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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Ashland he’s not welcome there. Regardless, he has some things to say. She warns she won’t be rattled by him. Ashland feels she owes it to him to hear him out. Victor booms that they don’t owe him a damn thing! Victoria’s intrigued, however, and wants to know why he came back.
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Ashland claims he came back to collect his personal items. Victoria chuckles, “Seriously,” and says she had them moved into a storage unit. He can take his little knick-knacks and leave town. He intends to. Victor wants to know the real reason he’s there. Ashland knows there’s no coming back from what happened and acknowledges that they achieved what many tried to do and failed. “You beat me at my own game.” Victoria’s surprised he admitted defeat. Ashland assumes she’s the source who told the Grinning Soul about his fake cancer. He figured she’d hang onto that chip to keep him at bay. Victoria’s glad the whole world knows exactly who he is. “You have no more power.” She warns him against going on the attack. Ashland didn’t come for revenge, but rather in hopes that they would show mercy before he leaves for good — he wants one last visit with Harrison. Victor orchestrated the restraining order and is the only one who can lift it. Two phone calls — one to the judge and one to Kyle. “Please. You’ve taken everything away from me. Can’t you just give me this?”
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At Newman Media, Sally doesn’t like the sound of Adam saying he’ll find a solution but she shouldn’t ask how. Adam didn’t mean to alarm her. Sally’s just really concerned what with him talking about getting revenge on his family. Adam has no plans to get himself in trouble. Sally asks if that means he’ll get someone else in trouble. Adam asks her to trust him. Sally’s just concerned what his solution will be. No one in the executive suite will want her to stay on. Adam vows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her in that chair — it’s where she belongs. She asks, “What about where you belong?”
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Adam reminds Sally he excels at creating new opportunities for himself. Sally thinks he did a great job with Newman Media. Adam wants her to run with the potential they created. “I don’t want to run this company.” Things are different now that he’s been kicked out of the top spot. Sally doubts Victoria will trust her to run the media division. Adam will convince her. He’ll do everything he can to persuade Victoria to judge Sally solely on her merits. “You are extraordinary in every way.” They kiss. Sally thinks they should get out of there so she can show him how much she loves him.
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A giggly Allie joins Noah on the Crimson Lights patio and gushes about her first day in the Jabot lab. She starts to talk chemistry and then stops herself since he’s not feeling fulfilled with his career at the moment. Noah reassures her and thinks they should celebrate. He’d like to take her to dinner. Allie asks if he’s asking her out on a date. Noah demurs that they don’t have to call it that. She wonders if he’s come to a decision about leaving New Hope. Nearby, Sharon overhears.

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Noah tells Allie he thinks leaving New Hope is the best move for him… now he just has to figure out how to talk to his dad about it. He’ll stay on until Nick gets settled in at Newman. Allie finds that considerate. Noah fears his parents will start worrying about him again. Allie reminds him they do that because they love him so much. Noah turns the topic back to dinner and Allie tells him she’d love to go with him.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victor informs Ashland he belongs behind bars after everything he’s done to his family. Why would he let him go anywhere near Harrison? Ashland reminds Victor and Victoria that a man stripped of everything is the most dangerous. She snaps, “Is that a threat?” Locke’s just saying if you kick a dog enough times, eventually he’ll bite back. Victor warns if anyone in his family is bitten by his damn dog, he’ll kill him himself. Locke says he’ll go quietly. “You’ll never have to see me again.” He turns to go and sighs when Nick comes through the door.

Sally and Adam enter their suite at the hotel, begin kissing and undressing one anther and head to the bed. They kiss and caress each other some more before Adam lays her down on the mattress to make love.
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At Crimson Lights, Allie says she will go home to change for dinner and Noah asks to pick her up at the Abbott house. She leaves and Sharon joins her son, who explains he and Allie are going to dinner to celebrate her first day at Jabot. Sharon brings up New Hope and he guesses she overheard them. Sharon didn’t mean to, but she did. Noah admits he’s leaning in the direction of leaving and his mom is surprised. Noah feels like an outsider there — it’s his dad’s passion project, not his. Sharon thinks Nick will be thrown, but assures Noah he wouldn’t want him to stay on out of obligation. Noah still feels guilty and will stay on until a quality replacement is found. He asks Sharon to keep it between the two of them for now. Sharon wonders what would make him happy. Noah knows there’s something out there for him. She asks if he’d leave Genoa City again. He has too many reasons to stick around.

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Allie walks into the Abbott house and Traci stops her from rushing upstairs to ask about her first day. The breathless girl explains that Noah’s taking her out for dinner. Traci thinks it sounds like a proper date and urges her to go get ready. She grins as she watches Allie run up the stairs.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nick snarls at Ashland to walk out that door and never come back. He agrees that coming back was clearly a mistake. He leaves and Victor and Victoria fill Nick in on him wanting a visit with Harrison. Victoria changes the topic to Sally. Nick confesses that his recon mission didn’t go as expected.
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At the Abbott house, Traci admires Allie’s dress. Noah arrives and goggles at his date. “You look great.” She says he does too and invites him in. Traci feels like she should be taking pictures or something. She ushers them out and hopes they have a really great time.

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In their suite, Adam watches Sally sleep, caresses her hair, and then slips out of the bed.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Victoria and Victor that he never saw Sally — he ran into Adam first. He’s very invested in her keeping her job. Victor thinks that allowing Spectra to stay on will ensure that Adam will come back. Nick relays that Adam wants to speak to Victoria directly. Just then, Victoria gets a text from Adam wanting to meet. Victor hopes it means he’ll stay on as CEO of Newman Media if she’ll keep Sally on as COO.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Traci talk about how adorable it is that Noah and Allie are on their first real date. Sharon just wants her son to be happy, but admits she’s concerned about him. She thought he’d settled into a career path, but now she’s not so sure. Traci understands that Sharon thinks Noah needs guidance. She muses that he’s an artist and his path may not be straight and clear — she can relate. He may need to explore until he finds the thing that makes him the happiest. “He is going to find his way.”
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Noah and Allie arrive at Society to find Nick and Victor at the bar. Noah decides they should go say hi before they sit down, so they saunter over and Noah introduces her to his grandfather, who has never met Allie before.
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Victor invites them to join him and Nick, but Noah balks. Nick reveals he hasn’t told his father the big news about New Hope yet. Noah’s face falls, but he goes along with it. Allie and Noah make their way to their table as Nick watches.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria wants Adam to get to the point and assumes he’s there to ask for his spot back as CEO of Newman Media. Adam says that ship has sailed and makes his pitch for Sally being able to take the division to new heights. Victoria notes that her association with him makes it possible she’d tank Newman Media. Adam argues she has no intention of doing such a thing and wants to elevate her reputation in the business world. Victoria’s looked into her past and is skeptical. Adam argues she’s genuinely changed, and Victoria doesn’t need to fear her. “If you give her a chance, she will surprise you.” Victoria asks how she’s supposed to do that when her primary loyalty is to him! Adam assures her she doesn’t have to worry about that. “You don’t have to worry about my influence on Sally anymore.” Victoria’s not buying it. Adam declares that there is no Sally and Adam anymore. “It’s not working out so I’m breaking it off. It’s over.”

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At Society, Allie asks Noah if he’s having second thoughts about stepping away from New Hope. Noah doesn’t want to discuss it — tonight is about her. She smiles, but he casts a frustrated look toward his dad.

In the hotel suite, Sally awakens to find Adam gone.

At Society, Victor tells Nick there’s been no word from Adam or Victoria. Nick hopes they come to an understanding, but his main concern in Ashland. Victor knows he’s out for revenge and questions how long he’ll stick around. Nick thinks they need to warn Kyle and Summer he’s around. Victor couldn’t agree more. “Who knows what that sonofabitch is up to next. We’ve got to stay vigilant.”

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In his room at the GCAC, Ashland downs a scotch and turns toward a stack of boxes. He opens one, digs around inside, and pulls out the ring Victoria gave him. He flashes to her telling him it represents who he is now and him marveling that she did the research. Locke cries as he remembers them embracing and him telling her there are a million reasons he thanks God that she came into his life. Standing up, he turns and throws the ring at the wall, letting out an anguished sound. He then proceeds to trash the hotel room and all of his belongings while crying out.
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