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At the Abbott manse, Diane and Jack share a moment over how adorable Harrison is when he’s sleeping. She’s about to go when Jack offers her a nightcap. She thinks it sounds like a lovely end to a lovely evening. Over a drink, Diane recalls Kyle as a youngster and Jack doesn’t remember it. She realizes that was when she left Genoa City and apologizes for keeping their son from him. Jack feels they’ve spent enough time on past resentments. Diane appreciates his kinder, gentler approach. Jack won’t sweep everything under the rug. He wonders if she can really let go of past resentments herself. Diane admits they once fueled her but she’s now having a life she could only have dreamed of… it’s almost as unreal as the two of them sitting there together. Jack asks, “What do you really want?”

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At the rooftop bar, Billy’s surprised that Chelsea thinks he and Victoria brought out the best in each other. He didn’t bring out the best in her, although she often saved him from himself. Chelsea asks what really went wrong between them. Billy says there’s no one answer to that, but it was never Victoria’s fault. She did everything she could to keep him on the path and he would always slip up. Chelsea thinks Billy’s a lot more mature and in control. He chuckles that she comes up with new ways to call him boring. Chelsea wonders if part of him misses the Billy he used to be. Billy feels everyone looks back on their younger days with nostalgia and adds that many think his trouble-making ways are embedded deeply in him. His mother thinks the podcast is a gateway to old mistakes. Chelsea feels Lily’s opinion is the one that matters. Billy surprises her by revealing they had a conversation and it seemed like she wanted him to quit the podcast.
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At the ranch, Victoria tells her parents that Chance is definitely conflicted. He didn’t reveal anything but looks like he’s carrying a heavy burden. Victor sighs. “Whatever happens we’ll deal with it, all right?” He has no regret regarding his actions that night and was only protecting his family. Victor feels Chance doesn’t have enough evidence. After a few more dead ends, he’ll give up.

Victoria reveals she has something else going on. “I was ambushed tonight by Chelsea.” Nikki’s aghast to hear that she wants Johnny to know she’s his biological mother and for Connor to know he has a brother. Victoria says Johnny knows that she’s not his biological mother, but telling him who is, is another matter altogether. Nikki muses that Chelsea’s not the same person she was and keeping the information from the boy could be damaging. Victor doesn’t think Victoria should tell him anything. “You’re his mother.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance stirs his coffee and flashes through his various meetings with Nick, Victoria, and Victor over the past few days. He pulls out his phone and calls Kevin. “The Ashland Locke case… I’ve made up my mind.” Nick walks in as he says this and listens as he continues, “I finally know what I have to do.” After disconnecting, Chance tells Nick there have been some developments in the case and he’d like to sit down with him, Victoria, and their father in the morning to discuss how this is going to proceed. Nick wants to go handle it now. Chance nods.
“Let’s go to the ranch.”
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At the ranch, Victor, Nikki, and Victoria are still debating whether Johnny should be told about Chelsea. Victoria doesn’t think it’s a good time to pile on so soon after Ashland. Nick walks in and warns Chance will be there any minute — apparently, he has new evidence. Victor asks if he’s bringing handcuffs. Nick doesn’t know. Chance appears and thanks them for meeting with him. He thinks this will be helpful to the process. Chance only wants to speak to the people directly involved, but Victor insists Nikki stay. Chance states that this is not a conversation, he just needs for them all to please listen to what he has to say.

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Chance tells them what he has so far — the image of the man getting into the car, who bears a resemblance to one of Victor’s security guards and who smokes. He elaborates that they also have the cigarette butt and Locke’s ring that probably fell out of his pocket when he was being carried or dragged out of the house. They now have a bloody print on the car — the blood is Ashland’s and he’s pretty sure the print will match Victor’s security guard. Victor insists it won’t stand up in court and he has nothing.

At the rooftop bar, Chelsea thinks the podcast is a perfect fit for Billy, who isn’t a corporate guy. Billy thinks maybe Lily is right and he should leave his position as COO. Chelsea agrees. Podcast Billy is the real Billy. The Grinning Soul is the real Billy. He denies it. “That’s not me.” She informs him she figured it out a long time ago — she knows him better than he realizes. Billy admits it. Chelsea thinks he’s happier in the podcast booth and figures he’s hoping Lily will give him an ultimatum that will force him to quit the C suite.

At the Abbott manse, Diane says she wants health and happiness, but Jack was hoping for her to dig deep and tell him what’s really going on. Diane wonders where he’s going with the line of questioning. He grabs her hand to stop her from reaching her drink, holds it, and asks, “Where do you think this is going?” He clarifies, “Us. You and me. What are you hoping for from this tenuous relationship.” Diane marvels that he’s not messing around tonight. Jack wonders who has time at this stage. Diane confesses her feelings for him go beyond friendship. The feelings are both thrilling and terrifying. Jack teases, “I didn’t realize I was that scary.” Diane’s heart has just been shut down for so long and now it’s opening up, but she knows in the end there will be pain. “I know you will never feel the same way about me.” Jack makes a surprising admission — he too has some feelings. They move closer and kiss. Just then, Jack’s voice calls her name. Diane snaps out of it… the kiss was her dream.
Diane Jack kiss dream Y&R

Diane, rattled, tells Jack that the drink must have gone straight to her head. He asks again about her plans — she can’t live in the club forever. “What is next for Diane Jenkins.” Diane hasn’t given her living arrangements much thought. If you plan too much for the future, you don’t have room to dream.

At the ranch, Nick says he can’t go on this way. Chance warns him not to say anything else without a lawyer present. Victor asks Chance if he’s forgotten if he’s a member of this family. Chance repeats that this is not a conversation and again asks them to just listen. There are two scenarios — both involve a belligerent Locke showing up at Victoria’s and getting punched by Nick. In the first scenario, he gets up and stumbles to his car before driving away and ending up in the ravine. In the second, Victor’s men remove the body without Victoria and Nick’s knowledge, which would absolve Nick of responsibility in the death. There is evidence to support this. Victor grunts that it’s circumstantial. Chance believes what Nick can no longer live with is the lie. Victor wants to know which scenario his son-in-law will pursue.
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Chance doesn’t believe anyone meant for Locke to die — Nick was protecting his sister and had no intention of taking a life. Context is important — Locke had put their family through hell. With all of that in mind, a despicable human being is dead. Sad, yes, but not necessarily a crime. He doesn’t see any need for anyone to stand trial for his murder. He’ll present the first scenario as his official version.

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Billy and Chelsea are walking out of the rooftop bar when she asks if Victoria mentioned she paid her a visit. Billy tells Chelsea it’s not good timing. Chelsea feels she’s lying to Connor, who will resent her if she doesn’t soon tell him. It could also help Johnny get through Ashland’s death if he finds out he has a brother. She wants Billy to help her convince Victoria.

At the ranch, the Newmans are thankful. Chance recalls that Victor made him think when he spoke to him about looking out for the family. He believes they did find justice here tonight, in a different way. Victor declares that Chance did the right thing and Abby will be very proud of him. Nick shakes his hand and Victoria says she’ll walk him out. In the corridor, she tells Chance she knows it wasn’t easy for him. “If there’s anything we can do…” Chance stops her. That’s not why he did this. “I hope you can find peace now,” he tells her.

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At the Abbott house, Diane tells Jack she needs to get going. He offers to drive her home or call her a car. She smiles, “I’m fine. It’s nice to know you care.”

At the rooftop bar, Billy warns Chelsea that Victoria needs a little time. He can’t promise anything but he’ll talk to her.

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At the ranch, Nick worries they’ve compromised the most moral man in Genoa City. Victor feels Chance didn’t have enough evidence and didn’t want to lose. Nick states it doesn’t change what happened that night. Nikki reminds him he saved his sister that night. Nick gets a hug from Victoria and walks out. She hopes he’ll be okay. Nikki knows he’ll still punish himself. Victor vows he’ll have their support.

At Society, Chance sits at the bar stewing and swilling a drink.

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