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With the windstorm howling, Nick knocks on Victoria’s door. He tries calling. Inside, Ashland tells Victoria that there is only one way for this to end. Her phone starts ringing. She claims it’s her security detail and if she doesn’t answer, they will be there in a hurry. He says they will have to make it quick then. Locke recalls how they were powerhouses when they met. Maybe it was inevitable that one of them had to fall because they couldn’t both be on top. Pulling out the ring she gave him to represent their future, he points out it only resembles her lies and deception now. It’s a reminder of how cruel people can be. He accuses her of playing him for her own personal gain. She can’t believe he’s saying this. He knows that they did the same rotten things to each other, but she’s worse because she didn’t change, only became more vengeful. It was a mistake to save her life. If he’d let her die, he could still believe that she loved him until the end.

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She can see who he is now. He’s just pathetic and disgusting and nothing like her father. When she tells him no one could ever love him, he lunges at her. Victoria pushes him away and grabs a fire-poker. Nick races in. Locke declares they are saying their final goodbyes. Nick thinks they should call the cops. Ashland points out he was invited in and broke no laws. He and Nick bark at each other over his sister. Nick starts shoving and threatening him. When Victoria says that he grabbed her, Nick punches him the face. Locke’s head hits the hearth of the fireplace. Nick kicks him and demands he wake up, calling him a fake. Victoria checks for a pulse. There is none and her hand is covered in blood. He must be dead.

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Nick tells Victoria to call 9-1-1. She’s not sure it’s the right move and suggests they call their dad instead. He doesn’t want to get Victor involved. This is on him, and they will be fine; it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. Victoria’s not convinced so Nick suggests she call Chance and goes out for some air.

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Nikki walks into the Grand Phoenix on the phone to Victor. He’s worried that Ashland is out for blood and she urges him to check on their daughter. As she gets off the line, Phyllis strolls over, venting about Diane getting her “talons in.” She hopes that Nikki’s investigators have dug up some dirt, but they haven’t. Ashley sends a text saying she can’t make it to their meeting. She adds that they don’t need to worry about Allie since she can hold her own. This isn’t reassuring to Phyllis who starts ranting about Diane. She complains about how won-over Summer seems to be because of Jenkins’ role in getting Locke arrested. Nikki dismisses that and they both assume she just did it to convince people she’s good. They complain about Michael being bowled over too. Nikki adds that Locke is already out of jail and likely more furious than ever. It baffles them that Diane leads such a charmed life. They need to come up with a foolproof plan.

Nikki and Phyllis scheme Y&R

Phyllis suggests the key is her job at Marchetti. What if she were to fail spectacularly? She suggests they frame her for sabotaging the company so Summer and Kyle will lose faith in her. Nikki really likes this idea. She knew Phyllis could come up with something devious and underhanded. It will be tricky to do that without hurting the company. It’s also hard because they don’t have anyone on the inside. Phyllis recalls that Summer offered her a job when they were in Milan. She didn’t want to leave town because of Jack. Nikki is sorry that things fell apart with him. “This time it was going really well,” Phyllis says. That’s why she’s so determined to get Diane out of their lives for good. Nikki encourages her to tell her daughter she’s had a change of heart and wants to work at Marchetti. “Maybe something can be done,” Phyllis agrees.

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Diane arrives at the Abbott estate to see Kyle. Only Jack is home and he tells her that wind like tonight’s is a bad omen. He thanks her for helping to protect their grandson from Ashland. She says he’s making too much of what she did. He thinks she still took a risk and admires her bravery. He adds that he and Kyle are very pleased by what she did, and she should be proud of protecting Harrison. Since her son isn’t there, Diane’s about to leave but realizes Jack’s part of Marchetti’s parent company so maybe he can answer some questions. She’s concerned about protocol and expectations. Jack is convinced she can bluff her way through anything. “Are you teasing me or being deliberately mean?” she asks. He teases her and offers her a drink.

Diane and Jack tease Y&R

Once she has a glass, Diane claims to be a bit nervous about her new job and says she usually doesn’t let people see this side of her. She’s determined not to let their son down. Jack assures her Kyle knows she’ll have to learn on the job. He starts to wonder if coming over to see Kyle was just a ruse to speak to him. “I’ll never tell,” she teases before continuing to worry that she’s not up to her new job. He’s sure that their son just expects honesty and commitment. That’s probably the hardest part for her. Diane admits that this is all beyond what she’d hoped for. Jack is glad she appreciates it. Diane also appreciates him not stepping in and stopping their son from hiring her. All of this has proved to Jack that there was something missing in their son’s life — she’s filled that void.

Diane is sure Jack must still resent her. Jack says he’s learned that resentment is a waste of time and energy, and makes it clear none of this is for her benefit. She hopes that one day they will be in a place where they can be friends. When Diane asks him what he thinks the odds are, Jack tells her she doesn’t want to know. Diane smirks. They go upstairs to peek in on Harrison sleeping. As they head back down, she tells him how heartwarming it is to hear him referred to as “our grandson.” She’s so glad that she came back. After thanking him for everything, they open the door and see the wind has let up. Jack wonders if there is no trouble tonight after all.

When Chance stops by Crimson Lights to pick up coffee, he and Sharon recall that it was on a night like this that Rey died. He notes that not much seems to have happened tonight. Victoria calls to say there has been an accident at her house. She wants to keep it in the family and asks him to come over.

Chance stops by Crimson Lights Y&R

Back at Victoria’s, she joins Nick outside in the wind. He runs over everything and wonders how this happened. He has to piece this together so he can explain it to Chance. Obviously, he didn’t want Locke to die. His sister knows it was an accident and it will be okay. He paces off and she follows, assuring him that he saved her life. Ashland wanted her dead and she was looking for anything to fight him off. Nick did what he had to do and she’s grateful. He’s glad he could be there for her, but he took a man’s life. Victoria promises she will do all she can to help her. They embrace.

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When they head back inside, the French doors are open and Ashland is gone. “What the hell?!?” Nick asks.

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