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Nate stops by Lily’s office and they chat about how Elena is enjoying her trip to Hawaii. Imani interrupts and asks to see the pictures of his girlfriend seeing the sights. She’s sure Elena is missing him but she’s glad he stayed; he was a huge help to her last night. They tell Lily about the podcast plans for Elena and Imani adds that Nate lent a sympathetic and compassionate ear to her regarding her concerns about her mother. They discuss the care issues that Naya is facing. Lily knows these decisions are hard to make.

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Imani is determined to go over everything with her sister and father to find the right facility. She thanks Nate again for all his help. He needs to get to work. When he heads down the hall, Lily holds her back to talk. She knows she’s going through a lot right now and assures her that sorting out Elena’s contract can wait if it needs to. Imani tells her it’s okay and she’s just grateful to have Nate around to help. She’s glad that she can look after things at work while her sister looks after their mom and admits there is some stress between them at the moment.

Imani Nate and Lily talk care Y&R

When Imani goes to Crimson Lights to get coffee, she calls her sister to say she can take as long as she wants away to help their mom. Nate finds her and she explains that everyone has decided to take her mom to a facility in Virginia — it’s what’s best for her. Nate assures Imani she did her family a good service. When she tells him how scared she is, he holds her and says it will be okay.

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In Chancellor Park, Phyllis encounters Ashland and immediately begins gloating over his downfall. She jokes about throwing Victoria a party to celebrate getting rid of him professionally and personally. She wonders who he is waiting for and if he’s looking for Harrison. Is he thinking of violating the restraining order? Locke asks who appointed her town police. When she grills him about his fake cancer, he muses on how shady everyone in this town is and how judgemental they are. Phyllis thinks he’s someone who crosses lines that he shouldn’t — just like Diane. Ashland insists that he and Diane only want a relationship with Harrison. Phyllis says he looks like a caged animal and she knows how dangerous that is.

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After Phyllis walks off, Ashland rubs his forehead. Harrison calls out to him. The kid runs into his arms and hugs him. Diane looks heartbroken as Locke tells the child how much he’s missed him. Ashland and Harrison tell each other how much they’ve been missing one another. Diane looks around, worried, and remembers Michael is trying to catch him. She leaves them to talk while she gets some Italian ice. Locke nearly tears up thanking her for this.

Harrison and Ashland in park Y&R

At Society, Michael explains to Nikki that he and Victor planned to trick Ashland into violating his restraining order so they can arrest him. He tried recruiting Diane to help. Nikki is not thrilled about that and doubts that Jenkins can be relied upon. It’s moot, the lawyer explains, because she’s refused to help anyway. Nikki just wants them both out of town.

Michael and Nikki discuss Diane Y&R

Michael and Nikki bicker about his friendship with Diane. He admits the PI firm he hired in LA found out something before he called them off the case — her record was pristine. Nikki’s disturbed he’s so gleeful to pass that information on and is sure there must be something buried deep. She doesn’t know how someone as savvy as Michael has been taken in by Diane. Just then, Diane sends a text telling Michael that Locke is with Harrison.

Kyle and Summer join Chelsea at Dive Bar. They assume she is eager to talk work. She tells them how grateful she is for the opportunity they have offered her, but she won’t be able to take them up on it. As they sit down, Summer wonders what else they can do. Chelsea explains she is taking a sabbatical for personal reasons and lists all the things that have happened. She thought her plans with Chloe would be a great challenge but the chaos and stress caught up with her. She’s just glad she realized it before she destroyed her relationship with her best friend. Kyle and Summer are disappointed but understand. The offer stills stands if and when she wants to jump back in.

Chelsea turns down Kyle and Summer Y&R

Spotting Billy, Chelsea announces she has something that will keep her busy. When he joins them, they announce she is joining his podcast. They chat about Diane, and Billy admits he’s hoping she will be able to redeem herself. He recognizes this isn’t easy for Phyllis either. Summer is impressed by how much perspective he has. It’s taken Billy a long time to become mature. Kyle gets a text from Michael that Ashland is in the park with Harrison. They run off.

Kyle and Summer discuss podcasting with Chelsea and Billy Y&R

Back at Dive Bar, Chelsea tells Billy that her instincts are telling her that working with him is exactly what she needs. Criticizing his self-reflection is making her take a hard look at herself, and she’s realized why she became such a procrastinator. It’s liberating to just be honest with herself so she can plot a new course. Billy admits he had a similar epiphany when he decided to start a podcast.

Billy and Chelsea talk ideas Y&R

Billy and Chelsea go to the podcast studio. She reminds him that they both have scandalous pasts and they can use those for their podcast. But she’s not just interested in the salacious. Chelsea wants to show that they are human beings living in a competitive world. When she was a con artist, she identified people’s weaknesses and preyed on them. She dug herself into despair.

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Billy and Chelsea need to talk about their pasts honestly, look at how they have changed and call each other out when they are glossing over things. No one knows when a gambler or con artist is cheating better than a con artist or gambler. Chelsea’s sure the listeners would eat up their crazy pasts. He points out how hard this could be for her son.

Billy and Chelsea podcasting Y&R

Chelsea explains that Connor knows everything already. Her mother told him all about it when they were staying with her. She used that as a way to teach him about how not to behave. She hopes they can do something like that with their podcast. Lily calls and reminds him to set up a meeting. He assures her he will and gets off the phone abruptly. Billy and Chelsea get back to talking about how exciting this project is. They’re on a roll so he suggests they start recording right now.

At Chancellor Park, Diane is feeling mortified as she watches Ashland play with Harrison. Michael sends a text to say he’s already called the police. Looking around, Ashland notices Nikki and Michael hiding behind a pillar. He glares over at Diane. After getting one last hug from the boy, he tries to walk off, but Kyle and Summer stop him from leaving.

Locke and Harrison caught by Michael and Nikki Y&R

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Adam tells Sally she’s in his way, Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley band together against Diane, and Victor tells Ashland no one breaks his daughter’s heart.

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