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Kevin meets Chance in Crimson Lights and supposes whatever he wants to talk about must be top-secret since he needed to meet away from the station. Chance asks, “What do you know about Ashland Locke’s death?” Kevin heard he lost control of his car and drove into a ravine. Chance muses that Locke’s death might be more complicated than they first thought. Kevin offers, “Sometimes a car crash is just a car crash,” but Chance insists there’s more to it. “Trust me.” He wants Kevin’s help and gives him the basics of the scene that went down as Victoria’s and the background of Ashland’s state of mind. Kevin marvels at the idea that he walked away from Victoria’s and drove into the ravine. Chance deadpans, “That’s the working theory… so far.”
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At Society, Victor, on the phone, hopes the security team’s interaction with the cops went smoothly. Just then, Adam walks in. Victor keeps listening on his call and finds what they’re saying to be damn good news. He disconnects when Noah walks in and Adam ducks out of sight. Noah asks if his grandfather has had a chance to look at his proposal for the Top of the Tower. Victor has, and can tell his grandson put a lot of work into it.

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Nick tries to work at Newman Enterprises but can’t help but stop and think back to punching Ashland at Victoria’s house, not being able to find a pulse, the body going missing and Victor showing up. Just then, Sally walks in. She’s glad he’s there and wanted to let him know she’s staying at Newman Media. Her judgment was clouded, and she was just reacting. Nick acknowledges that can get you in trouble. Sally wants to prove herself to them and to herself. She owes it to him for helping her come to this epiphany. Nick owes her an apology — he was pretty blunt with her. He’s sorry Adam is jerking her around and is still sabotaging his own happiness. Sally gets a notification on her phone and gawps, “Oh my God! Ashland Locke is dead!”
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Nick tells Sally he knew Ashland was dead. She speculates on what might have happened and asks how Victoria is doing. Nick relays she’s on a trip with her kids that was planned weeks ago. Sally feels it’s a good thing. Nick warns that Newman Media shouldn’t dig too far into this story out of respect for the family. Sally argues this is a story that they can tell like no one else. “I mean, the death of Victoria’s ex, the disgraced former CEO of their parent company?” Nick informs her it’s more complicated than that… a lot more.
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At Crimson Lights, Kevin thinks it makes sense that Ashland’s accident would hit Chance harder than the rest of them since he lost Rey. Chance finds it a reminder that not everything is as it appears and they shouldn’t be satisfied with the simple answer. When he learned Rey had a heart attack, the whole scenario then made sense. That’s why he has to know the whole story of what happened to Ashland on the day of his death. “And you’re going to help me.” He demands Kevin go see the medical examiner.” Kevin learns she likes the same fantasy role-playing game he likes and that’s why he’s the perfect person for the job. Chance urges Kevin to butter her up and get friendly, and once they’re buddies, he needs to let her know the autopsy is their top priority. Chance expects him to report back. An enthusiastic Kevin says he will see what he can do and will be in touch.

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At Society, Adam lurks as Noah gives Victor a lengthy pitch for an art-themed nightclub in Newman Towers. Victor is very impressed, but they need Top of the Tower as a functioning restaurant. He finds Noah’s idea to be a brilliant concept and a recipe for success. He speaks on the importance of spreading your wings while young and is sure Noah will one day come back to the company as his father has done. Noah thanks his grandpa and leaves, telling Adam, “He’s all yours,” as he goes. Victor welcomes Adam. “I was just thinking about you.” Adam’s surprised he doesn’t have the best tequila in hand to celebrate the demise of Ashland Locke.

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At Newman Enterprises, Sally wants Nick to tell her what he knows about Locke’s death before she jumps to the wrong conclusions. Nick sighs, “I had a confrontation with Ashland Locke before he died.” What he’s about to tell her is off the record and not for publication. He’s spoken to the cops and there’s a chance this could get out, so it’s best she hears it from him. Sally questions Nick about the timing of the confrontation and realizes he was dealing with it when she ran into him at the coffee house. Talking with him really helped and she’d like to return the favor. Nick gets a text from Chance asking to meet and doesn’t respond. Sally asks if it was about Ashland. Nick has an insane amount of work and tells her, before she goes, that he’s glad she’s staying. Sally will make sure Newman Media will only report the facts about the story. Nick is glad to know he can count on her. Outside the door, Sally looks thoughtful.
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Noah meets Allie at the rooftop bar, and she learns Victor turned down his pitch. He knew he would be a hard sell. The whole way there, he was glad he’d get to see her and tell her what happened. Allie feels they should work on plan B, and work on the place his sister suggested. Noah nods, “The Grand Phoenix.” He worries it means working with Phyllis, but Allie thinks she must be good at business. “You just need to lease the space from her.” Noah likes her practicality, and they toast to Noah finally getting a “yes.” They’re gazing into each other’s eyes when Noah gets a text. His demeanor changes and he tells Allie, “It’s about Ashland Locke. He’s dead.”
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Allie and Noah debate whether she should take back everything nasty she said about him. Noah fumes that he had a lot of victims and talk turns to what Victoria went thought these past couple of months. Noah puzzles over his grandfather not telling him about Locke’s death when he saw him. “Something’s not right.”
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At Society, Victor invites Adam to have a seat. He won’t pretend to be upset about the bastard’s death but doesn’t think Adam should be glib about it either. Adam thinks it’s a win for the Newmans, although he understands why he doesn’t want to be happy about it in public — there’s a lot of question swirling about it; at least that’s the impression he got from Chance. Adam smirks and notes he now has Victor’s attention. Victor sniffs, “What could the two of you possibly have to talk about?” Adam clarifies that he was making plans to go to Vegas but then he ran into Chance in the park. After remarking on not hearing the news of Ashland’s death from the Newmans, Adam relays that Chance told him he should stay in town because his family may need his support. He didn’t bother to explain to him that he is a Newman in name only. Victor reminds him that was his choice. Adam counters that he left him no choice after the way he treated him. Victor is done with that nonsense and circles back to what he and Chance talked about. Adam muses that it was the way he qualified it that intrigued him. He said that Locke died in a car crash… or at least that was the official version. “Makes you think, doesn’t it, why he felt the need to add that extra phrase. As if he might think there might have been a different ending to Locke’s story.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance thanks Nick for coming and they sit on the patio for privacy. Nick feels it’s best they talk there as opposed to at Newman Towers. Chance wants to update him on the case and explains he spoke to the security team who were outside the house. Their stories lined up to the letter with what Victor told him. They told him just enough information to get by. When you’ve been doing this as long as he has, you learn to look for red flags. Nick blows it off, but realizes Chance has doubts. He reiterates he’s been open and honest and has nothing to hide. “What exactly do you want from me?”
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Chance just wanted to give Nick an update, not upset him. Nick tells him to cut the crap. He snarls that Chance may be family, but he didn’t have to deal with Ashland. He saw the scams and lying from day one. Now he’s gone but the chaos remains. Chance is trying to cut through that chaos and get a clear picture of what happened that night — especially after the security team called Victor. Nick thinks he should be talking to his dad and storms off.
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At the roof top bar, Noah and Allie have moved to the sofas and she shares theories on why Victor might not have told him about Ashland’s death. He shoots them down. She concedes it doesn’t make sense. Noah complains about his grandfather’s constant plotting and scheming. Allie asks, “He can’t be that bad? Can he?!” Noah knows if Victor’s playing things this close to the vest something is going on. She should know this, so she’s aware what she’s getting herself into with his family. Allie’s aware of the history between the Abbotts and Newmans, but no one has told her exactly what happened. “Tell me one specific horrible thing your grandfather did.” Noah recalls when Victor did a hostile takeover of Jabot and sold her family’s entire company. Allie learns that Jack was able to get it back in Abbott hands, but it took years. Noah worries it’s just a matter of time before his grandpa gets upset with the Abbotts again and she could be caught in the crossfire. Allie appreciates the warning, but she doesn’t scare easily. They go over how people can be confounding. Allie still struggles with her father hiding his history from her. “I still love him nonetheless.” Noah understands, but tells her she still may want to get out while she can. Allie can’t do that — things are just getting good between them. They share a kiss.
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At Society, Adam muses about why Chance would be looking into a simple car crash. Victor thinks he’s wasting his time asking questions about the damn dead. “You’re not concerned about your sister?” He supposes Adam’s only interested in twisting the knife. Adam reminds him it was only yesterday he came to him, and his sister, to warn them they’d pushed Locke too far. “I knew Locke wanted to hurt them both and would use Victor’s precious daughter to make his point. “You got your happy ending. You wanted Locke gone, and he’s gone. That was just a crazy coincidence, wasn’t it?” Victor leans over the table and warns, “You’re beginning to piss me off, and that’s never a good idea.”

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin joins Chance on the patio and has the autopsy report on Ashland. Chance reads that he had suffered blunt force trauma to the head, wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and pitched forward into the windshield — blow delivered with enough force that the death would have been instantaneous. Chance questions if she mentioned if she could tell definitively that the injury that killed Ashland was caused by the crash impact. Kevin relays that she wouldn’t say that was definitely what happened, and guesses Chance is thinking about the fight Locke and Nick had. Chance wants to walk through this one more time. He muses that Nick’s in good shape, throws a punch, Locke falls and hits his head on the fireplace. Kevin asks, “So that’s your theory? That Nick threw the punch that killed Locke?” Chance continues, “If he did, how the hell did that guy wind up dead in the ravine?”
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At Society, Victor tells Adam, “For the last time, son, Ashland Locke is dead due to a car accident.” Adam muses that it’s funny how that works out for everyone, except Locke of course. “I find the situation very intriguing.” Victor crosses his arms and reminds him that when one of them is in trouble, they forget about their differences and pull together. That’s their strength. Adam frowns, “Well, Ashland is dead and the threat is gone, so why aren’t you acting like it?” Victor hisses, “I don’t give a damn whether or not that sonofabitch is gone! Do you honestly think that one threat disappears and others aren’t lurking? Look at me. You’re a Newman. It would do you well to remember that.” With that, Victor gets up and walks out. Adam thoughtfully watches him go.

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