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Nick stops by Crimson Lights and fills Sharon in about Chance’s visit to the ranch. The investigation is over, and Victor won’t be facing charges for a coverup; the detective will report that Locke’s death was a result of the car accident. Once they sit down, he admits that he is still livid about his father trying to take control of the situation. He’ll be up all night worrying that Chance will change his mind and make his case. She tells him not to let his father off the hook, but Nick wants to let go of it.

Nick opens up to Sharon Y&R

Sharon worries that he’s not going to be able to let go of killing a man, even one as horrible as Ashland. She suggests he’s using his worries about Victor to avoid confronting his own feelings. Nick admits it was a distraction to avoid his own guilt. She makes it clear she will be ready to listen when he is ready to talk. He’s not shy about admitting he hated Locke and often wished him dead. But he’s not sure how to deal with causing his death. Taking his hand, Sharon reminds him he never intended to take a life. It’s necessary to separate his feelings from what actually happened. The fact that someone as righteous as Chance let this go just proves that he’s innocent.

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Chance drinks alone at the bar in Society. Abby finds him there, surprised. He’s distracted and quiet. Realizing he’s not okay, she decides to let everyone leave and lock up. Once they are alone, she asks how things went with her sister. He admits that Victoria was surprisingly candid. But after she left, Kevin showed up with information. At that point, it was clear he needed to make a decision. He ended the investigation and tomorrow he will file his report to say Ashland died in an accident. Taking a deep sigh of relief, Abby assumes this means her father was innocent. Shaking his head, Chance admits there was evidence of a coverup. She was hoping for once her father hadn’t gone rogue. The cop admits there were some holes in the case. If he’d kept digging, he could have made a criminal case. Either way, Locke’s death was an accident. His wife wonders why he’s not more relieved this is over. He claims he realized there are more important things he could be doing with police resources. Plus, he didn’t think it would be right to drag her family through hell when there was no malice leading to the incident. The people who know about it will have to live with it, but he’s sure Victor is celebrating.

Chance explains his choice to Abby Y&R

Abby won’t be able to thank him enough for helping the family. Her husband asks her not to act like he made the right choice just because he sided with the Newmans. He was drawn to the military and the police because there were strict rules about what was right and wrong. She’s sorry for forcing her “family first” attitude on him and worries he’s feeling disillusioned. Chance is sure he came to the right decision about this case and hopes Nick and Victoria can move on.

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Victor is surprised when Adam stops by the ranch to pick up his stuff. Sarcastically, Adam wonders if he’ll be moving Victoria and her children in to take over the place he offered him. After he complains about being treated like a placeholder, Victor informs him that his daughter has already returned to her home. Adam thinks she’s following her usual pattern of sucking up hospitality and walking away. He brings up his suspicions that his father had something to do with Locke’s death. Before Adam can leave, his father asks him to stay for a drink.

Adam questions cagey Victor Y&R

After they get drinks, they discuss Connor. Victor is sure he will be successful. “Unlike his dad, the serial failure,” Adam snips. That’s not what his father meant. Adam’s sure it was implied. His father assumes he’s trying to bait him into a fight and refuses to take it. He’s happy. His family is good, so he feels good. Locke is dead and so is the investigation into his demise. They can all move on. Adam assumes there really was something to investigate and asks what he pulled this time. He lays out what he knows. Victor chuckles and acts clueless.

Adam questions Victor Y&R

All the secrecy around this has made Adam suspicious. “How did Locke really die and how did you convince Chance to just look the other way?” he asks. His father tells him to leave the cop alone. He explains that Locke threatened Victoria, Nick intervened, and he protected them both. Chance put it to rest. That’s what family does. His son accuses him of only believing in family loyalty when it serves him. He’s been loyal and Victor has refused to see it. Standing up, he reminds him of all the things he did to try and end things with Locke. If they had trusted his plan, Locke would have been gone and probably alive. “How the hell would that have been a better outcome?” Victor asks. Adam warns that there is always another shoe waiting to drop.

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Victoria enters her house and turns on the lights. She pensively stares at the spot where Ashland died. When she hears tapping on the glass, she flashes back to the night Locke surprised her. Catching her breath, she recalls the way her dead husband waved the ring in her face and told her how cruel she was. Staring at the hearth, she continues to remember their fight.
Victoria returns home Y&R

Victoria’s startled when Billy shows up. He saw her lights were on and wanted to check on her. It’s her first night back since Locke died. Walking in, it struck her that nothing has changed yet everything has. He puts his arms around her and then gets her some water. Billy wonders why she rushed the return, so she explains the case is closed. Chance told the family his official finding. “‘Official finding’ meaning?” he asks. He assumes it’s a euphemism and there’s more to Locke’s death than everyone knows. Once she has sworn him to secrecy, she explains that Ashland died there and Victor staged the accident. Nick was furious and thought his father made things worse. Chance pursued leads relentlessly until tonight when he decided to close the case.

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Billy is glad he let it go and is sure this isn’t easy on her. Part of her is glad she never saw Locke get punched and fall. She worries about what this will do to her brother. He reminds her that Nick has a lot of support and he’ll overcome what’s happened. Victoria thanks Billy for coming by at the right time. They recall when they first moved into the house and how her father even had her arrested on the front lawn. He’s not going to shed any tears for Locke, but he wants to know she’s alright. She won’t let her memories of Locke ruin the place for her. To get rid of the bad juju in the place, they remember times spent with the kids. After going over the good memories, she brings up the bad ones. Even recalling Delia’s death reminds her of what she’s survived. If she can get through times like that and still feel at home, she can get through this. He’s made her feel like she should be toasting the future. Billy doesn’t think that’s insane at all.
Billy and Victoria discuss the future Y&R

Victoria grabs them some wine and she and Billy toast to catharsis. He reminds her that she is in the place she’s always been trying to get to. There’s nothing she can’t conquer. She’s an amazing woman and he’s proud of her. When Victoria brings up his admission that he was feeling a bit out at sea earlier, he doesn’t want to talk about that tonight. They toast to new beginnings for her.

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