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At Crimson Lights, Victoria spots Chance and they greet each other. After chatting about the kids’ reaction to Ashland’s death, she lets him know his investigation isn’t helping matters. Chance is just doing his job. Victoria understands and isn’t intimidated. Chance would like to close the book and move on. Victoria then challenges him to put a stop to the investigation right now.

Chance can’t just drop an investigation like this. Victoria questions what justice means in this case. He has no evidence to back up his theory, so where is it headed? “Are you going after my father for obstruction, or are you disputing Nick’s account that he hit Ashland in self-defense?” She’s concerned he’s angling to say Nick killed Ashland and then conspired with Victor to cove it up. “You wouldn’t go so far as to charge Nick with murder, would you?” Just then, Nick walks in.
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Nick learns Victoria was questioning Chance as to whether he’d charge him with murder. She would appreciate an answer. Nick wants one too. Chance believes they acted in good faith when they called him and that Nick had no intent to harm Ashland. Victoria asks why the matter isn’t settled then. Chance argues they still don’t know what happened from the time Ashland fell to the floor to when he wound up in the ravine. The more brazenly defiant they are, the more certain he is that they know what happened and are covering up for their father!

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Adam greets Abby at Society and notes it’s been a while since they’ve had a chance to talk. She heard he was cutting ties with all things Newman. Adam can’t quit Society and points out that his conflict with Victor has nothing to do with her. Abby agrees they can be civil and offers him some crab puffs on the house. Adam would like to talk to her about something. Abby knew he was buttering her up and asks, “What would you like to talk about?” Adam replies, “The death of Ashland Locke.”
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Adam and Abby sit at the bar, and he learns she doesn’t know more than anyone else about Locke’s death. Neither Adam or Abby expected him to turn up dead — they both hope that Victoria will get some closure soon. Adam hasn’t spoken to her yet, and Abby relays she talked to her on the phone, and it’s been rough. Adam feels that Chance investigating the death puts her in a tough spot. She frowns as Adam relays that he’s talked to Chance and knows he has doubts about the so-called car accident. “That raises some questions for me, and I get the sense it does for you too.”

At Newman Media, Sally pressures a staffer on a phone call. As she disconnects, she startles — Victor’s standing there. He thinks they should talk. Sally thought he’d have been by earlier. Victor’s been preoccupied. They agree it would have been ideal if Adam stayed on, but he made it clear it wasn’t a fit for him right now. Sally’s grateful Victoria and Nick gave her a chance. She’s determined to prove herself. Victor muses, “That is what I came to talk about, okay?” He wants her to know he’s been pleased with how she’s handled the Ashland Locke story. Sally volleys that there’s not much of a story… if you read the police report. Victor thinks she knows there are more details. As Sally told Nick, she won’t publish anything on him being at Victoria’s before the accident as the GCPD hasn’t even commented on it yet. Victor finds she’s handled this with restraint and great discretion. “If I were you, I would follow those instincts.” He muses about the opportunity she has to build something… it’s not just about money and power. It’s about building something that will last… a legacy. Victor hopes when she has decisions to make she’ll prove herself and stay in the position. Sally’s not sure whether it’s a compliment or a warning but thanks him.
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At Society, Abby asks Adam what exactly Chance told him about Locke’s accident. Adam thinks the fact that he’s investigating says enough. He knows he’s brought Kevin into it too. Abby doesn’t know anything and tells Adam he knows he’s fishing for information. She won’t give it to him. Adam replies, “Won’t or can’t?” He concludes that no one is telling her anything and she’s as much on the outside as he is. “They’re keeping information from both of us, Abby. We should team up and pool our resources.” If one of them hears something, they’ll share it with the other person. Abby sighs and nods.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick recaps that Ashland was a bad guy, and they have no reason to believe he didn’t get up and walk out the door before the accident. Chance takes a call from Abby, who asks him to meet her at the park. Chance tells Victoria and Nick, “I think we’ve all said enough,” before walking out the door.

On the coffee house patio, Nick agonizes to Victoria that this situation is getting worse by the minute and the image of Ashland’s body is haunting him. Victoria thinks Chance wants to help them and will do the right thing. “He’ll side with the family; we’ve done nothing wrong.” Nick’s not so sure. He feels they should keep their father in the loop. Victoria warns that before they go there, there’s something he should know.

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At the park, Abby tells Chance, “We need to talk about Ashland’s car accident.” He grimaces. She knows he’s keeping something from her. Nikki was acting weird yesterday, Nick and Victoria haven’t said a word, her dad is unreachable, and the only family member who will have a conversation with her is Adam, who thinks something is going on. Chance will tell her everything when the investigation is done. Abby has a sick feeling in her stomach and pressures him. Chance is at a crossroads and will share some confidential information with her. He warns this affects her family, especially her dad. “I don’t think it’s going to be easy for you to hear.”

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Adam surprises Sally at Newman Media and declares he’s there on a fact-finding mission to find out what kind of trouble his father has gotten the family into with Ashland Locke. Sally thinks he’s jumping to conclusions and feels it’s presumptuous to think she’d help him. Adam knows she has inside information from Nick. Sally tells him he’s being pathetic for trying again. Adam thinks she should be grateful he ended things. “Surely we can come up with some kind of arrangement.” He offers her money or a favor… a little quid pro quo. Sally smirks and walks around the desk to look him in the eye. “I will tell you what you want to know about the Ashland Locke story if you admit that the sole reason you broke up with me is so I could keep this job… and that you still love me.” Adam mocks her and Sally charms him. Just as he’s smiling, Chloe enters and informs him he doesn’t work there anymore.
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Adam tells Sally they can finish this later and leaves. Sally blurts to Chloe, “What the hell was that?” Chloe recognized the longing in her eyes, it was gross. She reminds her they’re leaving the past in the past and making a name for themselves. Why would she sacrifice that for another chance with Adam?

In the park, Chance has told Abby his suspicions about Victor having Locke’s body moved to protect Victoria and Nick, who are now protecting him. Abby has to admit it sounds like something her father would do. Chance is certain if he keeps digging, he’ll find concrete evidence. Abby wonders what he’ll do then. Chance can’t turn his back on Victor committing a crime, but this is her family, so he desperately needs to know what he’s thinking.
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At the ranch, Victor tells Nick and Victoria he’s been expecting them. He had an interesting conversation with their mother last night and she knew about Ashland’s body being moved from the house and put in the ravine. He certainly didn’t want her to know about it and she was upset that he didn’t tell her. Victor fumes that Victoria shouldn’t have told her, just as Nick shouldn’t have told her about it. They’re now accessories to the crime and are in danger. Nick sniffs that maybe he should have thought of that before he put the plan in motion. Victor tells his son to be a wise ass — he was trying to protect all of them and instead of thanking him, they’re attacking him!

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In the park, Abby doesn’t condone what her father did, but she understands him protecting Nick. They all suffered enough because of Ashland. Chance asks, “Do you want me to back off?” Abby can’t ask him to do that as he might one day regret it. If he looks inside himself, he’ll know what to do, but it has to be his call. Chance loves how open and honest they can be with each other. “But you’re right, this is my decision.” Adam appears as they kiss. Abby walks off and Adam approaches Chance, who warns he won’t answer any questions about Locke. Adam won’t ask any, but he has an offer for him — one he thinks he’ll find very interesting.
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At Newman Media, Sally denies anything was going on between her and Adam except a negotiation. Chloe learns the details and thinks she’s playing with fire. Sally insists she’s in control, but she still wants the truth from him. It may not make sense to Chloe, but it’s what she wants from him. Chloe sighs. She understands Sally needs closure. Sally wasn’t looking to get back with him; she just wanted to erase her self-doubt. She won’t hold up her end of the bargain and sell Nick out. Chloe shakes her head. She’s glad she came when she did. If she pretended to Adam that she didn’t know anything about Locke after he came clean, he would be furious and make it his life’s mission to make her regret it.

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Sally doesn’t think Adam would react like that. Chloe quips, “You’re right, it would be worse.” They bicker about how Chloe sees him, and Sally insists he’s changed. Chloe argues he always reverts back to who he is. If you haven’t seen him at his worst, you can’t truly grasp what he’s capable of. She implores Sally to forget this dangerous plan and forget Adam altogether.

At the ranch, Victoria insists that no one is attacking Victor. Nick and Victoria warn that Chance isn’t going to let this go. Victor feels no one can substantiate Chance’s suspicions. They must present a united front from now on and they’ll emerge unscathed and can put this chapter behind them.

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In the park, Adam guesses Chance’s suspicions about the night of Ashland’s death revolves around Victor. He knows he’s in a tough spot. Adam feels he needs someone on the inside. Chance muses, “And that’s you.” Adam implores him to let him into this investigation, “And maybe I can help you”

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