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Lily arrives in her office to find a gift and card on the desk. She reads the card and then calls Billy to leave him a message thanking him. She’ll open the present when he’s there so she can thank him in person.
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In the podcast room, Billy is irked with Chelsea’s snacking and suggests moving to Crimson Lights to brainstorm. She teases him about his organizational system and throws popcorn at him playfully. She mocks him as he picks it up off the floor and calls him uptight. He wonders if she thinks he’s become that way since he started dating Lily. Chelsea thinks it’s all him. They debate about his need to relax and breathe a little. He wants to discuss her issues instead. She tells him she’s had tons of therapy and invites Billy to bring it on.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally spots Chance and asks if he believes in serendipity — he’s just the man she wanted to see. Her reporters are having trouble getting information and she wants to know when they can expect an official update on his mysterious investigation. Chance understands it’s newsworthy and guesses she feels she has something to prove in her new position. Sally concedes the point and laments her break-up with Adam. Chance thinks she’s better off. It’s not the first time she’s heard it. They agree Adam lets people down. After going over Chance and Adam’s history, Chance agrees that he and Sally have some things in common. He’s intrigued to learn that Adam’s been questioning her about the investigation and wants to know if Victor’s involved. She doesn’t want to believe there’s truth to that, since Victoria’s already been through so much. Chance sips his coffee. Sally thinks his silence speaks volumes and wonders if that was his way of letting her know that things are going to get more difficult.
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As Chance exits, Adam emerges from the patio — he’s been listening long enough to know Sally was trying to wheedle information from Chance. Sally wonders if he’s enjoying giving her a hard time. Adam announces he wants to take her up on her proposition, but he realizes now that she’s bluffing and has no idea what happened the night Locke died. Sally retorts that she wasn’t about to share what Nick told her with the investigating detective. Adam says if they’re going to trade information, she’ll have to go first. Sally accuses him of treating this like a game; she finds this cruel. “You’re right, Nick never told me anything about the night Ashland died.” She lets him know she’s starting not to give a damn whether he can eke out any kind words for her, and walks out.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki, Nick, and Victoria about Chance’s video evidence of the smoker getting in Ashland’s rental car and driving away. Nick knows they can run a DNA test to prove it’s one of his dad’s security team. Nikki snaps about them being careless, and Nick wants to know what the plan is now. He thinks they need to get out in front of this. Victor wants to sit back and be patient. He relays he spoke to Sally and asked her to tamp down news of Ashland’s death. Nick guesses he went to intimidate her and fumes that he’s making things worse. Victor and Nick bicker. Nick warns it will look like they’ve suppressed the coverage if other outlets start printing the story. Nikki adds that it will appear they’ve something to hide. Victor doesn’t care. Nick presses his sister, “Vick, you know I’m right.”
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Victoria’s done with the debate and goes to check on the kids. Nick tells his father they need to change course, but Victor bellows that the conversation is over and walks out. Nikki gets tea and Nick urges her to go to Michael and go over legal options. They argue about what Newman Media should publish. Nick feels it’s going to look like a cover-up if they quash it. Nikki sides with Victor on this — they don’t have to be the ones to break the story. Nick guesses he’s the only one who thinks they should get ahead of this. He’ll go see Sally and will not tell her she has to curtail her coverage of Locke’s death.

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At Society, Victor spots Noah coming in and offers to buy him a drink. He asks if his grandson found an alternate location for his nightclub. Noah thinks he has but says he wants to discuss something else. Noah wonders why Victor didn’t tell him about Ashland’s death the last time they spoke. He guesses something is coming. Victor assures him everything will be alright. His family gets upset about how he does things, but he only does it to protect the family. Noah alludes to being worried about him. Victor asks, “You trust me, right?” Noah nods. “With my life.” They toast.
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Victoria spots Nate in the park and thanks him for his considerate voicemail about Ashland’s death. She’s okay… mostly. Nate invites her to vent about Locke if she likes. Victoria concedes he was a bastard, but she won’t vent. Instead, she’ll move on from that chapter of her life. Nate muses that’s sometimes easier said than done. Victoria asks about his switch to corporate life and learns there have been some challenges due to working with family. Victoria sighs, “Tell me about it.” They agree family members treat you differently than other colleagues. Victoria is sure Devon and Lily realize how lucky they are to have him. Nate certainly hopes they feel that way.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon welcomes Lily home and they catch up. Devon explains Amanda’s still in Virginia with her mom. She asks about the double-booking and Devon explains Nate went ahead without approval and got a little sensitive when he confronted him about it. He suggested a mentor and he got angry and offended. Lily wants to solve the problem since they’re family, but Devon thinks that’s half the problem — Nate’s not reacting the way he would if his boss wasn’t his cousin. It’s the second time Nate took the initiative on his own without approval. Lily thinks this may be more about Devon than the company. Devon denies it. Lily assures they’ll figure this out. Devon replies, “We have to figure this out because things can’t keep going on like this.”
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At Society, Adam spots Chance, who is getting takeout, and informs him he’s still not interested in having him join his investigation. Adam shrugs; he can go solo. Chance warns him to let it go. He’s heard he’s been badgering people. Adam guesses he means Sally and tells the detective he knows that makes her tick. Adam vows he can find out what she knows and again asks if he wants to team up. “What do you say?” Chance fumes and calls Adam a piece of work. He lectures him for his poor treatment of Sally. Adam downplays it — relationships end. Chance marvels at him wallowing in his character flaws. Adam’s being realistic about who he is. Chance warns him to get a life and a better direction. “All I see is you falling into old habits,” he slams his fist on the table, “And it pisses me off.” He had it in him to be better, if not for himself, for his son. Adam tells Chance he’s wrong — this is as good as he gets. Chance storms off, fuming, “Have it your way.”

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Victor joins Victoria at Newman and she tells him they did well this quarter. Victor’s hear because she left the ranch upset. She’s calmer after seeing the kids. Victor’s glad and hopes Nick is in the same boat. Victoria’s worried about her brother — he hasn’t had time to process what he did and now he’s terrified about Victor being arrested. Victor says that won’t happen. Victoria sighs — her point is that Nick has a lot on his shoulder. Victor feels they just need to sit back and be patient. Victoria notes that’s never been his strong suit.

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At Newman Media, Sally finds Nick waiting for her. He wants to talk about how they’re going to handle coverage of Locke’s death and warns more information is probably about to come out. Sally guesses this is making him sick. Nick explains his whole family could be dragged through the mud. Sally informs him that Newman Media is not touching this story. Nick’s surprised. He knows his father pressured her. Sally denies that’s the reason she’s not printing a story — she’s fed up with people who mine other people’s lives for gossip and innuendo so they can exploit them for their own personal gain. Nick appreciates that attitude, but she’ll have to publish stories that are an invasion of privacy sometimes. Sally will tackle the Ashland story, but won’t belabor it — when the time comes, she’ll publish the facts and move on. Nick grins. She’s on the same page as the family, which is very cool. Sally doesn’t want to make a name for herself at the family’s expense. Ashland’s already taken too much from them. “Enough is enough.”
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