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At Victoria’s house, she circles the spot where Ashland had been lying while Nick comes down from checking upstairs. She marvels that they both checked his pulse, how is it possible he’s gone. Nick feels they should assume Ashland’s alive and made it outside somehow.

At the rooftop bar, Kyle and Summer about to toast to each other when they spot Noah and Allie. “Your brother and my niece,” Kyle muses. They decide to join them.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon spots Adam and notices he looks like he’s mulling something over. He asks how she’s doing. She’s as well as can be expected and asks how he’s doing. Adam has moved off the ranch and to the Grand Phoenix. Sharon heard about the personnel changes at Newman Enterprises and admits she was surprised Nick went back there. She asks about Adam refusing to retake the CEO seat at Newman Media. Adam claims it was a calculated yet defiant declaration of independence from his father. Sharon chuckles. It seems like a knee-jerk reaction since she knows how much building the media division meant to him. Adam’s bitter about being ousted in favor of Victoria once again and has finally cut ties with Victor. On the patio, Sally frowns as she eavesdrops.
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At Victoria’s house, she reaches touches the blood on the floor and gets it all over her hands. Nick comes back from checking outside and they puzzle over Ashland having had no pulse. Victoria figures it must have been faint and they couldn’t detect it; clearly he’s alive because he walked away. “There’s no other explanation Nick. The good news is that you didn’t kill him.” Just then, Victor walks in. Victoria asks what he’s doing there. Victor replies, “I’m here to protect you. What do you mean ‘what am I doing here?’”
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At the rooftop bar, Kyle and Summer dance next to Noah and Allie. Kyle and Allie go off to get drinks and Summer asks Noah, “Sooo?” At the bar, Kyle tells Allie he’s hoping for a chance to get to know her better. She would like that too, and she understands he’s busy what with work, family… especially Diane. Kyle muses, “Ah, not one for small talk.” Allie hopes she’s not offending him. He appreciates the directness and asks if she’s angry with his mother. Allie is Team Undecided. The woman used her to get to Jack, but has been nice since. She lets Kyle know there’s a lot of curiosity around town about where her loyalties lie. Kyle’s sorry she got caught up in it. Allie alludes to her future looking bright where Noah’s concerned and asks Kyle if being an Abbott is as perfect as it seems to be.
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Kyle tells Allie that being a member of the family is a roller-coaster, but she’ll figure it out. Allie goes over how great Jack has been to her from the word ‘go’, as well as Traci, Ashley and Billy. She’s glad she won Ashley over and is thrilled to be joining Jabot. Kyle’s glad she found her place. They look over at Summer and Noah. Allie smiles, “Yeah, I am too.”

Across the way, Noah confides in Summer that she’s leaving New Hope. Summer isn’t that surprised, but feels Nick will be disappointed. Noah reveals that they already spoke and he was super supportive. They know he wants to be different with him than Victor was with his children.
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At Victoria’s place, Victor reveals he had a security detail discreetly stationed in a car outside the house tonight. Nick asks if they saw Ashland. “Is he alive?” Just then, Chance walks in. “I got here as soon as I could. What happened with Ashland? Is everyone okay?”

At Crimson Lights, Sally listens as Adam insists to Sharon that this time is different. Sharon tells him if this really is him making a clean break from Victor, she applauds it. Adam questions why she supports Nick joining the family fold. Sharon observes that he and Nick are very different. Adam takes that as a compliment. Sharon goes over his frustrating dynamic with Victor, and Adam explains that’s why he has to make a clean break to truly be free. Sharon agrees, but she’s seen some glimpses of the good man she knows him to be at his core during this latest go ‘round at Newman. She can’t believe she’s saying it, but maybe Sally had some good influence there.
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Adam relays that he and Sally have gone their separate ways. Sharon’s sorry to hear that, which gives Adam pause — he didn’t think she was a member of the Sally Spectra Fan Club. Sharon agrees they certainly aren’t friends, but she seemed to care about him and supported him in his complicated family dynamic. “She seemed to get you and vice-versa.” Adam learns Sally came to see Sharon a while ago to talk to her about him. He’s sorry. Sharon became convinced that she did it because she cared about him.

Adam explains things between he and Sally became too complicated. Sharon muses that if he doesn’t care what the Newmans think, it can’t be that. Adam doesn’t want to get into it, but Sharon reminds him it’s her he’s talking to. He was the first person he was able to reveal the full extent of her grief to when Rey died, and she’d like to return the favor. Adam admits, “Maybe I wanted to let her fly… without me holding her back. I was setting her free so she could soar.” On the patio, Sally exhales and then storms into the coffee shop to confront him. “You were lying to me!” He thinks he’s doing her a favor, but it’s a favor she doesn’t want. “All I want is to be with you.”
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At Victoria’s place, she tells Chance that Ashland showed up at the house uninvited earlier. She explains she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him going forward and he had a hard time accepting that. Chance writes in his pad as she describes him growing agitated and grabbing her at one point. “That’s when I knew he was going to hurt me.” Chance learns that’s when Nicholas showed up. Victoria sighs that she knew Ashland was going to kill her.

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Nick picks up the story from when he came into Victoria’s house. He explains it got physical between him and Ashland, when the guy went after Victoria, and he socked him in the jaw. Locke fell down and hit his head on the fireplace. He was unresponsive and they couldn’t find a pulse. Nick insists he was just protecting his sister and that Ashland was out of control. Nick relays that he then went outside as he was rattled. Victor thinks it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. Chance agrees based on what he’s heard, but asks where Locke is now. Nick explains that when they came in from outside, Ashland was just… gone.
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At the coffee house, Sharon steps away from Sally and Adam, who tries to leave. Sally grabs him and doesn’t know whether to be furious with him or wrap her arms around him and tell him she loves him now that she knows he still loves her too. Adam thinks she misunderstood what he was saying and declares he was lying to Sharon. Sally questions why he’d do that. Adam wanted her to think his actions were noble. Sally isn’t buying it. Adam doesn’t know how much clearer he can be. Sally feels he’s scrambling for an explanation. Adam calls her pathetic and desperate for following him around listening to his conversations. She slaps him across the face and then pulls him to her and kisses him.
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When Sally and Adam finally pull apart, she tells him he can spin whatever story he wants about their break-up to anyone — he can even lie to himself — but that kiss was the truth; he still loves her. Newman Media is just a job — what they have is so much more. Adam indulges in another kiss and then abruptly pulls away. “Stop it.” He tells her they’re done, and she needs to move on before walking out.

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At Victoria’s house, Chance checks out the blood spot on the hearth and deduces that he must have been alive. If he was able to stumble out of there after being concussed, he must be weak and disoriented. Chance muses that he got in the car and left right after Victoria called him, “Would you say that was about 15 minutes after all this happened?” Victor asks, “What are you suggesting?”

At the rooftop bar, Summer credits Allie with putting the smile back on her brother’s face and giving him a reason to stick around. Allie teases she’s not the only reason and prompts Noah to tell them about his nightclub plans. When he reveals he wants to do it in the Top of Tower, Summer declares he may just have hit his first roadblock. She explains that Victor uses it a lot and may not go for turning it into a nightclub with a glam vibe. Allie doesn’t know Victor, but thinks a great businessman will recognize a great idea. Summer still thinks it will be a hard sell and has another idea. Her mom’s hotel has an amazing space on the top floor that would be perfect. Kyle thinks it might be a better fit. Noah will think on it. If it doesn’t work with Grandpa, he’ll keep it in mind.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks if Sally’s okay. She’s not. Sharon offers, “Do you want to talk about it?” Sally sighs, “Yeah, I think I do.” Sharon sits in the booth with her and Sally admits Adam’s latest moves have her head spinning and she doesn’t know what to believe. Sharon learns that he claimed that being with her tainted him in his father’s eyes, but she just heard him telling Sharon the opposite, which is what she suspected. “Can I ask you this? Am I fooling myself?” Sharon agrees the differing stories are confusing and guesses the truth is somewhere in the middle. Him stepping away will give her a chance to prove herself at Newman Media. Sally thinks it should be her call. Sharon knows it’s Newman trait to protect people even when they haven’t asked for protection. Sally doesn’t know how to get through to Adam so they can get past it. How can she get him to stop being so noble and just go back to loving her?
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At Victoria’s house, Chance asks about Ashland’s car. Nick didn’t see it out front and Victoria notes he came to the back door, so he could have parked back there on a side street. Chance will get some officers to search for him and his vehicle. He’s sorry this happened to Victoria. Nick worries that he’ll go after Harrison and wants to warn the Abbotts, but Victor doesn’t feel they should alarm them unnecessarily. He suggests Chance send a squad car to the neighborhood to check it out. Chance will do that, but doubts Locke will make it that far. If he’s smart, he’ll head to the hospital. Chance asks if Victoria wants to press charges when he finds Ashland. She says she does; Victoria wants him behind bars so nothing like this happens ever again.

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At the coffee house, Sharon warns Sally there are no easy answers where Adam is concerned. Sally’s learning that. Sharon adds that Sally’s position is tenuous at best if she’s involved with him as Victoria doesn’t like or trust him. Nick is there now too and though their relationship cooled down, they still have a tempestuous history. Sally doesn’t understand why the Newmans are so involved in every single thing. Sharon relays they come as a package deal. She asks how much Sally’s job at Newman Media means to her. Sally has told Adam repeatedly it’s not nearly as important to her as he is. Sharon tells her she’ll have to find a way to prove that to him.

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Adam enters his suite at the Grand Phoenix looking worn out and begins unpacking his bag. He stops when he flashes to Sally kissing him in Crimson Lights.

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At Victoria’s house, Chance asks Victoria and Nick if there’s anything else they need to tell him. “In situations like this, no detail is too small.” They don’t think they’ve left anything out. Victor dismisses Chance, who heads out. Nick turns to his father and says, “Alright, he’s gone. Do you want to tell us what really happened here tonight?”
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