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Chelsea finds Billy in the office and wants to go over podcast ideas. She teases him about being behind the CEO desk. He says Lily’s still out of town and jokes about how many hats he wears. Chelsea broaches the topic of getting the boys together for a play date. Billy tries to put her off and finally tells her it’s a little more complicated than a play date. Chelsea fumes, “You are never going to change your stance toward me when it comes to Johnny, are you?”

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At Society, Elena complains to Nate that it’s taking forever to get her out of her contract with Newman Media. Nate spots Sally and calls her over so they can handle it. He explains they want to negotiate the terms of Elena’s departure from Ask MD Now and apologizes that it’s taking so long to reschedule a meeting — their lawyers are dealing with a family emergency. Sally is puzzled by him using the word ‘reschedule’. He reminds her they had a dinner meeting set with Imani, but Sally had something come up. Sally doesn’t recall that.

At the rooftop bar, Summer thinks Kyle is being mysterious and wants him to come clean. She asks if it has to do with their moms working together at Marchetti and wonders if something has happened. After some more probing, Kyle admits he has a great idea for Marchetti. It has nothing to do with their mothers and could help people he cares about.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah chatters away to Tessa and tries to set up plans for them. Tessa writes on her white board, “Go to work,” and then, “I’M FINE.” Mariah’s skeptical and knows she’s upset about having to cancel the tour. Tessa uses her voice app to say, “This is my dream. Having you dote on me is all I’ve ever wanted.” Mariah sighs. Their connection is no joke; they can practically feel what the other is going through. She recalls being abducted by the manic Stitch — Tessa could tell she was scared — so it’s pointless trying to keep things from her. “Whatever you’re feeling, I want to help you carry it.”
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At the rooftop bar, Kyle tells Summer that Mariah pitched an idea that would help Tessa channel her energy in a new direction and would be good for Marchetti. Summer guesses he’s thinking of making Tessa a model. He nods. “For the print campaign.” Her fanbase is growing and it’s the exact demographic they’re looking for and the camera loves her. Summer worries about Mariah being involved, which always turns into a whole “thing”. Kyle reassures her that Mariah has her hands full at Jabot. It will be awesome for Tessa to be the face of Marchetti.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy tells Chelsea his kids are dealing with Ashland’s death. She thinks that’s all the more reason Johnny should go out and kick a soccer ball around with Connor. Billy snaps, “It’s not the right time, can we please move on from this.” Chelsea replies, “No, actually. No.” Billy insists they’re on the same side. Chelsea tears up. He’s her biological son and she doesn’t even get to see him or spend time with him. Billy reminds her that was her choice. The agreement they have has worked for years, until recently. “Is something going on?” Chelsea has a different outlook on life. She’s always been an outsider there and it never used to bother her, but when she hit rock bottom, she lost herself. When she was in that dark place, Rey reached out to her, so when he died, she struggled. Chelsea realized in all of this that she deserves to be happy. Coming to join him on the podcast has been a huge confidence booster and made her realize she wants to be open to letting other people in her life. Johnny is part of that. He knows Victoria isn’t his biological mother, would it really be so bad if he was told that she is. Billy cites their agreement, but Chelsea argues she was a different person then. Johnny and Connor deserve to get to know each other and bond. Billy promises her he’ll have the conversation with Victoria and will let her know how it goes. They decide to go for lunch.
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At Society, Sally checks her calendar and there was no business dinner scheduled with Nate and Imani. Nate guesses there was a conflict and would like to discuss it now. Elena congratulates Sally on her new position and Nate explains his girlfriend would like to make a move to join them at Chancellor-Winters. Sally can see why they’d want to poach her, but isn’t sure why she’d let that happen.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa admits she’s going crazy not being able to do what she loves. Mariah thinks they should find something else for her to do to channel that creative energy. Kyle and Summer walk in and Mariah worries they’re wondering why she’s not at Jabot. They actually want to talk to Tessa. Kyle and Summer ask Tessa if she’s up for a new challenge. “Would you be interested in being the new face for Marchetti?” Mariah erupts, “What?!? That’s amazing!” Kyle and Summer lie about how they came up with the idea and Mariah asks what Tessa thinks of the idea. She’s really flattered, but it’s a reminder of what she might be losing.
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At Society, Elena tells Sally any number of doctors could pick up where she left off at Ask MD Now. Sally wonders why she wants to leave — is she unhappy? Elena assures her she’s not. Sally feels there’s no guarantee that another doctor would get the same response from viewers. Nate writes down a figure to release Elena from her contract. Sally looks at it and tells Elena she will be sad to see her go, but she’ll sign the paperwork today. Elena and Nate leave after thanking her.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate’s surprised Elena’s not happier about getting out of her contract. Elena feels he read the situation right… at least with Sally. Nate asks, “What do you mean?” Elena can’t even believe she has to explain this to him and informs him that the reason Sally couldn’t remember the dinner meeting was because it was never set up with her. That dinner was supposed to be an intimate night with Nate and Imani. “She set it all up.”
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Nate can’t believe Elena went there. Elena insists that Imani told him the meeting was set, and then told him it was canceled at the last second. “And you bought it.” Nate had no reason not to — just because Imani’s involved doesn’t mean there’s some secret plot. “Come on, Elena. You really have it in for her and it’s clouding your mind.” Elena replies, “No Nate, I have a very clear picture of the situation.” She can’t help but wonder if the reason he’s not seeing the reality of the situation is because he doesn’t want to. Nate insists he’s not trying to avoid seeing anything. “Are you accusing me of being attracted to her?” Elena guesses he doesn’t mind the ego boost of her fawning over him. She’s also fueling his differences with Devon and is maybe even pushing him to be more aggressive?

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Nate fumes that he doesn’t need his ego boosted and Imani has noticed there’s a family dynamic at play where Devon tries to hold him back. It’s refreshing to have someone to talk to about it who supports him. Arms folded, Elena responds, “Oh, unlike your girlfriend who couldn’t possibly comprehend.” Nate assures her she’s been very supportive. Elena snarks, “And yet you don’t think I understand what’s going on… at least not in the way Imani does.”
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At Society, Chelsea spots Sally and walks over to greet her as Billy heads to the couch. Chelsea wants to know how she’s doing since Adam dumped her, and Sally doesn’t want or need her sympathy. She asks, “Did you handle it well, whenever Adam broke up with you.” Chelsea grimaces, “I felt so bad for you.” Sally asks how many times they tried to make it work and fail… five, six? Such a shame. Chelsea replies, “If you’ll excuse me, someone’s waiting for me. Have a great day.” Sally walks out and Billy asks Chelsea, “Everything okay?” She smiles, “Everything’s perfect.”

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They discuss their podcast and Chelsea tells Billy he has an entirely different energy when he talks about this — it looks good on him. Billy loves being out of the corporate arena. Chelsea asks why he keeps going back to the corporate world then.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah gives Tessa a pep talk and Kyle and Summer chime in to say it’s a perfect time for her to branch out while she’s healing. Mariah points out she’d be expanding her brand and it’s the best of both worlds. Tessa concedes it’s an exciting opportunity and Kyle and Summer ask her to let them know what she decides. Once they’re gone, Mariah gushes away and tells Tessa she can’t wait to hear her thoughts on the matter. Tessa uses her voice app to say, “Stop pretending. This was all you, wasn’t it.” She saw her conspiring with Kyle yesterday. Mariah denies it, but eventually comes clean. Tessa’s too much in love to be mad. They kiss.

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Sally enters her office and texts Adam that her offer stands. She’ll tell him what she knows about Ashland’s death if he comes clean.

At Society, Chelsea thinks Billy tries to live up to his family’s expectations but doesn’t fit into the little Abbott box. Billy thinks he’s past the need to rebel. She asks, “Really? You feel fulfilled being part of Chancellor-Winters?” Billy finds that’s difficult to answer. Chelsea says that means the answer is “no.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate admits he feels Elena takes Devon’s side. She realizes that he thinks she’s not supporting him enough… or at least not in the way Imani is. She’s trying to be his champion and he’s consciously or unconsciously not seeing what is right in front of his face. Elena is trying to tell him the truth, but he likes the story Imani is telling him better; that he’s underappreciated. “She is telling you everything that you want to hear.” A beautiful woman stroking his ego — what could be more enticing than that?!?

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