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At the Abbott house, Jack thanks Diane for taking Harrison to the park. He was impressed with how she helped out in telling the boy about Ashland. Diane feels they had a genuine bond. Jack agrees; he’s glad Ashland broke the restraining order and spent a few moments with the boy before his death. Diane tells Jack she and Harrison will be at the swings in the park if he decides to join them.

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At Chancellor Park, Summer tells Phyllis how bad she felt for Harrison, learning that Ashland was gone. Phyllis is glad to hear they left him in Jack’s care — he knows just the right thing to say in these situations. Summer knows she misses having him in her life. Phyllis assures her they’ll work things out… eventually. Phyllis recaps how she supported Jack in LA, but now when he talks to her it’s so tense. Summer learns she blurted out her feelings the other day. “I said I loved him.” Summer gawps. “What did he say?” Phyllis replies, “He said I love you.”

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At the rooftop bar, Devon and Amanda order food and drinks. He worries she wasn’t taking care of herself while they were in Virginia with Naya… now she can have all the curly fries she wants. He senses something is still weighing on her, and she admits, she can’t help but think she shouldn’t have left. They discuss Imani trying to hide how fearful she is about Naya’s condition. Amanda admits she didn’t feel wanted there — she’s the newcomer and worries Naya wants Sutton, who is in prison because of her. Devon didn’t get that impression at all and thinks Naya has made it clear that she loves every second she gets to spend with Amanda. If her heart is telling her she should be there, then she should go. Amanda argues it’s not practical with work. Devon reminds her they have a legal team and she can work remotely. Amanda asks how their relationship will work with her away. Devon will see her when he can and assures her all will be fine. She has his support 100%.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Elena puts her hands over Nate’s eyes from behind. She caught an earlier flight because she missed him. They kiss. Elena wants him to take some time away from the office and Nate muses that he’s due for a break. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon teases Faith about buying out the gift shop for Tessa. They both feel so bad for what she’s going through — her whole career rests on the outcome. Just then, Mariah and Tessa come in. Tessa can’t talk, but gestures to show Faith how moved she is by her balloons.

In their penthouse, Elena and Nate kiss passionately and undress each other as they head to the bed to make love after being apart for so long.
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In the park, Phyllis clarifies to Summer that Jack was saying he loves her but regrets it. He could be happy with her, but he won’t let himself be, and he won’t talk about it. Summer points out they still haven’t resolved the main issue. Phyllis snaps, “You mean that Jack only sees Diane with rose-colored glasses? That issue?” Just then, Diane appears, and Phyllis informs her she’s interrupting. “Bye!” Diane tells Summer she’s the only one who put any stock in her mother’s so-called truce. The rest of the family knew she wouldn’t be able to help herself. Diane says she’ll leave them alone, but pauses long enough to let Phyllis know that Summer invited her to give Harrison some words of comfort over Ashland and that Kyle told the boy she’s his grandmother. Summer explains that none of it was planned, but Phyllis informs her daughter it was planned.

Phyllis asks Diane how low she can go, using the little boy’s heartbreak to worm her way back into the family. Diane reminds her she’s part of that family. Phyllis argues she gave up that privilege years ago when she abandoned them. Diane and Phyllis’ voices become raised as they go over what Diane did to Kyle. Phyllis hollers that she saw the fallout! She watched that young man grow up heartbroken that he’d lost a mother! “I helped him deal with your lies! Seriously!” As Phyllis keeps yelling, Jack hustles up to them, hands flailing and warns, “Stop, stop!” He asks, “What the hell is going on here?” He asks Phyllis didn’t she see Harrison there on the swing? He could have heard every word she just said. Phyllis sighs, “No I did not see him. I did not.”
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At the coffee house, Mariah updates Sharon and Faith that the surgeon said the procedure went as well as can be expected, but she is on complete voice rest for a few days. Faith gifts Tessa with a white board to write on to express herself. Tessa draws a heart on it. They go over Tessa’s disappointment about having to cancel her summer tour. Mariah reveals it will be a little while before her wife can sing again; it’s a gradual process. Faith points out she can still write songs. Mariah will play her album more often and so will Sharon. Mariah teases that Tessa can’t yell at her, so she’ll be getting away with quite a bit. Tessa writes, “Wanna bet?” They leave to go upstairs.
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At the penthouse, after making love, Nate asks Elena to tell him about the convention, which she says was fascinating. She got a really positive response on her speech and even surprised herself by not being nervous and finding her voice. She feels that all of her skills are coming together and she’s excited to share what she learned with her peers. Nate has to get back to the office. Elena hopes they’ll be working together soon. Nate tells her Imani had to leave town to help with her mother and he’s guessing she didn’t get her out of her contract before she left. Elena asks if Amanda is with Naya too. Nate’s expecting her and Devon back today. Elena thinks Amanda should handle her contract. Nate lets Elena know he’s happy she’s back and kisses her.

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Devon arrives at Chancellor-Winters and is on the phone with Billy, who asks for an update on how Amanda’s doing and directs Devon to find a file he needs. Devon will take a picture and email it to him. On the desk, Devon spots the folder Nate left behind when he left with Elena and opens it, looking concerned. Nate walks in and Devon wants him to explain it. His cousin explains it’s info on a performance they’re sending to the festival in Chicago. Devon asks why Jason Santino’s name is on it. Nate relays that the artist is replacing Tessa, who had to cancel due to her surgery. Devon complains that no one signed off on Nate doing this — they only talked about it; there’s a big difference! Devon just booked Santino yesterday to perform at a festival in Los Angeles on the exact same date and gave the go-ahead for them to promote it! Nate thought he had Devon’s approval and figures they can work it out. Devon fumes that they now have two festivals promoting the same artist — it makes them looks stupid. Nate agrees to get PR on it right away. Devon tells Nate this is the second time he’s overstepped his authority and they’ve had to do damage control. Nate apologizes. Devon accepts it, but he’s concerned these misunderstandings will still happen. He doesn’t have time to supervise Nate every day, so perhaps they need to find him a mentor. Amanda walks in as Nate fumes that he doesn’t need constant supervision.
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In the park, Diane tells Jack it’s true, Phyllis didn’t know Harrison was with her. Phyllis thinks she could have told her sooner. Jack snarls that Phyllis could show a little more restraint in a public park. Summer reassures Jack, who rants at Phyllis about what his grandson is going through. Phyllis knows, which is why she finds it so disgusting that Diane is using it to her advantage. Jack rolls his eyes, “Of course, that’s your take.” Phyllis urges Summer to go get Harrison from Diane. Jack says to Phyllis, “It just doesn’t end with you, does it?”

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Sharon how quiet it is in her apartment and sits down to work. Kyle arrives and asks how the surgery went. Mariah tells him it went as expected and she’s resting now. Taking in his demeanor, she asks if everything’s okay. Kyle guesses she hasn’t heard the news. Kyle tells Mariah about Ashland offscreen, and she laments, “Poor Harrison!” Kyle tells her Diane was great with his son this morning. Seeing her with him really got to him — so much so that he told Harrison she’s his grandmother. Mariah muses, “That’s a big step.” Kyle says, “She earned it.”
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At the park, Phyllis insists she tried hard to keep up the truce with Diane, but she couldn’t do it anymore. Jack has also struggled with letting Diane back in, but he put the kids first. Phyllis fumes, “Are you saying you’re a better parent than me?” She lets Jack know it would have helped her if he’d put his foot down and made it clear to Diane that he wouldn’t allow her to constantly provoke her past her limits. Jack reads this as Phyllis can’t control herself until he finds a way to control Diane. Phyllis isn’t saying that, and he knows it. She points out that he claims to love her, but won’t go to the limit for her. They could work this out, but he won’t talk about it. “You won’t talk to me at all! You just keep putting up a wall and shutting me out!”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate assures Amanda, “It’s all good.” He asks her if Imani got any further with terminating Elena’s contract. Amanda can check with her. Nate says he will check with her himself and walks out. Outside the door, Nate texts Imani, who asks if he has time to talk.

At home, Elena unpacks and places a gift from Hawaii for Nate on his pillow.

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At work, Nate calls Imani and tells her it’s good to hear her voice too.
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At Crimson Lights, Kyle tells Mariah that seeing his mother comforting Harrison hit him on a level he can’t explain. Mariah knows it brought everything back, and the person who caused him pain is now doing the right thing. Kyle states there’s no way she can go back and erase what she did to him, but being there for Harrison is about as close as she can get.

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In the park, Jack wishes he and Phyllis could salvage the magic they had, but things like this keep happening. He’s focused on getting his grandson through the toughest day of his life and she’s focused on bringing Diane down. Phyllis fumes, “That’s not true.” She would never have gone off on Diane if she knew Harrison was there. Jack deadpans, “Would it really have made a difference?” Phyllis grits her teeth. She doesn’t know why he keeps doing this to her. He’s forgiven Diane for every single thing she’s done to him and his family but she doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Jack denies Diane’s getting a free pass from him — even if she comes through for Kyle and Harrison he could never trust her completely. “Because I know her. I also know you.” Even though he loves her she can’t give up this beef with Diane. Phyllis wants to know what that seems to trump everything. Jack fumes, “Because the stakes are too high.” He has to think about Kyle, Summer and Harrison getting caught in the crossfire. He won’t have that… no matter how much he loves her. Phyllis watches him thoughtfully as he storms off.
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