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At Society, Amanda tells Devon, “He’ll be here.” Nate said he wanted to come and work it out. Devon grins at her plan to get them together outside of the office. Just then, an irritated Nate walks in, yelling into his phone, “I don’t care about your deadline! I keep telling you, no comment!” He reveals he has reporters hounding him about Ashland Locke’s death and doesn’t want them to find out he played him for a fool. Devon points out he wasn’t his doctor, but Nate argues it makes him look like he has terrible judgment. He worries if his connection to Locke’s fake cancer comes out it could make Chancellor-Winters look bad. Amanda reassures him. Devon offers him personal time, but Nate just needs to turn off his phone. He wants to get past their disagreement and get back to work. They all agree Billy and Lily are crushing it in L.A. and Amanda then brings up getting Elena out of her contract. Nate relays that when he spoke to Imani earlier, she said she’d forwarded the files to Amanda. Amanda shakes her head, “Wait. You’re in touch with Imani about this?”
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Nate isn’t sure what Amanda is trying to imply and reminds her he said he’d reach out about Elena’s contract. He was already in touch with Imani about their mother’s facility and then their conversation turned to the contract. Devon interjects that the facility was nice and thanks Nate for the recommendation. Amanda echoes the sentiment. Devon asks Nate what the PR team is doing about the double-booking. Nate replies, “They’re taking care of it.” Devon curtly says, “I know they’re taking care of it, but we’re having this meeting so you can tell me how they’re going to fix the problem and what you’re going to do to make sure this never happens again.”

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Phyllis and Summer arrive at the rooftop bar. Phyllis muses about how cool the place is in the summer and Summer warns her not to get ideas about putting in a rooftop bar at the Grand Phoenix — it’s too big an expenditure. Phyllis has other plans for the hotel, but won’t get into it. Talk turns to Harrison and Phyllis urges her daughter to protect the little boy — all hell is going to break loose as word of Ashland’s death spreads. They sit and talk about what a nightmare the press has been. Summer shares that they have other concerns — no one is stepping forward to claim Ashland’s body, so she and Kyle may have to do the funeral for Harrison’s sake. Phyllis recalls Diane’s funeral, where not a tear was shed. Turns out they didn’t even need one because she wasn’t dead. Phyllis then tells Summer she’s proud of how she’s stepped up for Harrison. Summer shares that the boy asks about ‘Father’ and is really affected by this. Phyllis urges her daughter not to let Diane be there for him. Summer wonders if that’s because of the run-in in the park.
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At Newman Media, Chloe arrives and tells Sally she’s irritated by the parasites who want to get the scoop on Ashland’s death. Sally feels the reporters aren’t evil; they need to cover it and find an angle. Chloe doubts they’ll discover that Nick punched Ashland that night at Victoria’s house. Sally gawps at the revelation that things got physical. Chloe found this out from her trusted source. Sally jokes, “Who’s name rhymes with ‘Flevin’?” Chloe says Kevin didn’t say much more and this has to stay between them, but notes Sally clearly already knew about Nick and Ashland arguing. Sally explains he told her and muses that it’s not out…yet. Chloe doesn’t blame Nick for socking Ashland in the jaw.

Talk turns to work and getting extra servers. Sally thinks they might need them if they break the news about Ashland being at Victoria’s that night. It speaks to his state of mind and why he was so distracted he drove into a ravine. They debate about the death and Sally thinks it’s more than just a typical accident. She wonders if the Newmans pressured the police to keep quiet. Chloe tells her that, despite being married to Abby, Chance is a boy scout and can’t be pressured. Sally still thinks the public has a right to know what happened before the accident. “There’s something else at play here.” She told Nick she would only publish facts, but now that they have the information, how can they not put it out there? Chloe warns they need to be very careful. She heads off to talk to legal. Sally picks up her phone and contemplates texting Nick.
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In the park, Nick complains to Sharon about the media circus surrounding Ashland’s death and admits he feels responsible. It’s also driving him crazy, wondering if his father is lying to his face. Sharon feels it’s entirely possible The Mustache is pulling all kinds of strings and lying, and Nick adds that there’s precedence. Sharon figures he means Victor covering for Adam when he killed a man as a child. Nick has no intention of letting that happen with him. Sharon tells Nick he needs closure. Nick can’t shake the feeling his dad is up to his old tricks. Sharon wonders what if the official version of the story is true. Nick says even the police are questioning that. Sharon wonders if they have the cause of death yet. Nick relays that Chance isn’t being forthcoming, but he can tell he has suspicions about the whole chain of events. Nick gets Sally’s text asking to meet about his physical altercation with Locke. He tells Sharon it’s not Chance — it’s someone else digging for answers. Sharon tells Nick she’s there for him when he wants to talk. He thanks her for being there for him.
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On the rooftop, Summer accuses Phyllis of avoiding talking about what happened in the park. Phyllis relays that Jack reacted exactly how she’d think he’d react. It was bad timing for her, and great timing for Diane, who took advantage of the situation knowing he was in the park. Summer asks what happened after she and Diane left. Phyllis doesn’t want to get into it and instead asks again about a job at Marchetti. “Let’s do this!”

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At Society, Nate informs Devon he doesn’t like being micro-managed. “It sounded like you doubted that I was on top of the situation.” Amanda thinks they have things to work out and leaves them to it. Devon asks Nate, “Do you have a problem?” Nate’s just trying to do the job he hired him to do. Devon replies, “Okay, so then why can’t I ask you a question about this job I hired you to do?” He recaps the double-booking situation and wants to know what the PR team is doing about it. Nate argues, “You delegated the authority to fix the problem to me.” Devon agrees, but he’s not just going to ignore it. “Did you never ask another doctor about their job?” Nate says he did all the time, but he didn’t pester them or interrupt their surgeries. Devon points out it’s the first time he’s asked — if there’s a bigger problem maybe he should tell him. Nate scoffs, “Oh, now I need help.”
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Devon feels his cousin is taking all of this personally and Nate wonders how else he’s supposed to take it. Devon thinks he’s over-reacting to his questions because in some way he’s second-guessing this career change. Nate denies he’s insecure. Devon finds he’s being really sensitive. Nate doesn’t like being told he needs a watchdog looking over his shoulder. Devon has a lot invested in this company’s success. Nate’s trying to add value. Devon reminds him he’s new to the business world. Nate complains he’s stifling him. “You’re used to calling all the shots and it sounds like you want it to stay that way.” Devon still thinks Nate should get a mentor or some media training. Nate walks out.
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At the rooftop bar, Summer doesn’t think it’s the right time to broach Phyllis coming to work at Marchetti with Kyle. “Let’s give it some time.” Phyllis advises her to make sure to tell him what a great work ethic she has and confides that she might be selling the Grand Phoenix. Summer’s astonished. Phyllis tells her about Lily’s generous offer. “Maybe it’s just meant to be.” Summer’s just surprised — she knows how much the hotel means to her. Phyllis says Summer means more. Just then, Phyllis’ phone buzzes with a text from Ashley about a meeting to discuss Diane.
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Nick joins Sally in her office and asks where she got her information. Sally muses, “That your confrontation with Ashland turned physical and you punched him? We have a lot of reliable sources here at Newman Media.” Nick wonders if she wants to know or if Newman Media wants to know. She replies, “We’re one in the same.” Sally wants to know why Nick hit Ashland, if he was invited into Victoria’s house, and how Nick fits into the scenario. On edge with the questioning, Nick confirms he hit Ashland and says it was because he was getting violent with his sister and he had to stop it. Sally understands. “So then what happened?” She wonders if Locke drove off. Nick has no idea how the crash happened, all he knows is that later that night he was found in his car in the ravine. Sally is glad to have the facts; now Newman Media can beat the others to the ‘punch’. Nick balks. Sally wants to out-scoop the other outlets and publish the story of the last night of Ashland Locke’s life.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Amanda guesses things didn’t go well with Devon and Nate. Devon says he’s too sensitive to talk to right now. He may have pulled Nate into the business world too fast for his own good. He perhaps should have let him start out slowly. Amanda points out he was the Chief of Surgery; he needed to offer him a senior position to make it worth his while. Still, Devon should have known there would be issues in the beginning. Amanda thinks it’s just a learning curve and feels Ashland’s death may have rattled him. Devon says things weren’t exactly smooth sailing before Locke died. The idea was for the company to be a cohesive family unit and he doesn’t know if they can ever get it to that.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Nate if everything’s okay. He says it will be when he gets home. They make small talk about Elena and he alludes to cutting their reunion short so he could get back to work. “Big mistake.” Nate gets two coffees and texts Elena that he’s bringing the java home so he can see her. While putting creamer in them, he receives a red heart emoji back from his girlfriend. Just then, his phone rings — it’s Imani, who called because her mom’s sleeping and she wants company. Nate picks up his coffee, leaving Elena’s on the counter, sits down instead of going home, and tells Imani he’ll try to keep her as entertained as possible.
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At the rooftop bar, Summer thinks Kyle may nix Phyllis working at Marchetti because of Diane. He might be a little suspicious of this sudden career change. Phyllis rants that she’s a jack of all trades and wants to work with her daughter just as Kyle is working with his mom and dad. Her phone buzzes again — it’s Ashley asking her to respond. Phyllis asks Summer if she thinks it’s a possibility she could work at Marchetti. Summer’s optimistic. Phyllis feels they’d be amazing together and it would be… life-changing.

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At Newman Media, Nick tells Sally that Ashland was terrible to Victoria and if this story follows her, the torture continues. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” Sally sighs, “So you don’t want me to cover it.” She didn’t want to start her tenure by covering a big story about the Newmans, but if they don’t get out ahead of it, someone else will… and then they’ll look like they’re covering something up. Nick understands. “The story’s in your hands, Sally. What are you going to do with it?”

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