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At the rooftop bar, Kyle wants him and Summer to focus on them for tonight and forget about their mothers — he has a surprise for her. Kyle gets his wife to cover her eyes and then leads her to a table set for two with flowers and negronis — bruschetta is on the way. Summer is reminded of their favorite rooftop bar in Milan. Kyle says the view is still breathtaking. They toast to a taste of Italy and express their love.

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At Jabot, Jack’s surprised to see Diane there after hours. She wanted to say goodnight and asks how long he’ll be there. Jack was supposed to have a dinner meeting, but it was canceled. He’s craving food from Society, so Diane suggests they go eat together. She wants his career advice so she can prove herself to their son. Jack agrees, “Dinner it is.” Diane smiles.

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At the Newman ranch, Phyllis assumes they’re alone. Nikki snaps, “Let’s get to it.” Phyllis eyeballs her and thanks her for the warm welcome. Nikki sighs: she has a lot on her mind. Phyllis realizes this has to do with Ashland. Nikki wants to know if she has been able to take steps to sabotage Diane at work. Phyllis reminds her it was her first day. No one wants Diane gone more than she does, but it’s going to take some time and finesse. She reminds Nikki she’s doing nothing to further their cause. Nikki holds up one finger, “That’s where you’re wrong.”
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Phyllis asks if Nikki’s going rogue. She’s not but has an interview with an L.A.-based reporter tonight who is looking for a juicy story. “Diane certainly fits that bill.” Phyllis is intrigued and can help on the back end. She wants to meet the journalist too.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Elena spots Devon in the lobby. He tells her Nate’s not there but welcomes her on board now that she got out of her contract. Elena nods. Devon notices he’s not excited and asks what’s going on. Elena insists she’s grateful for the opportunity but she’s coming to terms with the reality of Nate’s job there — it’s throwing her some curveballs. “If I’m being honest, I feel like we’re drifting apart.” Devon’s sorry. He definitely knows what she means. Elena guesses he’s referring to his own issues with Nate. Devon clarifies that whatever goes on between them professionally, it won’t change the way he feels about Nate as family. He assures Elena she can always talk to him. “I consider you family too. It’s nice that we’re still so close.” Elena feels the same way. Devon doesn’t want the tension at work to affect her home life with Nate. Elena will try her best.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Nate welcomes Lily back and assumes she’s spoken with Devon. She has, which is why she thought it would be a good idea for them to talk away from the office. Lily knew the transition time would be challenging for all of them, so she’s not placing blame on anyone. She wants to hear his side of the matter. Nate wants to know if he’s speaking to the CEO or his cousin. “How real can I be with you?” Lily asks him to be as real as possible.

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Nate tells Lily that Devon seems to think he needs more guidance and that he isn’t respecting his authority, which isn’t true. “He’s been autonomous for so long he’s forgotten how to collaborate.” That’s not Lily’s experience with her brother. Nate feels it’s different because they’re equals. Lily asks what he thinks the problem is and Nate says, “Inflexibility and frankly, ego.” Devon won’t accept any good ideas unless they’re his own. He’s made some mistakes but everything he’s done has been to help the company’s success. Devon is constantly holding him back when there are so many things they could accomplish. Lily asks for an example. Nate wants to broaden the talent pool and hold their own festivals. Devon is too particular and hand-picks acts based on his personal taste. Lily feels that’s what sets them apart. Nate argues that’s fine for a boutique business owner, but Chancellor-Winters should be thinking global conquest. Devon has no reason to have an issue with this idea other than it is coming from him. It seems personal, even though he insists it’s not. Lily thanks Nate for being candid and applauds his ideas. She doesn’t think the tension is all coming from Devon. Nate doesn’t know what he’s been doing wrong with Devon. He feels they can find their footing now because she’s listening. “Where to we go from here?” Lily will figure out the next step with Devon.
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On the rooftop bar, Kyle and Summer discuss the ingredients in their drinks. He suggests they go home and get in their swimsuits, but Summer is distracted. “What is wrong with that picture?” Kyle looks over to see Phyllis sitting with Nikki. Summer asks in what universe does that make any sense. “Something’s up.” Kyle reminds Summer it’s not their business and tonight is supposed to be about them. She apologizes but glances over at the table again.

At Nikki and Phyllis’ table, they greet reporter Talia Morgan (played by The Talk’s Natalie Morales), who advises Phyllis her name has come up in her research. Nikki explains that Talia contacted her about Ashland’s death, but she told her about Diane’s miraculous resurrection and she thought it would be a fabulous story for her magazine.

At Society, Jack gives Diane a pep talk about navigating office politics and urges her to trust her gut and her instincts. Diane admits she felt like a neophyte after her meeting with Mariah, who really knows what she’s doing. Jack says Kyle recruited her — he has an eye for talent. “He didn’t just hire you because you’re his mother.” He runs down her accomplishments and she thanks him for his support. Diane has another confession to make — she’s been nervous and fearful about what the future might hold for her in Genoa City. She’s feeling excited now, but Phyllis being hired at Marchetti threw her. “I am determined to take the high road, even if she can’t.”
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At the rooftop bar, Talia tells Phyllis and Nikki she wants to talk to Jack Abbott about Diane as well. Nikki assures her that can be arranged. Talia wants to dig into Diane’s time in L.A., and Nikki admits she’s had people on it but they’ve come up empty-handed. Phyllis describes how Diane lured Jack there with texts, but Nikki blows that off — she was just trying to make herself sympathetic in Jack’s eyes by reuniting him with his granddaughter. Phyllis thinks they should let the journalist decide if it’s worth pursuing. She assures Talia they have full access to this woman and can help in any way possible with this investigation.
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Nate greets Elena at Crimson Lights and asks if she wants to stay there or go elsewhere. She says the coffee house is fine; she’s not that hungry. They sit and Nate relays that he met Lily there to avoid disruptions with Devon. He thinks things are finally going to start heading in the right direction. Nate felt heard by Lily and is confident she’ll support him where Devon is concerned. Elena doesn’t understand how that helps his issues with Devon. Nate explains that when Lily backs him up, Devon will have no choice but to stop instantly squashing his ideas. Elena looks morose. Nate thought she’d find this positive and asks what he’s missing.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily tells Devon she wants to run an idea by him. She feels they should adjust their strategy on music festivals by doing their own, and perhaps add to their talent pool. Devon thinks it would be cool if they could pull it off and wants to call a meeting about it. Lily informs him it was Nate’s idea. Devon wonders what’s going on and Lily explains she decided to pitch Nate’s idea to see if he’d respond differently if it came from her. Devon is irked at his COO coming to her, but Lily explains she encouraged their cousin to open up. Devon feels this is all kind of underhanded. Lily wanted to open his eyes to any bias he might have when it comes to Nate. Devon informs her she doesn’t have to insert herself — this is between him and Nate. He walks out and Lily sighs.
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At Society, Diane tells Jack she won’t get worked up about Phyllis, and surprises him by saying that in a way, she empathises with her. She came back into her life in a way that was intrusive to her. “She feels threatened by me and displaced.” Jack feels that sums it up. Diane marvels at the two of them sitting their enjoying a pleasant meal together. Jack urges her not to rub this in her face. Diane isn’t trying to take anything from Phyllis. She’s not a threat to her bond with Summer or Harrison, and Jack may very well decide to let her back into his heart again too. Jack balks and Diane apologizes. Diane just hopes Phyllis can move forward. Jack appreciates her candor, insight and perspective. Diane changes the topic to dessert.

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At the rooftop bar, Talia leaves and Summer watches; distracted by Nikki and Phyllis together. She has to get answers. Kyle tells her to go. Summer joins her mother and grandmother and wants to know who that woman was that they met with. Nikki explains she was a journalist who came to town to write about Ashland and makes a quick exit. Summer lets her mother know she doesn’t buy it.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate wants Chancellor-Winters to be a better place for Elena’s sake too. He’s hoping if Lily can intervene, soon there won’t be any battles. Elena warns he should manage his expectations when it comes to Devon, who might push back harder than he thinks. She gets called away to the hospital and tells Nate, “Don’t wait up.”

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Devon arrives at Crimson Lights and Nate asks, “What’s up?” Devon just got done meeting with Lily and asks, “Would you like to tell me what you’re trying to pull?”

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