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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asks Billy what he’s doing there — he’s supposed to be in Los Angeles. Billy heard Ashland died and came back for the kids. Lily gets it. He figures Victoria’s burying herself in work. She insists she’s fine. Billy says if she won’t tell him how she’s feeling, maybe she can at least tell him what the hell happened.

At Crimson Lights, Nick is the only customer and asks Sharon to lock the door so they can talk. She does. Nick admits he didn’t sleep well because of something his dad told him about Ashland. “He didn’t die in a car accident like everyone thinks, he died because of me. I killed Ashland Locke.”

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Stunned, Sharon asks if he’s sure Ashland was dead. Nick explains that Victor’s team moved the body and staged it in the ravine. Sharon’s not surprised his father handled it this way. Nick fumes about where it leaves him. Sharon asks if he regrets what happened. Nick doesn’t regret protecting his sister, but never intended to kill Locke. Now, because Victor’s broken rules and pulled strings, he’s complicit in this crime. He sighs… now Sharon is too because he told her. She reassures him. “I’m glad you came to me.” Nick tells her, “We never had this conversation.” Sharon asks what he’s going to do now that Victor’s put him in this incredibly difficult situation.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate and Devon discuss Billy coming home early. Nate’s hoping he will keep him on track. Devon’s amenable to that and tells Nate he’s probably one of the smartest guys he knows. Nate takes ownership of the double-booking error and relays he was trying to lighten Devon’s load. Devon appreciates how different this job must be; he’s probably used to people reporting to him. Nate admits it’s a learning curve but he’s focused on being the best COO he can be. Devon wants to see him succeed. Just then, Amanda comes in, visibly emotional. She just got a call from Naya’s doctor — she’s in a coma!

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At Society, Abby complains to Chance about his investigation. She can’t understand what there is to question — Ashland lost control of his car. “It seems pretty open and shut.” Chance has to cover all the bases. Abby wonders if there’s something he hasn’t told her and he thinks there’s more to the story. Chance assures her it’s all routine, but Abby finds he’s distracted. Chance tells her not to worry, but she’s not inclined to let it go. Kevin walks in and says, “Hey Chance, I have a…” then abruptly stops talking. Abby wonders if this has to do with the car accident that killed Ashland. Chance will tell her everything when the investigation is complete and takes off with Kevin.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Billy that Ashland came to her house the night he died, and he was out of control. He grabbed her and she was scared. “That’s when Nicholas showed up. He got in between Ashland and me.” Billy learns the two of them got into it and Nick punch Ashland, who fell and hit his head. They couldn’t find a pulse. “He was dead. Or at least we thought he was dead.” Victoria explains that they went outside and when they came back in his body was gone. Next thing they knew, he was found in his car, crashed in a ravine. Billy knew something up was him; he had a very dangerous vibe about him. He recalls giving Nick a heads-up, who told him to stay out of it. Victoria says Nick came by right after that. “He possibly saved my life because of you.”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate and Devon comfort Amanda, who says Imani took the red-eye out and cries that she feels guilty she left. She’s worried Naya will never awaken from the coma and she won’t get to say goodbye! Nate reassures her and Devon asks what she needs from them. Amanda has to figure out what to do next because she and Imani can’t both leave work. Devon tells her they sure can. Amanda argues the point, but the men convince her she and Imani can work remotely. Nate urges her to go and let Naya feel her love. Amanda asks Nate for concrete advice. He tells her to talk to her and make a playlist for her. Amanda tears up; she doesn’t know her favorite songs. “Imani will know.” Devon soothes, “Hold her hand.” Amanda just wants to get to her, and Devon says he’ll send her on the jet. They embrace and he gives her a kiss.
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At Newman Enterprises, Billy learns the kids are handling things as well as can be expected, and Victoria admits being out of town with them helped her get some distance from the death. Billy finds poetic justice in Ashland leaving the earth in the way he was “born” into it — a car crash. He’s in awe of how Victoria’s handled herself. Victoria tears up and thanks him for being concerned about her. They embrace.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s concerned about the hell Nick is going through. Nick feels Victor was hoping he wouldn’t ask any questions. Sharon points out it was an accident. Nick argues, “It’s still on me.” Sharon thinks Nick did the right thing. “You did what had to be done. You acted in self-defense.” Nick hopes Chance feels the same way because it’s clear he suspects there’s a lot more to this story. Nick relays that he was open and honest with Chance, but it was obvious he wasn’t satisfied with his answers. Sharon shares that he questioned her earlier as well. Nick knows he won’t let this go, which puts his dad in a difficult decision. Sharon says that’s on him — Nick didn’t hide anything from the police. Nick replies, “Until now.”

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In the park, Kevin tells Chance he scanned the security footage from the gas station where Locke’s rental was spotted. He watched it over and over, and the time when he would have been there is blank. Chance feels it may have been tampered with. Kevin says it’s definitely sketchy, because the blank spots are only where Ashland would have been seen. He also checked other street cameras and found footage showing there may have been more than one person in Ashland’s vehicle later that night. There were also indications that more than one person had been at the spot where the car was allegedly parked — footprints and a partially smoked cigarette. Chance recalls, “One of Victor’s guys was smoking when we interviewed him.” He reminds himself it’s not proof. They go over the autopsy report that Ashland died from a blow to the head, which could have been falling and hitting his head or the car crash. Chance questions if Ashland could have walked back to the car after the incident in Victoria’s house and Kevin wonders if he’s suggesting the body was moved. He asks, “Why would Nick and Victoria call the police and then move the body?”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Elena finds Nate staring into space and asks if there are any updates on cancelling her contract with Newman Media. He tells her Amanda and Imani’s mom has lapsed into a coma. It’s a bad sign. They’re on an indefinite leave of absence, but he’ll miss having them around — Amanda’s an amazing lawyer and Imani’s been a real ally in the Devon situation. Elena asks, “Are you saying she’s been fueling the tension between you and Devon?”
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Nick joins Victoria and Billy at Newman Enterprises and she tells her brother she told her ex everything. Billy would like to give Nick an award for what he did, and Nick apologizes for brushing him off when he tried to warn him. Billy leaves, and Nick hugs Victoria, who says she and the kids are staying at the ranch. Nick asks if she’s spoken to Victor. “Has he said anything more to you about that night?” Victoria, confused, says no and asks if there’s something she should know.

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At Society, Abby and Chelsea chat about the menu, Dom and Connor. Chelsea shares that she’s in a good place these days and has made some really bold changes. Billy walks in and asks Abby if Chance is investigating Ashland Locke’s death. Abby says he is. Billy wants to know what he’s looking into.

In the park, Chance and Kevin puzzle over the Ashland mystery. If he got up and walked out, how did the ring fall out of his pocket? Kevin suggests he could have stumbled on his way out and lost it. Nick bringing him the ring doesn’t suggest someone who is trying to cover something up.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Victoria she has a right to know that Ashland died when he punched him. Victoria asks how he ended up in car in the ravine. Nick sneers that on Victor’s orders, his men took his body out of the house, put it in the car, and made it look like the accident caused the blow to the head. Victoria exhales, “Oh my God, Nicholas…” Nick tells her he said he did it because he feared no one would believe it was self-defense. Victoria says, “Maybe dad did the right thing.”

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Amanda shares her fear of losing Naya with Devon and breaks down in tears. Devon assures her she’s not alone anymore and offers to go with her. She thanks him, but she’ll be okay. She has her sister now; they’ll help each other through this. Devon will drop everything if she changes her mind. Amanda will miss him every minute she’s gone. They kiss.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate informs Elena that blaming Imani for his issues with Devon is ridiculous. Elena insists if the woman was in his ear telling him he’s right and Devon’s wrong, it can’t be helping matters. Nate feels she sounds like she doesn’t even care about her situation. They need to be focused on helping her and Amanda through this… nothing else.

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At Society, Abby tells Billy that Chance doesn’t share the details of his cases with her. He and Chelsea sit down for their breakfast meeting, and she tells him they need to come up with a show that will keep their audience entertained and intrigued. Abby brings their drinks, and they recap that their first joint podcast did really well. Chelsea chirps that this new gig with Billy came at just the right time for her. Abby glances at her uncle and walks away.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nick fumes as Victoria defends their father’s actions — he went behind their backs. “Just think about it, there’s a million ways this can go wrong.” Lying to the cops puts them in a terrible position. Victoria agrees. They’re complicit in a cover-up. She’s about to go talk to their dad when Chance comes to the door. She asks, “How long have you been standing there?” He says he just got there and asks, “Why do you look so upset?”
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