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At Jabot, Diane wants Jack’s take on her report. He warns she’s been coming to him a lot lately. If she’s planning to run everything by him, it’s a mistake. Kyle appears and watches them. Jack tells Diane she needs to trust herself. Diane likes getting his feedback. Nonetheless, she needs to be ready to own her decisions. Diane convinces him to look at her report. He thinks Kyle will like it. Having seen enough, Kyle walks in and interrupts. He takes his mother out to discuss a pressing matter. Once in the hall, Kyle demands to know exactly what she was doing in there with his dad. Diane wants to make sure she’s getting things right. Kyle reminds her she works for Marchetti, not Jabot. His mother finds it easier to take advice from Jack and doesn’t want Kyle to regret hiring her. Kyle isn’t buying it. That’s not the real reason she was in there. He saw her flirting with Jack and he’s here to tell her it has to stop. “It’s wrong.” Diane insists he’s completely misreading the situation. Kyle hopes so.
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At Society, Summer tells her mother she recognized Talia Morgan and doesn’t buy her story that she and Nikki met with her about Ashland’s car crash. She’s connected the dots and realizes this is about Diane. She knows Morgan is staying at the Grand Phoenix with no check-out date on record. Phyllis insists she’s jumping to conclusions. Summer warns she better not be using this journalist to do a hatchet job on Diane. Phyllis promised she wouldn’t do that and argues she’s been a model employee at Marchetti. Summer wants to believe her but she has a lot of questions. It makes no sense that she would want to talk to her about Ashland’s death. Phyllis claims she begged Nikki to go to the meeting with Morgan… for her sake. She wanted to know what her angle was and make sure she wasn’t going to throw Kyle, Summer and Harrison under the bus. “That’s what I was doing.” She only cares about being a good mom to her and a good grandma to little Harrison. Summer stares at her mother.
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At the park, Chelsea runs into Sally, who mentions she’s been concerned about her. She was at the rooftop bar earlier and witnessed her intense conversation with Adam. “I hope everything’s okay.” Chelsea claims they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye for a minute about Connor, but they figured it out. She goes on about their family bond being unbreakable. She rants that even if she and Adam aren’t technically together, they always will be because of their incredible history and their child. “We have a deep connection. Nothing is stronger than the bond we share.”

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Sally thinks the keyword is “history” because there’s really no going back. Chelsea counters that Sally is also “history.” She finds it very mature the way they’ve both moved on. Sally informs her that just because what she and Adam had is over, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real, incredibly passionate and strong. So strong, in fact, that he broke up with her to protect her dreams. “There’s only one word for that kind of sacrifice — love.” She thinks Chelsea is projecting a lot more onto her connection with Adam than actually still exists. Chelsea gets a text from Billy to meet in the recording booth and smiles. She informs Sally that she may think she understands her relationship with Adam, but nothing could be further from the truth.
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In Adam’s suite, he congratulates the goon, Lucas, on stealing Kevin’s laptop and wants him to hack into it. He needs access to the police report on Ashland Locke’s case. Just then, Kevin starts hammering on the door and hollering for Adam to open it.

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Adam lets Kevin into the room after he and Lucas hide the laptop. Kevin demands his computer. Adam has no idea what he’s talking about and says he’s in the middle of a business meeting. Kevin figures the meeting has more to do with breaking into his car and stealing his computer. Lucas stands up, “Are you calling me a thief?” Adam shuts the door and complains about him hurling accusations at his guest. Kevin insists he’s onto Adam, but the Newman reminds him people have valuables stolen all the time. Kevin warns there’s nothing on there to see and besides, he has walls of encryption around his files that only he can penetrate. He advises Adam to save himself the trouble and give him back his laptop. “Now!” Adam has no idea what he’s talking about. Kevin won’t press charges if he gives it up now, but it’s a one-time-only offer. Adam asks if this is some kind of threat and finds the unfounded threat personal. He doesn’t have any proof. Kevin only needs the smug look on Adam’s face. Adam reiterates he has no evidence and sends him on his way. After Kevin’s gone, Lucas is sure he can get through the firewall and access the police report… but if he’s planning on making moves on his father, Victor Newman, his price just went up. Adam will make it worth his while.
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In the lobby, Kevin calls Chloe and tells her Adam denied everything and called his bluff. She wonders if it’s possible he didn’t steal the laptop. Kevin doubts it — he even had a shady-looking guy with him. He’s totally screwed.

At Society, Summer hopes Phyllis is telling her the truth. Billy appears and congratulates Phyllis on her new job. He wants to be sure she got the paperwork on the final sale of the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis says it looks fine. Billy encourages her to sign it when she’s ready and heads to the bar. Summer knows what the hotel means to her mother and asks if she’s absolutely sure she’s ready to say goodbye to it. She urges her mother to take time before signing, but Phyllis wants to make it official. She signs and walks over to the bar to tell Billy, “It’s done.” Billy has to ask her if she’s sure. “It seems like there’s more to the story than you’re telling me.” Phyllis wants to prove to the naysayers, once again, that there’s nothing she can’t do.

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In his suite, Adam gets a text from Jack asking him to come by the office. Just then, Lucas gains access to the police file on Ashland’s death. Adam reads the whole thing, pays Lucas, and thanks him. Lucas leaves with the laptop case and Adam deduces that dear old dad had the crash staged and Chance decided to look the other way.
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At the recording studio, Chelsea is hopeful that Billy’s reconsidered and is going to continue working with her. Billy is sorry but he hasn’t changed his mind. Chelsea will have to respect his choice. She asks why he wanted to meet her tonight. Billy wants to do one last podcast in hopes she’ll take it over on her own. He goes on about how much he believes in her and tells her she sparkles. “I am very glad you came into the picture.”
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Sally arrives at Newman Media and tells Chloe she ran into Chelsea. She complains that the woman brings out the worst in her, especially because she takes every opportunity to rub her nose in her breakup with Adam. Chloe erupts. It always comes back to Adam! She’s sick of hearing his name every single day! Sally keeps going about Chelsea. Chloe knows she’s hurting, but Chelsea is too. They both need to chill out. She reveals that thanks to Adam she’s dealing with an even bigger problem. Sally asks what she’s talking about. Chloe replies, “I’m talking about what your ex did to Kevin.”
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At Jabot, Adam tells Jack he’s not accepting his job offer as he’s working on another project. Jack doesn’t like the sound of it and figures he’s pursuing revenge on Victor. He urges him to put it all behind him and not look back. Adam thanks him for the pep talk. Jack will leave the job open in case he changes his mind. They shake hands as Kyle walks in. Adam leaves. Jack tells Kyle he offered Adam his old job. Kyle gawps, “Co-CEO?!?” He’s relieved to hear that Adam turned his father down. “Jabot doesn’t need him or his baggage.” Jack warns he may change his mind. Kyle reminds his father they have a lot of personalities to manage there already. Jack testily points out that Kyle’s been managing a lot today — they need to have a conversation about what happened with Diane earlier. “Stop babysitting.” Kyle was just looking out for his father. Jack can look after himself. Kyle warns his mother is becoming attached to him. Jack has no interest in a romance with her. “I am always on guard where she’s concerned.”

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Kyle’s stewing in the hallway at Jabot when Summer appears. Kyle tells her his mother was flirting with his father and he called her on it. She denied it and he got a scolding from his dad. Kyle’s decided his father is right and they can’t spend their days worrying about Diane and Phyllis. Summer isn’t sure about her mother. Kyle points out that as of now, they haven’t done anything wrong — they need to stop hovering. Summer agrees. It’s time for them to stop hovering and let go.

Outside the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis stands looking at the sign before walking into the lobby and taking a look around. She chokes back tears and then calls Talia Morgan to ask if she has a second to meet. “I have some ideas regarding your interest in Diane Jenkins.”
Phyllis sad hotel Y&R

At Newman Media, Chloe tells Sally that Kevin believes Adam stole his laptop to find out more about Ashland’s death. Sally sighs. He’s been obsessed with the case and seems convinced his father is involved. She figures he must have decided to take matters into his own hands. The question is, if Adam finds what he’s looking for, what the hell is he going to do with it next?

In his suite, Adam leaves Chance a voicemail saying they need to talk — it’s urgent. This is one meeting he’s not going to want to miss.

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In the podcast studio, Chelsea pitches ideas to Billy, who wants to focus on trying to continue finding your life’s passion. Talk turns to their collaboration and Billy tells her, “We are good together. This relationship is unlike any other I have in my life. It’s a unique connection.” Chelsea stares at him for a minute and then kisses him!
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor defends his actions, Nick relishes his new role, and Adam gets the upper hand on Kevin.

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