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At Newman Enterprises, Victor assures her proud father that she’s back on her game. He was impressed with her video conference and supports her, but warns her to be careful acquiring more companies. Victoria argues that every one of her proposed acquisitions is good business. She agrees to consult with him. Nick arrives and Victoria heads out. Victor asks what Nick thinks of his sister’s demeanor. He thinks she’s a little overzealous in her desire to remove any stain Ashland left on the company, but he gets it. They muse that she did love him and feels she has a lot to prove right now. Victor decides if she wants to prove herself, she should prove herself in spades.

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At the park, Adam thanks Chance for meeting him. Chance only came to tell him that the Ashland Locke investigation is closed. There is no need for him to fish around for fresh dirt. “Move on.” Adam doesn’t think he can do that after seeing some pretty compelling evidence against Victor — evidence that Chance decided to ignore. He thinks now would be a pretty good time for the detective to right that wrong. “It would be a pretty terrible thing for you if proof came out that you covered up a crime as a favor to your father-in-law.”
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Chance wants to know how Adam came upon this information. Adam sneers, “Maybe I came upon a laptop on a bench that a police lackey left behind.” He knows Chance can’t be bought off — did Victor intimidate him into falling in line? Chance won’t be intimidated by anyone, including Adam. The Newman thinks he’s lost his way, but Chance fires back, “You are the one who’s lost his way. You are headed down a dangerous path.” He’s disappointed to see Adam fall back into his old self-destructive ways for revenge. Adam finds that rich considering Chance is the one who is ignoring crucial evidence. Chance counters that Adam’s blowing up his life. He’s alienated his family and Sally, he’s got his hands on a police-issued computer, and is threatening a cop who used to be his friend. Adam argues his father deserves to be punished for manipulating the family, “And more importantly, the truth. You used to believe in the truth, Chance.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate and Devon join Lily, who wants to chat and make sure they’re on the same page. She asks Nate to start. Nate wants to wait for Billy. Lily explains he won’t be joining them — he and Chelsea are finishing up what will be their final podcast. Devon’s disappointed; they were just hitting their stride with the show. Lily reports it was Billy’s idea and she’s glad about it. Turning back to Nate, she asks what he wants to bring up. Nate has been doing research about what it would take to hold their own music festival and the numbers are promising. Devon shakes his head imperceptibly as his cousin talks about it being a win. When it’s his turn to speak, Devon acknowledges that this is not what Nate is going to want to hear, but doing a music festival is not the right move for their company right now. Nate argues he hasn’t even seen the research yet. Devon doesn’t need to see it to know it would take an enormous amount of capital. Lily finds it intriguing. Devon points out it’s their first year and they should hang onto their cash rather than risk it on something that may not pan out. Nate finds this view too conservative but concedes it’s Devon’s call. He walks out. Devon shakes his head and looks at Lily.
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In the podcast booth, Billy pulls away from Chelsea’s kiss. He’s sorry if he gave her the wrong impression. “That was a mistake.” Chelsea is so sorry and doesn’t know what came over her. She wants to pretend it didn’t happen and refuses to talk about it. Billy looks wary as she clears her throat and starts the podcast. Chelsea explains that Billy has decided to focus on their day job so they’re going to talk about goodbyes. Chelsea muses that they’ve parted ways before and brings up when they were an item. Billy tries to gear the conversation to new beginnings before wrapping it up. Billy makes a speech about what an amazing experience it’s been and thanks his listeners. “Goodbye for now.”
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At Newman Media, Sally’s surprised to see Adam, who claims he’s there to apologize. She gestures, “The floor is yours.” He closes the door and says he’s sorry things got so unpleasant with them. She informs him he was manipulative. Adam takes responsibility for everything that went down and wants things to be less hostile between them moving forward. Sally doesn’t think she was ever hostile. Adam agrees she wasn’t — even when he was being really rough on her. They understand each other down deep and he still feels she’s the only one he can really open up to. Sally appreciates that. If there’s something he needs to get off his chest, he can talk to her.

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Adam explains that he came across a police report. Sally asks how one “comes across” a police report. Adam doesn’t want to discuss that — the important thing is that it contained a lot of details about the investigation into Ashland’s death that Chance has ignored. Sally curses. She’s realized he doesn’t need a sympathetic ear at all — he needs help to take down Victor! He used their history to work her over once again. Adam argues this is a goldmine of a story — it could make her career. He’ll give her all the evidence she needs to run it. All she has to do is publish the truth and reveal to the world his dad’s cover-up.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon hopes Lily knows that his opposition to Nate’s idea is nothing personal. She knows he had talked about being careful before but points out he didn’t even look at the data. Devon will look it over and stresses is just business — the company is doing well and he wants to keep it that way by not over-extending its grasp.

In the podcast booth, Chelsea insists to Billy that the best thing for her is just to ignore the kiss and not talk about it. He wants her to continue the podcast but she tells him it just wouldn’t be the same. He asks what she’ll do next. That’s something she’ll have to figure out on her own.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Chance tells Nick that he’d hoped they were all going to be able to move on from the Locke case, but someone got their hands on the evidence from the night Ashland died. It only takes Nick a minute to realize it’s Adam.

At Newman Media, Sally tells Adam if she publishes his story it would be the end of her career there. Adam asks if she really wants to work for a man who staged an accident to cover up the fact that his favorite son killed a man to protect his daughter. Sally gawps, “What?!?” Adam smugly nods, “I told you it was juicy.” Sally asks if he really expects her to believe that Nick murdered Ashland. Adam muses that he must have inherited the old man’s boxing skills because it only took one punch. Locke went down and hit his head on the fireplace and the miserable bastard died. Sally gasps, “Oh my God.” She then reasons that this sounds like self-defense, so why would Victor cover it up? Adam tells her the chess master can’t resist playing the game. His siblings had nothing to do with it and that story should reflect that. He keeps pressing that the story is award-winning. Sally doesn’t think anyone would want to hire her after she goes after her own boss. Adam argues that people will respect her for doing the right thing. Sally’s not sure it is the right thing — it will expose Chance’s complicity. Adam gave him the opportunity to fix it and he flatly refused. Sally asks, “So now Chance has just become someone else you’re willing to throw under the bus in your battle against Victor? Like you did with me.” Adam didn’t toss her aside, he protected her, not only when it comes to her job but when it comes to the all-out war he’s about to start. Sally sighs. “So, you finally admitted the truth.”

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At Society, Nate complains to Elena about Devon, who won’t give him the slightest opportunity. Elena gets that he wants to make his mark at the company but why is he so angry? Nate was looking forward to his second act, but it’s become nothing but frustration. Elena suggests maybe he should just walk away. Nate isn’t ready to give up entirely. If he did leave, where would he go? Elena says he could go back to medicine. He closed that door. She thinks it could re-open. Nate wants to be at Chancellor-Winters and won’t walk away.
Elena Nate Y&R

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Billy arrives at Chancellor-Winters as Devon is leaving. Once alone, Lily asks how it went — is the audience going to shed tears when they learn he and Chelsea are parting ways? Billy grimaces. He explains that things got a little awkward between him and Chelsea today. Lily asks, “How so?” Billy says they were doing their banter and Chelsea took it as something else… something more. “She kissed me.” Lily gawps, “She kissed you?” Billy told her she misinterpreted the moment and thinks she’s feeling a little lonely. Lily asks, “Should I be concerned?”

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe checks on Chelsea and asks if something has happened. Chelsea doesn’t want to get into the details but says she messed up and feels really stupid. Chloe reassures her of her friendship and support. Chelsea just feels she can’t catch a break. “Maybe I’m just my own worst enemy.”
Chelsea Chloe Y&R

At Newman Media, Sally tells Adam now that she knows the truth, she’s not sure why she even wanted to know. Adam didn’t want to hurt her. Sally accuses, “You couldn’t trust me enough to let me all the way in, could you?” Adam figures she would have tried to talk him out of his plan. Adam thinks she’s now realized what it means to sit in the CEO chair, and it would be a mistake to give it up. Sally finds this patronizing and smug that he thinks he knows what’s best for her and expects her to thank him for what he did. Sally thought knowing the real reason he dumped he would give her closure. She wanted to believe they had something special. Adam says they did… they do. Sally feels they can’t come back from this because vengeance always comes first with him. He couldn’t confide in her and now nothing he can say will change that. Sally sees him now and understands he has one priority. Both of them have tears in their eyes as she predicts it will be his downfall. She thanks him for the scoop but she’s not making any promises. The days of her doing what he wants are over. “I do what I want now.” With that, she walks out of her office.
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At Newman Enterprises, Sally asks Victoria, “Am I interrupting?” Victoria invites her to sit down and asks if she’s on board with the items discussed in the video conference. Sally is, but explains that unfortunately, she’s there on another matter. Victoria asks what she would like to discuss. Sally says it’s Adam. Victoria wonders if they’re back together. Sally says that’s not happening, but he did come to her today and said he had evidence about Ashland’s death that would not show the Newmans in a favorable light. Victoria closes the door. Sally explains he wanted her to run a story about it. Victoria’s not surprised — she’s been expecting an attack from Adam sooner or later. She muses that if he’s shown his hand, he’s either being careless or is so wounded that he doesn’t give a damn anymore.
Victoria Y&R

At Society, Victor and Nick confront Adam. Nick says they understand he’s come across some information and asks, “What do you want?” Is the endgame blackmail? Does he want Vick out of the CEO chair? Victor tells Adam, “You know that’s not going to happen, right? The issue you have is with me.” Adam complains about him removing him and Victor argues that he always manages to make himself the victim when right now he’s the one attacking. They bicker about Victor covering up the death of AJ Montalvo and Adam accuses, “You didn’t save me. You ruined me.” Victor and Nick thought he’d come to terms with that. Adam wonders if Nick has come to terms with all the ways their father has protected him. “How do you fit murder into a small little neat box?” Those feelings aren’t just going to fade away. To this day, when he’s reminded of his mother’s farm the shame comes back. He still asks himself if it was really an accident or if deep down, he wanted the man to go down as hard as he did. Adam claims these things will be bubbling around in Nick’s mind as well. He turns back to Victor and says he doesn’t want Victoria’s job. “Maybe all I want is to see justice finally served.” Victor warns he’s playing a dangerous game. “Don’t do that.” Adam walks out.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy assures Lily that what happened with Chelsea only cemented his decision to walk away from the podcast. He figures Chelsea is just missing some sort of connection or feels a little bit lost. He understands because he felt a little lost before she came into his life. Lily muses, “Good answer.” Billy is ready to be her full-time COO and asks what he missed. She briefs him on Nate and Devon’s differences over the music festival idea. Billy sees Devon’s point. Lily does too but thinks the festival is a good idea — it’s next-level thinking. “Why wouldn’t Chancellor-Winters want to be a part of that.”
Billy Lily Y&R

In the park, Adam is standing there feeling emotional when Chelsea strolls up.

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At Newman Enterprises, Sally thanks Victoria for the heads-up about Adam and assures her it won’t be forgotten. She asks how they left things. Sally says she thanked him for the info and called him a bastard for everything he put her through. Victoria asks if she turned down his proposition to print the story. Sally was pretty adamant about it in the moment even if she didn’t say the exact words. “Why?” Victoria muses, “If you didn’t shoot down the idea completely, this might be useful.”

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