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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria texts Chance, “We need to talk.” He replies that they’ll meet at Society in 30 minutes. Chelsea wanders in and clears her throat. Victoria wonders why she’d show up unannounced. Chelsea’s sure she’s still reeling from Ashland’s death. “Are you okay?” Victoria turns the conversation to Chelsea and Billy’s podcast and tells her it’s not the best time to talk. “What is it you wanted?” Chelsea spoke to Billy about something earlier and then realized it was better to just come to her. She wants a playdate for Johnny and Connor. Victoria seems startled and fumes, “Why would we want to do that?”

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Chelsea explains that Johnny and Connor know each other and would have fun. Victoria wants to know what she’s really asking. Chelsea wants Connor to know he has a biological sibling. She thinks it would be great for Johnny too. Victoria fumes. That’s up to her and Billy. She next asks, “What is the sudden urgency?” Chelsea says things are happening in life that have reminded her that tomorrow is not promised — she wants Johnny to know she’s his biological mother. Keeping secrets is not the answer and the boys deserve to know. Victoria tells her it’s not a good time. Chelsea knows, but worries about what will happen if they keep this from the boys and they find out they’re not cousins, but brothers, some other way. Secrets can destroy a family.
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At Society, Abby thanks Chance for meeting her and asks him where things stand with the Ashland investigation. Chance is still weighing next steps. Abby wasn’t going to press him on this, but she spoke with Victoria. Chance asks, “Are you saying you have an opinion now?” Abby assures him it’s still up to him but impresses on him that Victoria just wants to put this behind her. What kind of impact will this have on her father? Chance, perturbed, reminds her this is his job. He can’t just stop doing his job because people he cares about are involved — he took an oath. Abby asks if his theory about her father is true and he can prove it, does it change the fact that Ashland died or why? She loves his commitment to his job but is wondering about his other commitment — to his family. Chance thinks it would be hypocritical for him to be in law enforcement if he’s going to put his family above the law. Abby’s worried about the stress this is putting on their family. She can see he’s conflicted. Chance is trying to live up to Rey’s legacy and can’t do that if he ignores facts related to her family. Abby informs him that Dom said “Bye-bye” the other day and he missed it because he was working. Chance can’t be there for every special moment and has a feeling this is about something else.
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Billy arrives at Chancellor-Winters and Lily complains he missed the video conference. “What was so important that you couldn’t be here?” He and Chelsea were working on a podcast and he lost track of time. Billy asks, “Do you forgive me?” Lily says of course, and Billy points out it’s the first time he’s dropped the ball as her COO. Lily argues it’s not the first time he’s been late or distracted because of the podcast. It’s taking precedence in his life lately. Billy reminds her that the podcasts are part of their initiative. Lily knows — he never lets her forget how popular they are or stops bugging her to listen to the latest episode. She has a lot going on right now and could really use support from her COO — is that too much to ask?!? Billy doesn’t want to be accused of not caring about his job. Lily says it’s about where his passion lies these days, and it’s not with the corporate world. Billy wonders if she’s asking him if he wants to quit.
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At Crimson Lights, Devon complains to Nate that Lily pitched him ideas of his that he never heard come out of his mouth. He imagines he did it to get them approved by her before he could critique them. Nate insists he’s jumping to conclusions and is dead wrong. He brought his ideas to Lily because she asked for them. She wanted to hear what he had to say, unlike Devon. Devon has never had an issue with his ideas, it’s Nate who can’t handle hearing his critiques. Nate argues that all he ever seems to offer is criticism. Devon insists the only thing he’s ever said is that he could use a mentor. Nate can’t do his job when he has to run everything by him. Devon argues that’s how it works and accuses Nate of wanting to bypass the chain of command because they’re family.
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Nate gets it — he’s not Devon’s equal — but he’s also not his intern. He’s getting the message he should be seen and not heard. Devon argues he encouraged him to speak up. Nate did as Lily requested and thinks Devon could learn from her if he wasn’t so bull-headed and egotistical. Lily thought his ideas were worth considering. Devon points out that’s not a greenlight to move forward. Did he assume he’d just put this strategy into motion on his own? Nate sneers, “There it is, your total need for control.” Devon thinks Nate can’t handle being inexperienced at anything. Nate harps that this is Devon’s go-to, but Devon argues it’s not a lie. “You don’t have a lot of business experience.” He has to follow rules — his. “You’re my COO, how do you not understand that?” Nate smirks, “Getting all worked up. What are you going to do, punch me again?” Devon replies, “No. But I can see now this is about more than just work. You need to figure yourself out before we can talk again.” With that, he walks out.
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At Newman, Chelsea tells Victoria she’s not trying to rush her into anything. Victoria appreciates her coming to her and will consider it. She thinks she’s right about secrets doing more damage than anyone expects.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily wonders if Billy wants to quit. He doesn’t and is sorry the conversation escalated. He is missing her and vows to do better. Lily decides to open the gift he got her — it’s new air pods. She’s clearly underwhelmed. “It’s very practical.” She tells him he needs to seriously think about what he wants.

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At Society, Chance tells Abby that this has been intense, and he’s being pressured by every one of her family members. He reveals that Victor even asked her what he would have done if she had killed Stitch! Abby’s sorry. Victoria arrives and asks for a moment with Chance. Abby says she’ll go to pick up Dom, and looks back at them with concern as she leaves.

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Victoria tells Chance she has spoken to her dad and doesn’t understand how grainy footage of some guy getting into a rental car proves anything. Chance calls out the family’s indirect pressure and admits he’s waiting for a veiled threat. Victoria regrets having Abby lean on him and says she admires his sense of right and wrong. She won’t push him to do something against his better instincts, however, she has to reiterate that a man came after her, and now they’re safe. The outcome was best for everyone involved.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Abby and Devon chat about Dom and she notices something has him upset. He blames it on working with family. Nate is trying to do too much too fast and doesn’t like to listen to advice. Abby doesn’t think that sounds like Nate. Devon admits he hadn’t seen this side of him before. He’s tried to talk to him, but he says he’s treating him like an intern. Abby knows when work and family mix it can get complicated. She opens up about the stress of Chance being a police officer. He’s been overcompensating for Rey’s death and working crazy hours. Now he has a case that presents a moral quandary — Ashland’s death. She won’t tell him to pull back and suggests he try to let Nate find his own way too. Devon chuckles. She can see he doesn’t like that advice. They agree neither of them is perfect or great at practicing what they preach.

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Victoria encounters Billy at the rooftop bar and complains she got sandbagged by Chelsea wanting to tell Johnny she’s his biological mother. “So, thank you, Billy, for giving me a heads up.” Billy feels Chelsea jumped the gun; it’s a massive decision. They agree they’ll have to tell him. Victoria finds Chelsea’s urgency to be a red flag and can’t wrap her head around this tonight — she needs to relax. Billy will buy her a drink and bore her senseless with talk of his podcast. She thinks it sounds like heaven. They discuss the kids, and Victoria suggests they would be better off away from Genoa City right now what with the investigation surrounding Ashland. Billy agrees but they don’t have to figure it out tonight. Talk turns to his tension with Lily. He explains that, apparently, he still needs to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up. Victoria laughs — she’s heard this before from him… always. Victoria gives him credit for getting her out of her own head. Chelsea arrives at the door and watches them.
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At Society, Kevin informs Chance that Victor’s security guys have disappeared so they can’t subpoena them for DNA, but the good news is that they found a bloody print on the door handle of Ashland’s car. The blood is Ashland’s, but one thing is certain — the print is not. This print is so curious because the car was wiped clean of all other prints and there were no other signs of blood. Chance guesses it’s the smoker, who had Ashland’s blood on his hands. Kevin asks what it’s going to be. Do they have the time and manpower to track down these security guards through state lines, or does Chance now have enough to go to the D.A.?
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On the coffee house patio, Devon tells Abby it feels like Nate is fighting him at every turn. If it’s this hard now, maybe it’s just a sign of bigger problems ahead.

At Society, Nate swills a drink alone.

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At the rooftop bar, Victoria thanks Billy and bids him goodnight. Chelsea sidles up and grins, “Of all the gin joints…” She’s impressed with Billy and Victoria’s friendship and always thought they brought out the best in each other.

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