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In the park, Adam and Kevin bicker about the investigation and where it could lead. Kevin doesn’t want any moral guidance from Adam. The Newman reminds him that Michael is no longer DA and can’t get him out of any jams. He’s the perfect fall guy, dumb and trusting. Victor is not going to help him either. Kevin assumes that Adam is trying to use him to get payback against his father. That’s not going to happen. Kevin insists there will be no blowback because there was no coverup. There’s no dirt to dig up so he should let it go. Once Kevin walks off, Adam makes a call and tells someone he needs a job done.

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At home, Victoria tells her mother that they’ve lost focus and now she wants the entire leadership team to know they are back on track. She declares that the company will be bigger and more powerful than ever. She already has her eye on several acquisitions. Nikki can see the sense of it, but worries about the timing. “The best way for me to recover is for the company to recover,” Victoria claims.

Nick visits Sally’s office and informs her that the investigation into Ashland’s death has been closed. It’s over. She’s sure his family must be relieved. It’s also nice not to be stuck in the middle of it having to decide about what to cover. He appreciates her discretion during the whole ordeal; someone with fewer scruples could have exploited it. Sally warns that Adam has approached her more than once fishing for some inside knowledge but she didn’t tell him anything. Nick thanks her for that. She was disgusted by her ex trying to manipulate her. Nick isn’t surprised; anyone who gets involved with Adam eventually gets a rude awakening. She’s heard that from Chloe, who won’t shut up about him. After Nick thanks Sally for the information, she asks him to stay for the video conference.
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At Victoria’s place, she and her mother get online. The Newmans make speeches about Nick coming on board and how strong and resilient they are to take on everything that comes their way. They talk about synergy and hammering out details. Victoria says everyone has great ideas and will be integral to the monumental changes in the company. Once the meeting is over, Nikki tells her daughter that she was born for video conferencing.

Victoria Nikki zoom call Y&R

Back in her office, Sally and Nick admire how poised and polished Victoria was after all that’s happened. He tells her how resilient his sister is. She feels bad for buying into Adam’s characterization of her as a pampered princess. It’s clear to her that she is an inspiring warrior leader. Nick is glad they have her on the team and exits.

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At the ranch, Victor commends Chance for ending the investigation. Chance doesn’t think that’s necessary and makes it clear that he doesn’t condone what his father-in-law did. He committed crimes that should be investigated to the full extent of the law… but these were extenuating circumstances. The cop thinks justice was served but warns Victor he can’t operate outside of the law with impunity. Next time he crosses the line, Chance will make sure he’s held accountable. Victor thinks he should have been issuing these warnings to Locke when he was alive. He makes it clear that he’s glad Locke is dead, and he has a clean conscience. That’s what bothers Chance. Victor understands his conflict and assures him he won’t cause him more. Chance worries that it would crush the family to have Victor in jail and lectures that if he’s not going to be concerned about himself, he should be for them. He won’t cover for him again. Victor asks his son-in-law to show himself out.

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At the Dive Bar, Chelsea and Chloe bicker about her interest in Billy. Chloe worries that this is like what happened with Rey. There was clearly more between them than friendship. Chelsea snaps that Chloe may not be able to have male friends, but she can. Chloe was just worried about her and not accusing her of trying to break up Rey’s marriage. But he was her knight in shining armor and was super hot so it was only natural that she would develop feelings for him, especially since she was on the rebound after the “evil one”. With Rey gone, she’s likely lonely. Chelsea is appalled that she thinks she’s desperate and lonely.

Chloe and Chelsea bicker Y&R

Chloe is just warning her — Billy turns on the Abbott charm and you lose perspective. It’s important to be vigilant about it since Billy is a “bucket of charm” and she’s in a vulnerable place. A sane person needs to keep Chelsea from jumping off the edge. Chelsea reminds her friend that she also has a history of losing touch with reality. She furiously bites on a straw while Adam watches in the distance. When Chloe tries to change the subject, Chelsea refuses to drop it and makes it clear she doesn’t appreciate her insinuations. They agree to talk later after they’ve both cooled off.

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Once Chloe is gone, Adam joins Chelsea and comments that their conversation looked intense. After she makes a jab about him having no friends, she teases him about having too much time on his hands. Adam says he listened to her podcast and admired the way she poked holes in Billy’s ego. She explains that Billy no longer has time for the podcast so that’s the end of that. He suggests she start her own podcast. She doesn’t think it would be the same, but he thinks she’s selling herself short. Sally eavesdrops on them as Adam encourages her to revamp it and make the podcast her own. Chelsea feels like she’s lost her groove. Adam hopes she’s not talking like this in front of Connor — he’s a sensitive kid and picks up on when things are off. He gets a text and abruptly leaves.

Adam Chelsea discuss podcasting Y&R

Nick meets Victoria in the park and asks why she’s avoiding the office. She admits she’s waiting for the murmurs about Locke to die down. They talk about how well the virtual meeting went and then discuss acquisitions, debt, and leverages. She senses he’s not convinced by her plans. He’d rather take some time and feels like these rapid moves are about more than just business. Victoria tells her brother he’s made her feel confident. After Nick saved her from Ashland, Victoria has total faith that he will always have her back. He’s the best brother she could ever ask for and she’s really looking forward to everything they are going to do.

At the ranch, Nikki tells her husband about Victoria’s great video conference. Victor knows, he was on the call. She wonders if he approves of the direction their daughter is taking the company. He thinks she was wonderful and is proud to see how aggressive she’s being. He was worried that Locke might have affected her confidence. He’s proud of the way she’s united the family. Nikki looks forward to their family flourishing; they are stronger than ever. “Except for Adam,” he adds. He’s a problem Victor keeps trying to solve. His son has still never forgiven him for not raising him, even though it wasn’t his fault. But they should celebrate their daughter and toast to her. “The Newmans are back!” he roots.
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Chloe is surprised when she walks into Crimson Lights and finds Kevin on the phone to the police, telling them that his car was broken into, and his laptop was stolen.

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When Adam gets to his suite, his goon Lucas (played by Aaron Schwartz), shows up with the laptop. Adam lets him keep the bag; he just wants the computer. Holding it, he smiles.

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