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At Newman Enterprises, Nick can’t concentrate on work and throws his file down on the table Chance appears as he’s looking at his phone. He says news of Ashland’s death hasn’t leaked yet, if that’s what he’s looking for. Chance needs to speak to Victoria and can’t get a hold of her. Nick says he was in earlier and is now far away from this nightmare.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle frets to Jack about having to tell Harrison about Ashland. It breaks Jack’s heart because his grandson loved the guy. Kyle reflects that what makes it worse is that there was no goodbye — he knows how that feels and it kills him to think of how much loss his son has had in his young life. Jack opines that he’s also gained. Summer appears as Kyle agonizes that he would give anything not to have to break this news to his son. He remembers when Jack told him about Diane… that’s how he knows Harrison will likely never forget this day.
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Adam greets Sharon at Crimson Lights and orders a black coffee with espresso. Sharon is putting together a care package for Tessa, who is having her procedure today. Adam says that’s nice. He steps aside to take a call and thanks the person for booking his flight to Vegas. Sharon muses, “Going out of town solo?” She assumes that means he and Sally didn’t work things out. Adam wonders why she’d think that was even a possibility. Sharon relays that Sally confided in her and was confused about him giving her one reason for the break-up and her another. What struck Sharon the most is that Sally seems to really love him, and accepts him, flaws and all. Adam feels she shouldn’t; she should hate him. Sharon guesses that would make it easier for him.

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Adam thinks Sally’s priorities are out of whack. Sharon argues that’s not for him to decide, but Adam begs to differ. Sally’s the most driven person he knows and he’s not about to let her lose this opportunity, especially when his relationships are destined to crash and burn. Sharon hedges that she may be the person he was meant to spend his life with. She insists she can be objective about this, because before him and Sally met, she was one of the few people in town he could count on. Adam won’t burden her with that responsibility again. He doesn’t need to be with anyone right now. Sharon thought it was good he had Sally in his life, and she urged her not to give up. Adam reveals she came to him and threatened to quit Newman. Sharon figures that must have opened his eyes and asks if he’s truly hardened his heart to Sally.
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At the park, Mariah gives Tessa a pep talk about the procedure and the doctor. Tessa muses that surgery is still surgery, and these are her vocal cords. Mariah asks her wife to tell her what she’s really worried about. Tessa doesn’t want to jinx it. Mariah pushes and Tessa admits she can’t help but think what will happen if something goes wrong and she loses her one true talent. Crying, she asks, “What if my music career is over?” Mariah assures her wife that singing isn’t her only talent and reminds her she’s also an amazing songwriter and lyricist. “Tessa you have so many incredible gifts.” She’ll spend the rest of her life reminding her of that and vows the procedure will go fine. If anything, she’ll emerge with a stronger voice than ever. She’ll take all of Tessa’s fear and anxiety and hold onto it. They kiss and then embrace.
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At Newman Enterprises, Chance finds it pretty strange timing that Victoria would bolt the day after her husband dies. Nick explains there was no bolting involved — she went to pick up her kids from camp and has to tell them their stepfather was killed in a car crash. Chance wonders if she’s considered having Billy grab them instead, since there’s an ongoing investigation. Nick replies that Billy’s out of town and points out Victoria didn’t do anything wrong. Chance wanted more insight into Ashland’s frame of mind. Nick recaps that Locke was in a complete rage. Chance wonders if he was in a state to take his own life. Nick doesn’t know if he was suicidal, but he was homicidal when he was attacking his sister, and then turned on him. “I didn’t think he could breathe, let alone drive a car.” Chance muses, “That… is the most confusing part of this.” Nikki appears in the doorway and listens as Nick tells Chance he wishes he could tell him what happened after he and Victoria left Ashland for dead.

At Crimson Lights, Adam concedes he had feelings for Sally. Sharon doesn’t buy the past tense and asks why he’s cutting out someone who cares about him. Adam insists it’s complicated. This is what’s best for everybody and he needs a break. Sharon learns he’s going to Vegas and asks why he’d want to go back there. Adam doesn’t answer when she asks how long he’ll be gone. Mariah and Tessa arrive, and Adam wishes Tessa good luck with her procedure before leaving. Tessa wants a hot mocha and tells Sharon she’s nervous, but Mariah has been a soothing presence. Sharon gives Tessa her care package for when she gets home, and they gush about how sweet it is of her. Tessa takes it upstairs and Sharon realizes Mariah’s putting on a brave face. Her daughter admits she’s scared to death about today. Sharon’s taken aback, and Mariah explains seeing how afraid Tessa was made her afraid. Sharon hugs her as Tessa reappears. Mariah kisses her hand. “Let’s do this.”
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At the Abbott house, Jack offers to help with what Kyle has to do, but he feels he and Summer should break the news about Harrison. Jack will go up to get him to give them a minute to prepare. Once alone, Kyle tells Summer he’s dreaded this — he wonders how it will affect the boy long-term. Losing a parent as a kid, you suddenly realize there’s no such thing as forever. It brings up his own overwhelming grief and has to wonder if his mother ever considered what she was putting him through, the way he’s worrying about Harrison now. He assures Summer he can do this. Summer replies, “We can do this.” Jack returns with Harrison and Kyle and Summer clasp hands and look miserable but determined.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki strides into the office and thanks Chance, while reminding him of the terrible toll this has taken on Abby’s siblings. She’d like some time alone with Nicholas. Chance asks them to have Victoria call him and goes. Nikki hugs Nick; she’s so sorry about everything he went through. She realizes he’s blaming himself and decides they need to go someplace they can talk.
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In the park, Nikki knows Nick is churning inside and wants him to say he knows it’s not his fault that Ashland is dead. Nick recaps what happened, and Nikki stops him. She knows the rest; all of it. She understands how he feels because she thought she killed JT defending Victoria. She’s so grateful he was there to intervene, otherwise they might be planning his sister’s funeral. Nick can’t shake the image of Ashland lying on the hearth. Nikki insists he’s not to blame; Ashland got up and walked out. “You are not to blame for his death.”
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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Harrison that sometimes accidents happen and it’s sad and scary. Summer asks if the boy knows what an accident is, and he nods. Kyle reminds him of a friend who lost her dad, and he couldn’t be around to see her grow up. “Unfortunately, Father won’t be able to come see us anymore.” Just then, there’s a knock on the door — it’s Diane. Jack tells her it’s not a good time; they’re dealing with something right now. Harrison hears and calls out, “Dee Dee!” Diane walks in and Jack closes the door as Kyle grabs Harrison and asks if he understands that Father died. “He’s gone and won’t be able to come back and visit us anymore.” Harrison shakes his head, “No, Father told me he will come back.” Summer takes Diane outside.
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Outside the door, Summer tells Diane that the police found Ashland’s car in the ravine and believe he died instantly. Diane’s so sorry. Summer thinks she should go — Harrison has a lot to process, and this is bringing up a lot of bad memories for Kyle. Diane sighs, then nods. “I realize that, which is exactly why I should stay. Please let me go back inside.”

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Summer and Diane re-enter the mansion. She tells Harrison that it must be hard to believe that Father isn’t coming back. She recalls just seeing them together at the park and Ashland telling him how much he loves him. He said he was going on a trip and would come back, but sometimes plans change. If Father could be there with him, he would be, but this is one of those times when something bad happened and he could be. Diane has Harrison show her where his heart is, and Kyle says Father is still in there along with all the other people he loves.

At Crimson Lights, Nick greets Sharon, who updates him that Mariah and Tessa are on the way to the procedure. He’ll send flowers. She thinks he seems pre-occupied. Nick admits he came to see her last night but ran into Sally instead. Sharon’s there now and is ready to listen. Nick blurts, “This hasn’t hit the news yet,” and tells her Ashland died last night. The police found him in his car at the bottom of the ravine.
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In the park, Adam runs into Chance and relays he’s taking off to Vegas for a bit and will play a round of poker on his behalf. Chance guesses he doesn’t know about Ashland and is surprised his family hasn’t told him. Adam’s permanently out of the loop and wonders what Locke’s done now. Chance replies, “Well, he died. In an accident. At least that’s the official version for now.”
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At Crimson Lights, Nick’s told Sharon offscreen that he thought he killed Ashland. She knows it’s possible for him to be absolutely certain that someone died, and he didn’t. Nikki thought she killed JT, and he only thought he killed Ashland. He’s lucky he didn’t have to wait months before finding out it wasn’t true.

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In the Abbott living room, Diane hugs Harrison and says she should go. He doesn’t want her to, so she suggests they go outside and look for leaves. Summer thinks the boy could use some time with his friend right now. Kyle moves closer to his son and tells him that Dee Dee is more than just a friend; she’s his mother. “Your grandmother.” She loves him very much and they’re very happy she’s there to help them on this hard day. Diane, Kyle and Harrison share a moment.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick can’t wrap his head around how Ashland got up and took off. “I’m telling you he had no pulse. Vick tried CPR.” Sharon says, “Been there.” But if he was there when they went out for air and he wasn’t there when they came back, he wasn’t dead. Nick wants to believe it but there’s a whole part of the sequence that doesn’t sit right with him. Sharon asks, “Like what?” Nick says, “My dad showing up at Victoria’s just after we discovered that Ashland was gone. It doesn’t make sense. I’m trying to fight the feeling, but the thing is, with my dad there, the simple explanation is probably too simple. When Victor Newman is involved things tend to get very complicated.” He asked him, but he still doesn’t know what went down because he simply can’t trust his dad to tell the truth.

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In the park, Adam asks what Chance means by “official version” — is the guy dead or not dead? Chance nods, “Very much so.” Adam asks if there’s another theory floating around out there. Chance gets a message and has to run. He hopes Adam is back from Vegas soon — he has a feeling he might need his support. Once alone, Adam gets on the phone and tells the person on the other end to cancel his flight. “There’s been a change in plans.”

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