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At the ranch, Nikki is surprised by a visit from Abby, who wants to see Victoria. Nikki says she’s at the office and they sit. Nikki tells Abby that Victoria is being very strong, though she doubts many tears will be shed over Locke. Abby wishes Chance wasn’t so determined to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ — what’s left to investigate?

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon is wrapping up a call with Amanda when Elena stops in. She wants to ask him a personal question about Nate. She’s trying to get a sense of the work dynamic there as she could tell Nate is having a hard time. She’d hate him broaching the subject with Devon, who thinks that’s a good reason not to go there. Elena feels Nate is reluctant to discuss this with her because of the history between her and Devon. She knows it’s not her place to interfere in the business, but she cares about Nate and Devon’s relationship. She’ll always regret the damage she caused their family and wants to know if there’s anything she can do to fix things.

At Crimson Lights, a wrung out Imani joins Nate on the patio. He invites her to sit and is sympathetic about what she’s going through with her mom. She tells him she’s going to miss being able to lean on him when she’s gone. Nate reminds her she’ll have Amanda to lean on. She worries about leaving the company in the lurch, but Nate assures her the family comes first. They’ll stick by her. Imani can’t help but get the feeling Nate’s isn’t sticking by him.

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At the rooftop bar, Kyle thanks Tessa and Mariah for inviting him to join them. Tessa uses her computer-automated voice to greet him and Mariah quips that it’s becoming kinda sexy. She asks how he and Harrison are doing after Locke’s death. Kyle tries to change the subject, but Tessa won’t let him. They sit, and Kyle vents that he’s doing all he can to help Harrison through his loss, and on top of that, his mom and Phyllis working together at Marchetti may start World War III. Mariah gawps, “Wow” and asks if she can help. Kyle will send up a flare if he needs anything. Tessa goes off to get drinks, and Mariah tells Kyle she has a really big favor to ask him. She’s really worried about Tessa and has been trying to think of a way to keep her busy. Kyle offers a design from Marchetti’s showroom, but the redhead was thinking of a job. She’s sure they’ll need models, and who better than hot singing star, Tessa Porter?
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Inside the coffee house, Diane expresses her surprise to Summer that Phyllis is coming to Marchetti and wants to make such a big career move. She assures her it won’t be a problem — at least not on her end. Summer is glad to hear it since she and Kyle won’t tolerate any turmoil. The company isn’t a place to hash out personal grievances. Diane couldn’t agree more, but has to ask, “Don’t you suspect that your mother’s sudden and massive career move is tied to her hatred of me?” Summer admits she did, and she questioned her mother about it, but Phyllis assured her that wasn’t the case. This is a great opportunity for them to work together, just like Diane and Kyle. Diane wants this to work out and would love it if Phyllis could find a way to forgive her. This whole thing could be a miracle in disguise! Summer accuses Diane of laying it on too thick. She advises her not to hope for total forgiveness, which may be too tall an order for Jack as well. The fact that she’s good with Harrison doesn’t absolve her of what she did in the past. Summer warns Diane not to try and manipulate Jack as she has in the past; she’s just as protective him as she is of Kyle. “If you do pull anything at all, you’ll have to contend with me.”
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At Society, Billy lectures Jack about his ill-advised offer for Adam to work at Jabot. Jack believes in his abilities, but Billy argues he has an ax to grind. Jack feels he’s looking for a fresh start. Billy asks if he ran it by Ashley. Jack thinks she’ll be on board with it eventually. Billy thinks if you give Adam an inch, he’ll take the company. Jack snarks that he seems okay with giving Diane another chance. Billy feels some people deserve another chance, while others absolutely don’t. Just then, Phyllis appears. Billy drops a last warning that Adam’s fangs are sharp and poisonous. Phyllis joins them and wants to discuss Lily’s offer to buy the Grand Phoenix with Billy. Jack makes a beeline for the door, and Billy notes that things have really gone south between them. At least this time it’s not his fault. Phyllis reveals she’s going to work at Marchetti and Billy scoffs, “You and Diane working together?!?” Phyllis assures him she can handle this. Billy hopes so for Jack’s sake. The redhead won’t let her daughter down.

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Billy worries about Phyllis supressing her feelings as she’ll eventually blow. Phyllis wonders why he can turn over a new leaf, but she can’t. “I’m going to handle Diane very professionally.” Billy will enjoy the popcorn watching it. Phyllis tells him she can’t handle Grand Phoenix and Marchetti, which is why she wanted to talk to Lily. Billy knows there’s only two reasons she would do this — number 1, she’s a fool to sell her hotel and go to work with Summer, or number two, she has a plan for Diane… “And I’ve never known you to be a fool.” Phyllis states, “You’re right about that.” Billy bets her plan involves hurting Diane in some way. Phyllis resents him assuming she has a nefarious motive and insists she loves a challenge. Billy concedes the Marchetti job is a cool gig. Phyllis says he’s moved past her animosity with Diane… which cost her relationship with Jack and any happiness she might find with him. She gets a faraway look in her eyes. Billy muses, “Oh boy. You are definitely up to something.”
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At the ranch, Nikki realizes that Chance hasn’t told Abby about his investigation and points out that the longer he belabors this, the harder it will be for her sister to move past it. Abby asks, “What are you trying to say? That Chance should back off the Ashland case?” Nikki muses, “Wouldn’t that be what’s best for everybody?”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon tells Elena he has no problem with Nate as family, but as an executive he’s created a few issues. He takes a little bit of blame too — he should have eased him into the high-level position instead of throwing him into the deep end and expecting him to swim. Elena informs Devon that Nate isn’t a wet-behind-the-ears college grad and shouldn’t be treated as one. “Do you think it’s possible that you’ve put up some defenses when it comes to Nate?” Devon insists the issue is that Nate’s reluctant to embrace the hierarchy, which has made him question if he made a mistake bringing him on board.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nate vents to Imani that Devon seems to think he’s some kind of liability to the company. “He wants to get me a mentor.” Imani’s outraged on his behalf.
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At the rooftop bar, Kyle finds Mariah’s idea for Tessa to model intriguing but would have to run it by Summer. Mariah asks him not to say anything to Tessa, as she reappears. Tessa uses her phone to ask, “What’s going on with you two?” Mariah claims they were just discussing the awesome weather.

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At Society, Billy advises Phyllis to let it go. Whatever she has planned, even if she wins, she’ll lose. There’s always collateral damage in war — it will be Summer. Phyllis intones, “It will never be Summer.” Billy tells Phyllis that the powers at Jabot are shifting. He says, “Brace yourself,” and reveals that Jack offered Adam a job at Jabot. Phyllis learns he’ll be filling in for Kyle as co-CEO and gawps, “He’ll have power.” Billy couldn’t talk Jack out of the offer. Phyllis finds this unbelievable — Adam is the umpteenth person who gets a second chance from Jack! She doubts Adam will be involved in Marchetti business, but realizes if he is, he’ll side with Diane. Billy asks if she wants to be the one responsible for throwing oil on the fire. Just then, Phyllis gets a call from Nikki, who tells her, “We have to meet.”

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On the coffee house patio, Imani hates that Nate is getting so little support from his cousin — he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. Nate feels he’s determined to see him as some sort of screw-up. Imani knows Nate has so much potential and could take off and soar — maybe Devon’s intimidated by that. Nate has felt his cousin is holding him back, but he could be right. He may have overstepped out of enthusiasm. “Maybe I need to learn to play the game a little better.” Imani doesn’t agree with that strategy. “Clearly, Devon needs to be in full control.” She feels Devon doesn’t respect what he brings to the job and urges him to do something like he did at the launch again… only bigger and bolder. Something that will command attention and respect.
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At Society, Abby and Devon catch up and they wonder what loose ends Chance could be trying to tie up with Ashland’s death. Abby suspects her husband is keeping something from her because her family’s involved. Devon notes Chance can be trusted to do the right thing and if anyone can handle it, Victoria can. Abby asks about Devon and Amanda, and he tells her about Naya slipping into a coma. He reveals things have been tense at Chancellor-Winters as working with family can be tricky. That’s why Abby loves having Society, which she got with Devon’s advice — he’s been instrumental in two of the great loves of her life — her work and Dominic.

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Phyllis that Ashley’s not joining them; she had to go out of town on business. Phyllis complains, but Nikki insists she’s committed to the cause… although she’s concerned about her sabotage plans. Nikki needs to know the details of her plan. Phyllis asks if she’s saying she doesn’t trust her. Nikki replies, “Well in a word, no.” She explains that she doesn’t trust her is actually a compliment — she worries she may back down at the last minute to protect Summer, which really doesn’t help their cause. Phyllis resents the back-handed compliment and points out she’s the only one in the group actually doing something. Until she really contributes, she should keep her opinions to herself.
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Summer joins Kyle, Mariah and Tessa at the rooftop bar. Mariah and Tessa have to go and leave the couple to talk. Summer informs Kyle she just had an interesting encounter with his mother. She was spinning a fantasy about Phyllis forgiving her. Summer worries they’ve made a mistake bringing them into Marchetti. Kyle muses that pulling either of their job offers could start a war. Maybe they’ll pleasantly surprise them.
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Jack spots Diane at Crimson Lights and they chat about Harrison and the books she brought by, which have helped. “Thank you for a very thoughtful gift.” Diane smiles.

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