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At Crimson Lights, Nick assumes Sally wants to talk about Newman Media, but she admits she actually came by looking for Sharon. The two of them had a good talk earlier about his infuriating brother. Nick cannot talk about the drama between her and Adam right now. It’s the least of his concerns. Sally asks, “What happened?”

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor thanks Michael for helping the family through a difficult time — he won’t soon forget this. Michael figures it won’t be long until they hear from Chance. Victor will wait and urges his lawyer to go home to Lauren. Michael isn’t about to let him talk with Chance without him present. “He’s going to have a lot of questions.” Just then Chance calls. Victor asks, “What news do you have?”
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At Society, Phyllis hugs Summer and thanks her for squeezing her in. Summer worries she wants to bash Diane, but her mother wants to go back to the relationship they had before her return. Summer vents about work and Phyllis says the first three rounds are on her. They laugh.

At Crimson Lights, Nick doesn’t want to talk, and Sally suggests he go home to get some sleep. He’s waiting around for several other shoes to drop. She’ll probably hear all about it when she gets to work in the morning. Sally sighs and relays that she’s decided to call Victoria in the morning and respectfully decline the CEO position. Nick retorts, “The hell you are?!”
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Nick reminds Sally how fired up she was — she pitched herself as the perfect person for the job. Sally overheard Adam admit to Sharon that it was the motive for Adam breaking things off. Nick points out that Adam clearly doesn’t care what she things. He urges her not to make excuses for him. Nick wonders what is wrong with her that she’s willing to throw away such an opportunity over a man who just tromped all over her heart. Sally wonders why he’s being so harsh and then realizes it’s because of what Victoria just went through. Nick asks her not to confuse Adam treating her like dirt as a sign of this incredible love she has with him — a lot of women have made that mistake. Just then, Nick gets a text from Victor to meet at Newman. He tells Sally he has to go and hopes she’ll reconsider the terrible and rash decision she’s making.

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At Society, Summer and Phyllis talk juggling work and home life. Phyllis offers her daughter help if she needs it. Talk turns to Chelsea dropping out as head designer. Summer feels she has to prioritize her mental health and is glad she did it before they promoted her. Phyllis asks if the marketing position she offered her is still open. Summer filled it months agon and questions if her mother is seriously asking if she can come to work at Marchetti. Phyllis insists she was close to taking the job in Italy, but wasn’t ready to leave. Now, that the headquarters is here… Summer thought she was happy running the hotel and asks her mother how much of her sudden interest in Marchetti has to do with the fact that Kyle just hired Diane.
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Phyllis insists it has nothing to do with Diane, she just wants to keep out of the woman’s path. Phyllis claims it almost stopped her from pursuing a job at Marchetti, but she didn’t want to let Diane influence her life. Summer’s highly skeptical. Phyllis admits she thinks it’s a disaster that Kyle hired her, but he’ll have to suffer the consequences. This is about them working together and doing something creative together! Phyllis talks it up enthusiastically and Summer softens.
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At Newman Media, Sally thanks Chloe for coming on short notice. Chloe worries Nick and Victoria rescinded the job offer. Sally admits it’s still hers… if she wants it. Chloe, confused, asks, “Is there even a question?” After Sally confirms she still believes she can do the job, Chloe realizes, “This is about Adam, isn’t it?” Sally explains that Adam broke up with her so she could stay there. Chloe finds this so hurtful. Sally confronted him and told him she didn’t want to get the job that way, so she would resign. Chloe tries not to freak out. She’s sure she’s calmed down and realized by now that quitting would just be crazy.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nick joins Michael and Victor, who doesn’t want Victoria there for any upsetting news. Nick notices they’re remarkably calm and wonders if they know something. They’re just confident he’ll be found, and Victoria will be able to press charges. Victor is sure it will all turn out the way it should. Chance arrives. As promised, he has an update. Nick asks if the car at the bottom of the ravine belonged to Ashland. Chance confirms it did and he was in it, behind the wheel. When asked if he was alive, the detective says, “No. Ashland Locke is dead.”

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Nick was hoping Ashland had survived and asks some questions, but Chance tells them they’ll have to wait for the autopsy results. He assumes Victor wants to give Victoria the news. The Mustache confirms this. Chance is about to walk out when he turns and says to Victor, “You never mentioned how you ended up at Victoria’s place. Did she tell you what happened or did Nick?” Victor crosses his arms and replies, “Neither. My security team told me that something was amiss.”
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Chance wonders why it’s the first he’s hearing of this. Victor shrugs; he never asked before. Chance asks what they saw, and Victor tells him they saw Nick knocking and then going around to the back. Chance asks if Victor’s guys followed Nick around to the back. Victor says his detail called him when they saw Victoria and Nick leave the house in an agitated state. Victor insists he sent them home at that point. Chance is skeptical and wants to know if they looked into the house or saw Ashland. Victor’s told him all he knows. Michael will give him the phone numbers of his security team members. Chance exits. Nick tells Victor and Michael if they’re keeping something from him, he wants to know what it is.

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At Society, Summer admits she’s been a little jealous that Kyle gets to work with his mother. Phyllis tells her, “Let’s make this happen.” Summer will run it by her husband, who may not be thrilled at the prospect of her and Diane getting in each other’s faces every day. Phyllis won’t let anything or anyone jeopardize her relationship with Summer. Her daughter questions if she can stop herself when it comes to Diane. Phyllis doesn’t want to discuss her, and wonders what position Summer will give her. Summer teases she can be the company chauffeur.
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At Newman Media, Sally tells Chloe that she ran into Nick, who flat out told her she would be one more in a long line of women who make bad decisions because of Adam. She needs someone to help her figure out the right thing to do. Chloe thinks Adam’s manipulating her. Sally realizes she’s been begging. Chloe tells her she’s been feeding Adam’s massive ego while he’s putting her down. “Is that what you want the rest of your life to look like?” Sally sighs, “Of course not.” Chloe warns Adam will constantly put their love to the test — he doesn’t know any other way to be in a relationship. Will she really throw away the opportunity of a lifetime for that?!?

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor understands that Nick probably feels responsible for Ashland Locke’s death, but he shouldn’t; he saved his sister’s life! Michael echoes the sentiment. “You had nothing to do with him getting behind the wheel of that car.” Victor suggests he may have killed himself on purpose. Nick knows they want to let him off the hook. Victor throws up his hands. “Who cares how the man died?!” He’s out of their lives, that’s what matters. He invites Nick to the ranch, but he needs to go for a drive and clear his head.

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At Newman Media, Sally honestly believes Adam wants her to have this opportunity to prove herself. Chloe quips, “Okay, let’s go with that then.” Sally doesn’t want to believe that Adam never really loved her or stopped. Chloe wants her to stop fixating on what he does or doesn’t feel. Chelsea fell into the same trap. Sally decides that even if Chloe is right and this isn’t healthy or worse saving, she told him she didn’t want the job this way, and that’s true. Chloe argues that he didn’t give her the job — he got out of her way. She convinced Victoria and Nick to keep her on. She reminds Sally of her determination to make people sit up and take notice. Sally decides, “You’re right.” Chloe thinks this is why she asked her to come here — she doesn’t want to lose this job and isn’t a quitter. Sally decides that with Chloe’s help, she’ll show the Newmans what she can do and will make the most of the opportunity she’s been given. Chloe reminds, “That you’ve earned.” She’s honored to be working with her again. “It is on!” Sally declares that starting tomorrow, they’re moving ahead full-throttle.
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At Society, Phyllis admires Summer taking on a maternal role as she talks about Harrison. Nick walks in and they notice he seems upset. Nick doesn’t want to ruin their evening, but something happened. “You’re going to hear about it sooner or later. Ashland is dead.” Distraught, Summer takes off to deal with Harrison. Phyllis tells Nick he seems shaken up and wonders if there’s more to the story. Nick says it was just sudden. Phyllis points out that there’s a bright side. Nick cringes, “Don’t say that.” Phyllis insists it’s true — he’ll never have to deal with that guy again. “It’s finally over.” Nick nods. “I think it is over.”
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At Newman, Victor thanks Michael for handling everything so well. Michael warns Chance will be back with more questions. Victor thinks they will assume Ashland woke up after being knocked down by his son, found himself alone in the house, exited through the back door, got into the car, realized he had nothing left to live for and drove into the damn ravine. Michael muses that it’s very straightforward, plausible… and impossible to prove otherwise. Victor agrees, “That’s right.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance takes Ashland’s signet ring out of the evidence bag and looks at it suspiciously, frowning.

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