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At Victoria’s house, Victor insists he just learned everything when he walked in and wonders why Nick’s asking if he knows more. Victoria can’t believe Ashland is out there. Nick and Victor assure her they won’t let anything happen to her. Her father is certain the cops will find him. They want her to stay at the ranch, and she agrees to pack a bag. Nick has Victor arrange for someone to come over and clean up. He doesn’t know how Ashland got up and walked out of there after what happened. Victoria knows how — he’s so angry at her, he’s unstoppable. Victor marvels, “Thank the lord he wasn’t killed here tonight. Everyone would have thought it was a revenge killing.” Nick recaps that he wanted to protect his sister. Victor would have done the same thing, but his son may have put himself in a tough legal position. Nick knows calling Chance was the right thing to do and he’ll face the consequences. Victor assures he’ll take care of it all.

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In his suite, Adam awakens and spots Sally sitting in the chair. She’s giving him a do-over; a second chance to make this right so they can reclaim their future. Adam sighs, “You should not be here.” Sally argues this is exactly where she belongs. Adam complains that she ignored him and broke into his room. Sally explains she told the lady at the desk it was “their” room and she gave her the key. She knew he’d be where they made memories. Adam insists she’s reading too much into where he decided to sleep tonight. They go back and forth as he tries to make her believe he manipulated her into falling for him. He thought she had too much self-respect to keep throwing herself at someone who doesn’t want her. Sally can take whatever he dishes out until they put this behind him. Adam declares she’s wrong — there is no future between them! Sally tears up. “I know what there is between us and I don’t want to lose what we have together.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance briefs one of his officers on the search for Ashland. Michael arrives and Chance goes over to join him. Michael asks if there are leads or sightings of Ashland. If so, he’d appreciate a heads-up. Chance points out he’s no longer the D.A. and asks if Victor sent him on a fishing expedition. Michael grins. He’s Victor’s attorney and cares about the Newmans, so of course, he’s invested in what happens with Ashland. Chance repeats his question. Michael wonders if he’d begrudge the Mustache news about the man who attacked his daughter that would put the man at ease. Chance will update the Newmans. Michael will be there for a while and offers again to relay information if the need arises. Chance walks off and Michael makes a frustrated face.
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At Victoria’s place, she hugs Nick before heading out the door with her father. Nick turns around, looks at the blood on the hearth and flashes to punching Ashland. He recalls not being able to find a pulse and grimaces. Pacing the living room, Nick suddenly notices Ashland’s ring on the floor by the sofa.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria apologizes to her father for the detour but she needs files. Victor knows she’ll turn to work. Nikki walks in and wonders what they’re doing there. Victor relays that Victoria’s coming to stay with them. Nikki asks what’s going on? Victoria sighs and explains that Ashland came to her house tonight and was out of control; she’s safe thanks to Nicholas. Fuming, Nikki hopes Ashland is in police custody. Victor says they’re looking for him. Victoria takes a call from Nick, who questions her about the signet ring. Victoria confirms it’s Ashland’s. Nick asks if he threw it or something. Victoria says no — he put it back in his shirt pocket. Nick wonders how it got on the floor. Victoria only knows she never wants to see it again.

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At Victoria’s house, Nick holds the ring and frowns in thought.

In Adam’s suite, he tells Sally he didn’t mean to hurt her but she’s disillusioned and confused. She thinks being with him and being a leader at Newman Media are intertwined, but they’re not. Sally wants love in her life and knows exactly why she wants to be with him above anything else. Adam sighs, “There’s no point in belaboring it.” Sally reminds him of her history. Her sister and grandmother were constants, but something was always missing. Adam thinks maybe she should call them now. Sally warns him not to dare give her advice; she knows what’s best for her. So many times she had her heart broken and hopes dashed, but she always knew the right person was out there for her somewhere. “And then I met you. And for the first time in my life that black hole completely vanished.” She insists, “This is our time.” She’s not his enemy or impediment. Sally insists they can have the things he wants together. “Just admit that you still love me, and we are good together.” She wants to find their way back together again.
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Adam thinks Sally’s speech was beautiful, but repeats he doesn’t feel the same way she does. Sally reminds him how it was in the beginning — he had been waiting for her his whole life. Adam shrugs that life moves on and so does he. Sally fumes. He can keep pretending, but she knows what’s real. “And I know you, Adam. And I know eventually you will come around, and you will realize that this is a massive mistake.” With tears in her eyes, Sally predicts that the tragic thing will be that Adam won’t realize what a catastrophic screw-up it was until its too late… and she has moved on. “I suggest you think long and hard about what it is you will be losing if you let me slip away just to prove whatever point it is that you are trying to make.”

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells her mother the story of the attack and how Nick got between them and stopped Ashland. Nikki is stunned to hear that they thought Ashland was dead but when they came back in from outside, he was gone. Nikki feels they have nothing to apologize for and nothing to regret. Victor agrees; the important thing is that she is safe. He gets a call and steps outside.
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In the corridor, Victor asks Michael on the phone, “Keeping your eye on Chance?” Michael confirms that he is — Chancellor is still there at the coffee house talking with an officer. Victor learns no one has located Ashland and tells Michael he doesn’t need to hang around there.

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Nick walks into Crimson Lights and approaches Michael, who’s sorry about what went down. Nick wants to go talk to Chance, but Michael stops him. “Before you do that, there’s something I want to know.” He asks if Nick’s alright and figures he’s experiencing conflicting emotions. Nick confesses he wishes Ashland would leave the earth, but when he thinks about the possibility of taking another man’s life… Michael insists he shouldn’t blame himself. Nick just wants him found. Michael vows he won’t be able to hide for long and justice will be served.

Nick joins Chance on the patio and thanks again for his help tonight before announcing that he thinks he can help him even more. He holds out the signet ring. “I found this.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki is glad Victoria will be staying with them and laments her being attacked in her home again. Victoria admits it triggered thoughts of JT. At least with him it was a brain tumor, but with Ashland, she brought him and his chaos into their lives. Nikki feels she fell for the wrong person; she’s made that same mistake herself. Victoria sighs — she keeps doing it again and again. “I have a blind spot when it comes to relationships.” Nikki insists she’s not responsible for what happened tonight, but Victoria argues that she demanded they accept Locke. She doesn’t know how to forgive herself! Nikki can’t understand why she feels guilt. Victoria is disgusted by what Ashland did, but worries she may have pushed back to much by taking everything he had. She feels something shattered in him; what she witnessed tonight was like the final destruction of his psyche. Nikki fumes, “If Bobby DiFranco doesn’t realize that every predator is someone’s prey well then he’s learned a valuable lesson.” She further states,”The Newmans won.” Nikki doesn’t want Victoria to blame herself for another minute. “Whatever his fate may be, I’m certainly not going to shed any tears over him, and neither should you.” Just then, Victor returns. He couldn’t agree more.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Chance what he knows about the ring and asks how the search is going. Chance recaps that they’re looking for a blood trail leading from the house and his vehicle as well. “We’ll find him.” Nick looks down. Chance asks if there’s anything else he wants to get off his chest.

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In his suite, Adam tells Sally he has thought this through and what’s done is done. There’s really nothing more he can say. Sally picks up her purse and heads for the door. “Alright.” Surprised, he asks, “So that’s it?” She says it is but warns she’ll be resigning from Newman Media first thing in the morning. Adam holds up his hand and protests, “Okay look, you cannot do that. You love that job.” Sally doesn’t want it anymore… because becoming CEO may have cost her, her happiness. She shuts the door and Adam blanches.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick has nothing more to tell Chance, it’s just been a long night. Chance gets a call and says he’ll be right there. Nick asks if that was about Ashland. Chance warns he can’t get involved. Nick wants something positive to tell Victoria. Chance admits his officers found a car at the bottom of a ravine. Nick blurts, “Was it Ashland’s?” and wants to come with him. Chance repeats that he’s not getting involved. He’ll give him pertinent details when there are some and until then he needs to stay out of it.

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In his suite, Adam dials his phone and books a flight out of Genoa City for first thing in the morning — to Las Vegas.

Sally walks into Crimson Lights and finds Nick stewing. She hears misery loves company and offers to buy him a coffee.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor lets Victoria know that he’s glad she’s safe. Michael arrives. He’s so sorry this happened to her. Nikki and Victoria file out and Michael closes the door. Victor asks, “Any update?” Michael was informed by one of his team that Chance’s men have found Ashland’s car. Victor asks, “Was Ashland inside?” Michael nods. Victor says, “Good.”

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