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At the ranch, Nick complains to Nikki about having to look Chance in the eye and lie to him about what they did. Nikki protests that what Victor did that night didn’t change the fact that Nick did nothing wrong. Nick had nothing to hide and grouses that now they’re all complicit. Victor walks in as Nick insists that the cover-up was a huge mistake and that his dad will get hurt by it. Victor intones, “I will not have this discussion with you again.”

Kevin arrives on Crimson Lights’ patio and thanks Chance for meeting him. It’s about trying to prove Ashland Locke’s car accident was staged. “I’ve got something new to show you. It’s a game-changer.”

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Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon gawps as Faith and Mariah walk in loaded with bags of stuff for Faith’s dorm room. Tessa arrives next and says, “I can talk… just a little.” Mariah’s thrilled she got the all-clear and hugs her.
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At Society, Phyllis teases Summer about being her boss and her daughter springs for lunch since it’s her first official day. Phyllis intends to make an impact right out of the gate. Summer wants her to succeed, which is why she’s reminding her to stay away from Diane.

At the park, Diane and Jack shout encouragement to Harrison, who is in the sandbox. Jack goes to see what the boy is up to and Kyle arrives to find Diane smiling indulgently.

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Abby arrives in Victoria’s office, and they share a hug. Abby admits she’s worried about her and Victoria apologizes for being unavailable. Abby wants to know how she’s doing. Victoria confesses with Ashland gone she feels she can breathe again. She feels safe again. Abby’s sorry for all he put her through. Victoria guesses her sister knows the whole story.

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On the coffee house patio, Kevin explains he found and rebuilt the security footage from the gas station on the night in question. They watch it and see someone getting behind the wheel. Chance can’t make out who it is, but the guy is smoking a cigarette. Chance states, “It’s not Ashland.” Chance and Kevin take off to see if what they’ve found is enough.
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Inside, Sharon watches Chance leave as she chats with her girls. Mariah announces she’s heading back to Jabot and says she’ll leave Faith and her mother to look after Tessa. Mariah tells them she recently became the head of PR, so she’s doing that in addition to marketing. The PR department will be looking after Marchetti as well, and their new hires, including Diane Jenkins. Sharon’s surprised — she was an architect. They marvel at Diane coming back from the dead and her history with Nikki. Mariah says she’s a good worker but it’s weird.
Sharon Faith Mariah Tessa

At the ranch, Nick complains about the Ashland fallout at work and has to take a call to sort something out. Victor listens to him handle the person on the other end. He’s impressed at his son taking care of business during a family crisis. It’s what the Newmans do. He hopes he won’t let his usual self-righteous indignation to interfere with anything in the future.

In the park, Jack rejoins Diane and Kyle, who remarks on seeing them together as grandparents. He tells Diane they should head back to the office. Jack will see them there later and walks off to get Harrison and his toys. Kyle gawps at how pleasant his parents are to each other.

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At Society, Phyllis promises Summer she’ll give Diane a wide berth. She talks up them working together as mother and daughter and vows she won’t let the back from the dead zombie trash ruin that for her. “I’m going to act like Diane isn’t even there.” Summer looks wary.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa’s disappointed that Mariah has to go, and her wife urges her to consider Kyle and Summer’s job offer. Tessa rejoins Sharon and Faith, and they remark on Faith growing up. The girl gets a text from Moses and takes off. Once alone, Tessa admits to Sharon that she’s scared. “What if I’m never going to sing again.”

At Newman, Victoria’s grateful she can speak openly to Abby. She tells her Ashland came by when she was alone that night and caught her off guard. She thought she could have a rational conversation with him, but he got furious and let her know there was only one way she could be done with him. Abby gasps, “Oh my God.” Victoria feels Nick saved her life and describes what happened when he arrived. Victoria recalls that there was no pulse and so much blood. Victoria called Chance and then went outside with Nick… when they came back inside, Ashland was gone. They later found him in the ravine, but this still isn’t over. She pleads, “Can you please help me understand why Chance cannot put a stop to this investigation? What does he hope to get out of it?”
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At the ranch, Chance shows Victor the reconstructed footage and asks if there’s anything familiar about the man getting into the rental car. They have the cigarette butt which is the same brand his security team member smokes. Victor’s had the team watching Victoria’s house for weeks; it could have been dropped there anytime. Chance argues the butt hadn’t been there for long. Victor wonders what he wants him to say. “What is it you want to hear?”

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Victor tells Chance that even if his hypothesis were true, that he enacted a cover-up to protect Nick and Victoria, what if Abby had killed Stitch when Chance was away overseas in a similar situation? If Victor had stepped in to protect her, what would Chance have done then?!
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At Newman, Abby assures Victoria that Chance hates that the ongoing investigation is stopping her from getting closure. Victoria sighs that it’s like Ashland is still controlling them. They were honest with Chance about what happened and just want this behind them. “Something that maybe you can help your husband understand.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon gives Tessa a pep talk. Tessa tells her about the job offer at Marchetti. Sharon recalls that she used to do that for Jabot back in the day. It was the most rewarding part of her career. Tessa thinks it sounds like a dream job for someone, but she’s worried it’s a sympathy job in case she can’t sing again. Sharon argues Kyle and Summer wouldn’t have offered her this high-level job if they didn’t think it was the right fit. Besides, it could bring benefits to her singing career and get more people into her concerts. She’ll be working with an appealing set of teammates too. Tessa decides she’d be an idiot to turn this down.

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Kyle and Diane arrive at Jabot in time to see Summer giving Phyllis her orientation. Phyllis and Diane exchange pleasantries and Diane jokes about promising to stay out of the redhead’s way. Mariah arrives and asks what’s going on. Summer tells her it’s her mother’s first day. Mariah tries to cover her surprise that she’ll be working with all of them so closely and congratulates her. Diane echoes Mariah in welcoming Phyllis. “I hope this position is everything you’re hoping for.” Phyllis smiles at her, “I have every intention of making it that way.” Mariah hustles Diane off and Phyllis tells Kyle and Summer, “This is going to be great.”
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa goes upstairs to rest her voice for a while and Nick and Nikki walk in. Sharon asks, “How are you two doing?” They order lattes and Sharon goes off to get them. Nick confesses to Nikki that Sharon knows everything. She sniffs, “Nicholas, why are you talking about family business with outsiders?” Nick trusts her and needed someone to talk to about this. “I was responsible for a man’s death and that’s a lot to carry around, mom.”
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At the ranch, Chance is angry that he came there with facts and evidence and Victor wants to throw a hypothetical at him. Victor wants him to answer his question. Chance is talking about something that actually happened, while Victor is talking about something that did not. He took an oath to do this job, it’s not something he can just switch off because it’s inconvenient. Victor informs him he needs to develop a greater sense of family and be there when they need you, not when it’s convenient for you. He leans forward and warns, “Next time, Chance ol’ boy, don’t point your finger at your father-in-law. Good day, now. Give my love to my daughter.” Chance storms out.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick is complaining to Nikki about Victor making them accomplices in his crime… and for what? Just then, their phones go off — Victor wants to meet all of them at the ranch.

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At Jabot, Phyllis signs her contract with Kyle and Summer looking on. Kyle thanks Phyllis for the effort she’s been making with his mom. “I believe we can make this work.” Phyllis replies, “It’s pretty clear in my mind what I hope to accomplish here.” Kyle and Summer step out and Phyllis texts Nikki and Ashley, “Just signed my Marchetti contract. Time to get this party started.”
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At the park, Chance wanders, deep in thought.

At the ranch, Nikki and Nick join Victor, and Victoria arrives shortly after. Victor announces that Chance has made a discovery, one for which his security team will pay dearly. Nick wants to know how close Chance is to proving what really happened.

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