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Lauren meets Chelsea at Society and is enthusiastic about seeing her new designs. Cheslea’s forced to break the news that there are no new designs. “I had to take a sabbatical from designing.” Lauren’s jaw drops as Chelsea explains she had to put her mental health ahead of her job. The redhead asks where Chloe is in all of this. Chelsea has dissolved their partnership. Lauren fumes that she doesn’t want to seem uncaring, but she took a chance on her despite their past differences and Fenmore’s is waiting on a line from her in a few weeks. Chelsea offers up the services of a designer friend in New York. Lauren will try it given she doesn’t have much choice. She knows she’s doing this for her emotional well-being and asks if there’s anything she can do for her. Chelsea has to do this by herself.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy, Devon, Lily and Nate listen to Abbott’s latest podcast about relationships. They all like it. Billy reveals that he and Chelsea accidentally kept recording. He plays her take on the subject and their back and forth on the topic. Billy explains that he thinks there’s something there. Lily asks if he’s suggesting that he and Chelsea should do the podcast together. Billy nods. He hasn’t asked Chelsea about being on-air talent yet and wanted to run it by them first. It would be someone to hold him accountable. They can keep it fun and light and not so… dour. Lily mutters, “Oh God, I’m never going to live that down.” Devon chuckles when he learns that she and Chelsea told Billy his podcast was depressing. Nate is glad someone finally said it. They all like the idea of Chelsea joining the show and decide to give it a trial run. Billy just has to convince his “co-host.”
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In her suite, Imani confirms her dinner reservations for two for tonight. Amanda arrives, notes her outfit and asks if she is going out. Imani lies that she has a work dinner with Nate and Sally Spectra to talk about getting Elena out of her contract. Amanda wonders why it’s the first she’s hearing of it and asks if her sister took it upon herself to set this up. Imani explains she was busy with their mom, and it wasn’t a big enough deal to bother her. Amanda offers to join them, but Imani insists it’s not necessary. Amanda huffs. Are they really back to her trying to spend time with Nate? Especially when Elena’s out of town? Imani fumes, “Enough, Amanda!” She scoffs at the idea that she would put the moves on Nate during a business dinner and informs her if she’s trying to make up for years of not being a big sister, this is not the way to do it. Imani suddenly gets a text from her dad saying Naya had a minor seizure. She tells Amanda she should go — their mother is asking for her.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick updates Victoria that the kids were surprised he was coming back, and that Faith plans to come after his job. Victoria loves the idea of watching her come up through the ranks; the business needs to stay in Newman hands. Talk turns to Ashland and Victoria feels the Grinning Soul podcast didn’t go far enough. She’s keen for the world to know what a lying monster he is and thinks he’s dead in the business world. Nick’s still worried about him and warns that their dad thinks he’s making his way back to Genoa City. Victoria knows that Ashland booked a charter out of New York but feels there’s nothing he can do to hurt her. Nick isn’t so sure and wants her to have a security detail. Victoria is over talking about Ashland and wants to talk business. She thinks now that Adam’s decided to move on it’s time Ms. Spectra followed suit. Nick asks, “You want to fire Sally?” Victoria thinks it’s a perfectly reasonable option. She was never qualified, and she’s proven in the past she can’t be trusted. Nick questions it might be too harsh. Victoria will offer her an impressive severance package. She wants to surround herself with people who are loyal to her. She doesn’t want Adam at Newman. Nick will go feel Sally out. If Adam is truly stepping away, Victoria won’t have to step in unless necessary. Victoria agrees and thanks him.

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In his suite, Ashland listens to the podcast with a grim look on his face. Adam knocks and says, “Open it up, Ashland.” Locke answers the door and asks how he found him. Adam is still his father’s son and warns he won’t be able to hide in Genoa City long. Ashland asks what he wants. Adam counters, “The question on everyone’s mind is, ‘What do you want?’” Adam guesses he’s back for payback. He also thinks Ashland purposely sought him out at Crimson Lights to let him know they were of like minds. Adam admits to being intrigued. Locke needles him about losing the CEO position so quickly. Adam jabs back about the Grinning Soul podcast. He tells Locke he’ll be straight with him — he hated what he did to his family, but they’ve since let him know he’s disposable and he’s sick and tired of being pushed aside and used. “I’m finally done with every single one of them.” As they get into what happened between Locke and Victoria, Adam says he actually believed Ashland loved her. Locke mutters, “They’re a bunch of hypocrites.” He decides Adam really does want the same thing as him. Adam recaps, “To take down our enemies. Where do we start?”
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In her office, Sally texts Chloe that there have been new developments and she should call her. Just then, Victor appears. He comes in, sits down, and informs her they need to clear up a few things while taking in the sign on her desk that says, ‘Sally Spectra, CEO Newman Media’.
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Victor asks if Sally knows Adam’s next move. She insists she doesn’t even after he warns her not to lie. Victor muses that he and Adam created Newman Media and he made it a force to be reckoned with, whereas Sally has no experience in this field. Sally defends herself. She has the necessary skillset and is willing to prove herself. Victor informs her that if she wants to prove herself to him, she’ll have to convince Adam to return to his rightful place as CEO of Newman Media. Sally wonders why Victor can’t accept the decision Adam made to walk away. Victor holds up her nameplate and explains he knows she has influence over him. “You convince him to come back here and assume his proper role as CEO of Newman Media.” Sally senses this is something she shouldn’t refuse. Victor intones, “You have a nice day,” and walks out. Sally picks up the phone and leaves Adam a voicemail. She just had a visit from his father and they need to talk.

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At the GCAC, Ashland questions if Adam is really ready to commit to this. Adam wants his family to be sorry for the way they’ve treated him. The easiest way to achieve that is for he and Ashland to help each other. Ashland muses that he’s not on the inside — how can he possibly help him? Adam knows how the family operates and the buttons to push with his father and Victoria. If his plan is to hurt them, he’s in… 100%.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate has to go meet with Imani and Sally. Devon has one more order of business. He asks if Lily thinks it’s appropriate for Billy to be giving so much focus to the podcasts given they’ve just done a major merger. He notes Billy ran out before their meeting was over and he’s concerned about the energy it’s taking up and what it may be taking it away from. Nate thinks he was just excited. Devon’s glad he has enthusiasm, but he doesn’t want it to get in the way of Billy being Lily’s CEO. Lily breaks the news that his “other” podcast just brought in record numbers — he’s the Grinning Soul. She thinks he’s doing as much as they are to contribute to the success of Chancellor-Winters.
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At Society, Lauren stops Billy to say she heard his latest podcast. He stops her and assures it’s a work in progress. Lauren continues out the door and Billy joins Chelsea. He surprises her by asking her to become his co-host.

At Newman Media, Adam spots Nick heading toward Sally’s door and asks him if it feels good; stepping in to replace him. Nick insists his career change has nothing to do with him and reminds his brother that he chose to leave. Adam asks why he’s there. If there’s a problem, he’d like to know. He cares about Sally and the job means the world to her. Nick warns that he has a feeling if Adam doesn’t return to Newman Media, Vick’s going to fire Sally.

Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and admires Victoria as he watches her work. She’s already made some important decisions and wants to set everything right again — starting with Sally Spectra. Victor warns, “Not so fast,” and explains he feels she’s essential for a while.

At Newman Media, Adam argues to Nick that Sally shouldn’t be let go because she’s romantically involved with him. Nick tells him if he came back to be CEO, no one would have a problem with her sliding back into her role as COO. Adam would have a problem with it. Nick asks, “Would it be that awful to work with the family?” Adam offers to come back as COO, but Nick says it won’t work — Victoria wants someone more experienced. Adam asks Nick to let him talk to Sally first. Nick will make sure no one talks to Sally until the morning. He walks off and Adam enters Sally’s office. She asks who he was talking to out there.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon can’t argue with the numbers on the Grinning Soul podcast. Amanda comes in, shaken, and announces her mom took a seizure and she has to go. Devon follows her out so they can head home but stops her to give her a hug. He’ll go with her to see Naya. Amanda, grateful, tears up and embraces him again.
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At Society, Imani lies to Nate that something came up and Sally had to cancel. Nate sighs and was really hoping to get the ball rolling. He is about to order some takeout when Imani asks if he would stay tonight — she could really use someone to talk to.

Elsewhere in Society, Billy makes his pitch to Chelsea to be his co-host and remarks on their connection. Chelsea decides it would be genuinely healing and a whole lot of fun. Billy beams.

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At the bar, Nate reassures Imani about her mother’s seizure. She confides that the hardest part is that when Naya could finally say something, it was Amanda’s name. Nate understands and is glad he could be there for her — it’s times like this she should lean on her friends.
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At Newman Media, Sally tells Adam that Victor wants her to convince him to come back to the media division. Adam finds this to be a game on his father’s behalf. He’s sick of it and vows that Sally isn’t going anywhere. “I’m going to take care of everything.” Sally asks how he’s going to do that. Adam intones, “You don’t want to know.”

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria scoffs at the idea that Sally is essential. Victor wants her to convince Adam to return to Newman Media. Victoria wants to make a clean sweep and put somebody new in charge. Just then, Ashland walks in. Victoria’s eyes pop out of her head as he muses, “Oh good, you’re both here. I have some things I want to say.”
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