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At Newman Media, Sally looks at a photo of her and Adam and then abruptly puts it down to continue packing a box of her things. Victoria and Nick re-enter the office and Sally assures them she’s leaving now. Nick and Victoria reveal they’ve decided to keep her on… at least in the short term. Sally asks, “What’s the catch?” Nick says some of her ideas have real potential and they’d like her to see them through. Victoria explains they’ll consider her an interim CEO for 90 days and then evaluate her performance — if they meet or exceed their expectations, they’ll keep her on. Sally is up for the challenge. Victoria warns her to think carefully before taking it on. Sally glances at the photo of her and Adam again and declares he’s exactly the right person to be running the company. “I promise you won’t regret your decision.” Victoria looks forward to working with her.
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At the Abbott house, Jack comes in, interrupting Noah and Allie’s kiss. They all apologize and Jack excuses himself again. Allie cringes to Noah, who reassures her there’s nothing to worry about. Noah wants to spend more time with Allie and suggests some music and dancing at the rooftop bar. Allie worries that Jack will get the wrong idea. Noah asks, “Jack… or me?” Allie reassures him and accepts his invitation. He leaves after she pulls him in for another kiss.
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At Society, Phyllis heralds the first meeting of the “Disappear Diane Club” or the “Jettison Jenkins Foundation.” Nikki reminds her it’s a dire situation — they have to get Diane out of town before she harms anyone they love. Ashley asks how they make it happen. She muses that Kyle is the only one with influence over Diane. Nikki feels they have to make him see his mother can’t be trusted. Ash asks if Phyllis can talk to Summer. Phyllis explains that her daughter won’t listen since she gets emotional when it comes to Diane. Ashley sips her drink and mutters, “Is that because of what happened between you and Jack?” Taken aback, Phyllis demands “What do you know?” Ash says Jack gave her the gist of it. She surprises Phyllis by saying she doesn’t blame her for what she did, and she told Jack so. Nikki wants to know what she did.
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Phyllis explains she tried to send a message to Diane and Jack felt used. Nikki agrees with Ashley’s take — Diane is a predator. Phyllis and Nikki reiterate that Summer isn’t receptive to talk about Diane. Nikki suggests that she and Ashley approach Jack for help in the matter, but Ashley stuns Phyllis by poo-pooing the idea. “I think Jack’s feelings for Diane are very complicated.” Phyllis’ eyes grow wide as she asks, “What is that supposed to mean?!” Ashley admits it sounds like her brother wants to give Diane a second chance. Nikki and Phyllis groan. The redhead can’t even believe it. She fears Jack letting his guard down even a little bit and insists Ashley and Nikki talk to him before she ruins his life and her daughter’s! Ashley reminds her there are limitations to what her influence can have in this situation. Phyllis, unraveling, protests that the limitations are all in the Abbott’s mind! Ashley needs to know Phyllis won’t go off the deep end. Phyllis, sounding panicky, insists she’s focused on bringing this woman down. Nikki stops short the bickering and warns they need to keep their eye on the prize to get rid of Diane.

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At Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam talks his way into Ashland’s suite by telling the housecleaning staffer his friend has a heart condition and isn’t answering. He opens the door to find the room trashed and the employee gawps, “What a mess!” Ashland, fresh out of jail, appears in the doorway and asks Adam what he’s doing there. Adam explains he was worried about him and wonders if he was robbed.

After some tidying has been done, Ashland apologizes to the housekeeper for the mess and hands her some money — he’ll clean it up himself. He shuts the door and Adam asks if he’s been on a bender. Ashland informs him he’s been in jail… not that it’s any of his business. Adam guesses he violated his restraining order. Ashland admits, “I thought I’d found an ally in Diane.” Adam tells him if he’d asked ahead, he’d have advised him against that. “No one has ever trusted her without living to regret it, including me.” Ashland gives Adam the run down on what happened in the park and relays that he’s pretty sure Victor was behind it from the beginning. Adam asks, “What do you intend to do about it?”

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At Newman Media, Victoria tells Sally she should hire a COO with extensive experience in the media business. They volley some names about. Sally informs them she’s already offered the job to someone, and they’ve accepted. “Chloe Mitchell.” Victoria points out the idea is to hire someone who makes up for her lack of experience. Sally makes her pitch in support of Chloe. Victoria agrees that this will be the first test of her judgment — she and Chloe can rise or fall together.
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Nick urges Sally to reach out to either of them if she needs anything, and Victoria guesses that Adam warned her not to trust them. She’s hoping by now, she’ll see that she can’t take everything he said at face value. Sally muses that he told her she’d regret getting involved with him — that much is true. Victoria notes that Adam has a way of turning on everyone eventually. At least she has this opportunity now, which wouldn’t have happened if they were still together. Sally finds it one hell of a silver lining and promises she’ll come through for them. They walk out and Sally sits behind her desk, shaken.

In Ashland’s suite, he wants Adam to leave so he can clean up. Adam notes he can’t let this latest provocation go unanswered. His family is bound to make this arrest public. Adam figures they’ll come after him when they’re done with Locke. “My dad only uses me, and my brother and sister make me think I can earn their trust, but it isn’t true.” Ashland guesses he’s now rooting for him to tear them to shreds. Adam questions if he’s giving up. Locke tilts his head. “I think you know me better than that.”

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Allie she deserves all the fun she’s having with Noah and encourages her to see the Newman again. When Allie’s face falls, he asks if there’s a problem. Allie admits that everything is going so well it’s a bit scary at times. She really likes Noah. Jack sensed that. He waxes on about what love does to people. “If you’re happy, I’m happy for you.” Allie thanks her grandfather.

At Society, Ashley tells Nikki and Phyllis if they’re going to change Kyle, Summer and Jack’s minds about Diane they’ll need to give them evidence. Nikki reports that her investigation into Jenkins’ activities in Los Angeles came back clean but she’s not giving up. Phyllis muses that the only one they know of that she scammed in L.A. was Allie. She relays that Diane accuses her of trying to use Allie to try and get back into Jack’s life. Ashley calls her a hypocrite. Nikki thinks Diane was projecting and wants Allie as her ally in the house herself. This worries Ashley, who decides she’ll say something to her grand niece.

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In Ashland’s suite, Adam admits he’s there because he needs someone to talk to — an ally — however tenuous. Locke asks why he doesn’t talk to Ms. Spectra. Adam explains it’s over; she couldn’t stay at Newman and be with him. Ashland worries that Adam’s spying for Victor in a bid to win points with the old man. Adam understands why he’s skeptical, but he’s done trying to impress his father. “Anything to do with the Newmans, I’m out.” Ashland leans forward. That’s exactly what Victoria said before she took $250 million dollars of his money and transferred it into her own account. He really doesn’t know what to make of Adam or his proposal that they pair up. Adam reminds him that it was he who first reached out and that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Locke asks if Adam were in his shoes, what he would do. Adam would wreck everything. “I would burn it all down to the ground.”
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At Society, Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley part ways. Nikki will keep them posted on her investigation, Ashley is going to check in with Allie, and Phyllis is going to stay out of Diane’s path. Victoria and Nick walk in and stop short at the sight of the trio. Nikki’s kids remind their mother not to use the charity meeting excuse — the last time she did that they were trying to hide a body. Phyllis stammers, “Body, no, that’s crazy. No bodies involved. We’re working on a beautification project for the city.” With that, Ashley and Phyllis rush off. Nikki insists to her children it’s really nothing. Nick just hopes it doesn’t get her into trouble. They update her on their decision to keep Sally on and why. Nikki will trust their judgment, but she has a meeting and walks off. Nick and Victoria puzzle over why the three women were together. Victoria’s just happy not to be a part of it. She’s more concerned about Adam right now. If he really did break things off with Sally, he’ll be even more emotionally unstable.
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In Ashland’s suite, he asks Adam what exactly he would do to “burn it all down?” Adam thinks it’s obvious if you want to hurt his father, you have to hit the business; his life’s work and legacy. He thinks Locke is perfectly positioned to pull this off given his history of dismantling companies. Ashland muses, “That was business. This is personal… so I’m going to go in a different direction.” Adam asks what he has in mind. Locke decides he’ll leave Adam with plausible deniability so when they ask him later, he can honestly say he had no idea what was coming. He hints that the company isn’t actually the most important thing to Victor. “Just look at the extremes he’s gone to, to protect his precious eldest daughter. If you want to hit him where it hurts…” Adam muses, “You’re going to go after Victoria.” Ashland informs Adam that they won’t be working together; they’re on different tracks. From here on in he’s going his own way. Adam suggests they talk this through, but Locke informs him the time for that is past and shows him out the door.
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In the Abbott living room, Allie thinks about her kiss with Noah and smiles.

At Crimson Lights, Noah asks Sharon if his dad has been around; he wants to talk to him about New Hope. Sharon suggests she set a meeting with him. Noah promised Allie he’d do it today and feels his mom is right that he’ll be relieved to get it over with. Sharon gets her son to fix the espresso machine and notices his happy demeanor. He admits something great happened.
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At Society, Nick worries to Victoria about Summer’s reaction to them giving Sally a chance. Still, he believes they made the right decision — she’ll give it her all. Victoria agrees, if only to stick it to Adam. Nick wonders if Adam broke it off with Sally so she could keep her job. Victoria asks if he’s suggesting their brother did something noble and unselfish. Nick notes, “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

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Adam arrives at Victoria’s office and finds it empty. He pulls out his phone to call her but stops. Just then, his phone starts ringing — it’s Sally.

In her office, Sally leaves Adam a voicemail saying they need to talk. She meant what she said — if he only broke up with her so she could keep her position, she doesn’t want the job. “I want the truth.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Adam listens to Sally’s message, sighs and looks sad.
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