “Is everything alright?” Nikki sneers, “Really, Jack?!?” Diane beams.
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At Newman Media, Sally admits to Nick that part of her still has feelings for Adam. She saw mostly the good parts of him but could relate to the bad parts, which sparked a connection. Nick’s aware of some of the stunts she pulled in the past and would like to think it’s behind her. She would too. Nick grins as they talk about wanting to kick someone’s butt sometimes. “We’ve all been there.” Sally lets Nick know that his faith in her really made a difference for her. Nick would like to have a bond with his brother too but unfortunately, Adam has proven over and over again that his turnarounds never last too long.
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In the park, Adam concedes to Chelsea that he’d do anything to protect Connor, but everything Victor does comes with a price. “The man will never apologize, and I think it’s time someone forced his hand, right here and right now… and I happen to have the power and the evidence to do it.”

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Noah and Allie arrive outside Society and look in at the scene unfolding with Diane, Nikki, Jack, and Traci. She assures Noah that no matter how hostile it gets in there, it won’t spoil this day for them. Inside, Diane reports that Nikki’s been shockingly even-keeled. Nikki’s heading out when she runs into Noah and is introduced to Allie.
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Jack tells Diane he jumped to the conclusion that Nikki was harassing her. Diane learns that the group is about to celebrate Noah’s new club and Traci gawps when she hears Jack invite her to join them. Diane has to get back to work and leaves with her takeout. Traci walks over to her brother, clears her throat, and tells him their table is ready.
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At Newman Media, Nick thinks Sally has come a long way. Sally muses, “It’s a daily journey.”

In the park, Adam wants to expose the truth to the light, but Chelsea warns if he tries to hurt Victor he’ll go after him. Reigniting this battle would be a mistake for Adam — and Connor will be stuck in the middle. “If you don’t want to traumatize your kid, don’t start a battle with his grandfather.” He can beat Victor by letting go.
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In Talia’s suite, Phyllis has told her all of Diane’s past transgression offscreen. She can’t believe one person could do so much in one lifetime. Phyllis thinks if someone were to get the world reacquainted with her misdeeds, it would unnerve Diane and she would snap. Talia is open to exposing Diane but doesn’t want to report a story that’s already out there. Phyllis is sure that she got up to something in Los Angeles. If she gave her some details that weren’t in the Restless Style story and she were to put them out in the world while she investigates her time in LA, it could be the story of the century. “The downfall of Diane Jenkins.”

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At Society, Jack and Traci muse about young lovers Allie and Noah running off together after dinner. Traci feels she and Jack are far from out to pasture yet and will one day want to spend time with someone special in their lives. Jack hopes they’re not circling back to Diane. “She is not a special someone in my life.” Traci thinks that for somebody he is not ready to forgive, he certainly wants to spend a lot of time with her.
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At the Abbott mansion, Noah credits Allie for helping make his pitch to Lily. Allie tells him, “This is so incredible.” Noah replies, “You’re incredible.” They start kissing passionately and Allie leads him upstairs. He asks, “Are you sure?” She’s sure. They pause on the stairs to kiss some more and then head to the bedroom.
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In the park, Adam sighs that Chelsea’s not the first person that’s told him to break the cycle with Victor. She’s encouraged to hear that he received a job offer from Jack and upset to hear he turned him down. Adam’s glad they’ve gotten to a place where they can support each other emotionally. They’re hugging when Sally happens along and stops short at the sight.

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