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Kyle comes upon Phyllis in the park and wants to discuss the truce with his mother. Phyllis is only talking to Diane as an act of mercy and it was she who convinced his father to let him decide whether to allow his mother back into his life or not. Kyle appreciates that. Phyllis warns him it only goes so far and advises him to take her off the invite list for all things celebrating Diane Jenkins. Kyle knows his mother pushed things by inviting her to join the toast the other day. Phyllis vows she won’t break the truce, but warns his mother will soon show her true colors. Kyle argues that him giving her a job will give her purpose. Phyllis warns again that things will deteriorate… and she will be there to help pick up the pieces.

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Kyle counters that Phyllis is the one who just showed her true colors by using his father. Offended, Phyllis runs down that Diane is evil and will hurt him and everyone else in this town. Kyle feels it’s clear the truce she offered is just for show. Phyllis thinks they should stop talking, but Kyle assures he’ll remain civil. He argues that he believes his mother is coming from a good place and warns Phyllis not to get in the way of him getting this chance with her or he’ll do whatever is necessary to protect Diane. Phyllis reels, “Wow,” and warns this is a very unfortunate choice that he and her daughter will come to regret.

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At the coffee house, Summer finds Diane behaving distracted, but she insists she’s fine and wants to talk about ideas for Marchetti. Summer breaks the news that she’s meeting someone and it’s best they and Diane don’t cross paths. Diane learns she’s waiting for Nikki and insists she’s not afraid of running into her — they all need to learn to co-exist. Summer’s still not convinced it’s a good idea. Diane agrees to go but runs into Nikki at the door. Nikki fumes. They trade barbs and Diane lets her nemesis know she’s not leaving and has been hired at Marchetti. Nikki sneers that she had high hopes for that company, which is now sure to fail. Diane tries another apology, but Nikki’s not interested. “No one wants you here.” Diane says Kyle does and warns Nikki to accept her or find a way to pretend she’s not around.
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At the Abbott mansion, Traci invites Allie to go outside with her, but she had earpods in. She takes them out and relays that she’s preparing for her internship, which starts this afternoon. Traci offers to answer any questions she may have. Allie has a question, but it’s not about the Jabot. “What’s going on with Jack and Phyllis? Are they a couple?” She senses everything has changed since L.A. and thinks Phyllis asked her to coffee to fish for information on Jack. Traci admits their relationship may have cooled off and suggests she ask Jack about it.

At Society, Nick holds a family meeting with Sharon, Noah and Faith. He updates the kids that Victoria is back where she belongs. Faith senses there’s more news. Nick explains that he’s going back to Newman. “What do you guys think?” Faith admits it’s not what they expected, and Noah agrees. Nick assures them he’s thought about the repercussions and believes it will make him happy. Noah wonders what will happen to New Hope. Nick will leave it in capable hands. “Yours.” Faith teases Noah for being left speechless and offers her congrats. Noah will do the best he can. “I won’t let you down.” Talk turns to Faith going off to college soon and the girl reveals she’ll be taking two majors and will do her summer internships at Newman. They all marvel at her knowing what she wants.

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane stops in with Harrison’s toy fox and fishes to find out if Jack is there. Allie relays that only she and Traci are home and suggests that Diane leave the stuffed animal with her and go. Diane takes the opportunity to remind Allie that she wouldn’t even know she was an Abbott if not for her and that she owns her father’s former home… which Allie is welcome to use whenever she wants. Allie starts gathering up her things as Diane complains that Summer’s side of the family hasn’t been as welcoming to her as the Abbotts. Allie guesses she means Phyllis and doesn’t want to get involved. She needs to get going. Diane continues to rant that she’s on the top of Phyllis’ most hated list and the woman takes the smallest opportunity to start trouble with her. She senses Allie wants to keep her at arm’s length, but warns that she should extend the same caution to Phyllis, who will use her to get what she wants.

Traci comes in and Diane shows herself out. Allie tells her great aunt she’s having the same bad feeling from Diane that she got from Phyllis — she’s trying to buddy up to her to get information on Jack. Traci thinks the women should know better and advises Allie to stay clear of both women. Traci explains Jack can take care of himself and she and Ashley are there for him. Allie adds that now they have her as back up. Traci smiles.
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On the coffee house patio, Nikki confronts Summer with, “Why on earth would you give that woman a job?” Summer guesses she ran into Diane.
Summer Nikki Y&R

Nikki goes on about Diane not being qualified to work at Marchetti and questions if it’s even legal to hire her when she was declared legally dead. Summer wonders if she might consider forgiving Diane. Nikki shakes her head, “Absolutely not.” She warns they all need to be on guard and tells Summer she’s playing right into her hands. If she truly wants to protect Kyle and the company, she needs to open her husband’s eyes to who Diane really is. Summer doesn’t want to tell him how to feel about his mother. Nikki predicts Diane will soon show her true colors and then the only way they’ll get rid of her is for Kyle to totally reject her — she’s willing to do anything she can do to help speed that along. Summer changes the subject to Marchetti and Nikki lets her know how proud she is of her.
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At Society, Nick tells Noah how good it is knowing New Hope’s in good hands. Faith offers to help out when she has spare time. Nick feels everyone is doing what they’re meant to be doing. Noah abruptly gets up and says he has to return a call. He walks to the doorway and texts Allie to meet while looking back at his family with a frown.

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In the park, Noah updates Allie that his dad is going back to Newman and leaving him in charge of New Hope. Allie thinks it’s a huge vote of confidence… but he looks miserable. Noah relays this was never meant to be a permanent career path and Allie has helped him to realize he’s been trying to be something that he’s not. He was going to let his parents know today that he was ready to move on, but then his dad sprung this news. Allie realizes he didn’t want to disappoint them. She advises Noah to trust himself. “If you don’t want to stay at New Hope, then don’t.” Allie urges him to pursue his passion relentlessly. Noah just has to figure out how to relay this news to his father. “I can’t help but feel I’m leaving him in the lurch.” Allie pauses, then asks if going in a new direction means Noah is contemplating leaving Genoa City. Noah smiles that he has too many reasons to stay now. Allie again urges him to listen to himself. Noah thinks maybe she can help him figure it out. She’d like that.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith tells Sharon and Nick that her favorite course has to do with how to take over the family business — she’s talking about Newman. Sharon can’t shake the feeling that Noah is ambivalent about taking over at New Hope. Nick thinks he’s fine, but asks Faith what she thinks. She says he’s an adult and if he doesn’t want the job, he’ll tell him.

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Phyllis comes upon Summer and Nikki on the Crimson Lights patio and offers to leave them to it, but Nikki wants her to stay. She asks her opinion on getting the dirt on what Diane was up to in L.A. in order to prove to “certain” people that she’s not to be trusted. Phyllis finds this to be an interesting approach and asks what she can do to help as Summer gives her mother a warning look.
Summer Nikki Phyllis Y&R

Nikki wants to pool their resources, but Summer intervenes, “No!” They don’t work together on anything and she reminds her mother she’s not to plot against someone she has a truce with. Nikki gawps. “You have a truce with that woman?!” Phyllis assures Nikki it’s not about forgiveness. Summer explains she’s doing it for her. Nikki fumes that this is shocking. She doesn’t understand how Phyllis can stand by and let that woman wheedle her way into her daughter’s life after everything she’s done. Phyllis holds her head and blurts to Summer, “I cannot do this! She’s right. That woman will be your downfall and working with her is a horrible idea.” She turns to Nikki, “We have to get her out of town.” Summer protests, “She’s Kyle’s mother!” Phyllis doesn’t care. No one cares about Summer more than they do, and that woman is horrible and dangerous; she’s not going to keep pretending she isn’t. Just then, Kyle appears.

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