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Victoria is going through papers in her office at Newman when Nick arrives with flowers from him and his son. He tells her that she’s back where she belongs and he almost forgives her for the whole Ashland fiasco. She’s hoping she can thank him with some corporate perks. Nick announces he’s ready to rejoin the team and hopes it sticks for good this time. She wants him to be her COO and they can run things with their mom. He’s sure this will only make Adam resent them more. The topic turns to Locke and she confirms there is nothing connecting them, legally or otherwise.

Nick and Victoria return to work Y&R

Her brother worries about how vindictive he could be but she’s sure he’s been too crushed to come after her. However, she’s determined to burn him once more and explains she’s asked Billy to anonymously expose Ashland. This worries Nick. Making things public will come with a cost, not least of all to the image of the company. She’s adamant about disgracing Locke so no one will do business with him. He thinks it could backfire but she won’t listen.

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Nikki and Victor relax at Society over a meal. She slept better last night than she has in months. Taking her hands, he tells her how happy he is that things are back to normal. They hope that Nick will be coming back and work with his sister again. The only potential problem is where Adam fits into all this. For Victor’s sake, she hopes he comes around. A very perky Michael joins them and she decides to excuse herself given the lawyer’s ongoing association with “that woman.”

Nikki and Victor optimistic Y&R

Once she leaves, Michael informs Victor that Ashland gave their guy the slip and they aren’t sure where he is. This makes Victor worry. Locke is dangerous right now, but there is something Victor thinks the lawyer can do.

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In Sally’s office, Adam asks where things stand with Chloe. She’s interested but worried about where things stand. Sally recalls that he was furious last time his family turned on him, but he calmed down and stuck it out. Is he ready to walk away from the family and the company this time? He assures her he will never rob her of her position in the company. Sally’s moved by this. No one has ever had this much faith in her abilities. That means more to her than the job itself. He doesn’t need to make a sacrifice for her. He assures her it’s no sacrifice; it’s a relief to get away from his family’s crap, their endless contempt and condescension. If he doesn’t get away from them, he’s going to explode. She wonders how much of this rage was sparked by what Locke said to him. “I know what I’m doing,” he insists. Looking him in the face, she tells him she has his best interests at heart, Ashland does not. He knows she means well but no one knows what it’s like to be the Newman black sheep. “Please don’t give up,” she urges, sure everyone will eventually see he’s the best person to run the company.

Adam tells Sally doen with Newman Y&R

Adam explains he’s never really been in the running and he’s tired of playing by the rules. Even if there is blow-back, he can’t wait to see how sweet it would feel to get even. “Is that really how you feel son?” Victor asks as he peers in.

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After he sends Sally out, Victor encourages his son to stay and work with his siblings. Adam assumes Nick is back and that means he’s staying at Newman Media. His father points out that it’s a big, standalone company. Adam reminds him he’s been made CEO of the parent company twice already and treated as a placeholder. Victor claims he’s instructed Victoria to treat him with respect and consideration. His son doesn’t think she will do that. After all, he certainly hasn’t. He’s only ever been tolerated, not appreciated. Getting upset, Victor reminds him of all the damage he did to the company when he first came. If he is vengeful now, he will only confirm the suspicions his siblings have of him. “I’m out!” Adam declares, refusing to try once again to be part of the family in the hopes it gets him somewhere. Victor warns that he’s tried to integrate in the past, but if he walks away this time, he will be breaking his father’s heart.

Nikki drops by her daughter’s office and finds her going over architectural plans with her brother. She’s thrilled when Nick tells her he’s coming back. After they hug, she tells them their father will be so thrilled. Victor joins them and they fill him in. Victoria announces she has champagne on ice already. Nikki asks if her husband wants to call Adam. He explains his son no longer wants any part of the family business. They ponder what to do with Sally for a minute and then Victoria just wants to get out the champagne. Once the drinks are poured, they toast to Nick and Victor tells them how happy all of this makes him. It’s the beginning of a new era. Nick offers a toast to his father, who made all of this possible.

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Sally tracks Adam down at Society. He explains he told his father where he stands. His father made a half-hearted attempt to ask him to stay. It didn’t amount to much more than requesting Victoria be nicer to him. Insulted, he quit. She’s startled by how fast this is happening and wonders if she should quit too. He doesn’t expect or want that. Spectra doubts his siblings will want her around. Adam wonders if he should have stayed longer to protect her but says he couldn’t deal with them anymore. She gets it and will have his back. She’ll land on her feet like she always does. Regardless of what he does, she’s going to need to watch her back because things are about to get ugly at Newman.

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On the Crimson Lights patio, Billy tells Lily how great it will be to have Chelsea giving him feedback on his personal podcast. Victoria has asked him to do a podcast on Ashland for the Grinning Soul. Worried Lily asks if he agreed to that as it could be a legal nightmare. He’s aware of that but thinks this is different from what happened at ChanceComm. Victoria won’t set them up the same way Gaines did. She makes it clear that Victoria’s involvement is not the selling point he thinks she is. He thinks the world needs to know about Ashland before he takes advantage of someone else. Lily can understand that but that doesn’t mean they should do this. Billy promises to talk to Amanda about it first. If the lawyer gives the go-ahead, Lily cautious agrees, then he can go for it.

Billy Lily discuss Locke podcast idea Y&R

Billy goes to his podcast studio and starts his episode on Locke, explaining that no one should feel sorry for him. His whole disease was a scam, just like everything else he does.

Diane and Harrison eat ice cream in the park and she tells him how much his father loved to eat it. Ashland watches them from behind a pillar. When the kid runs off to play with friends, Diane spots Locke. She reminds him he’s not supposed to be near the child. He misses him and wants to see him, even if it has to be from a distance. Although she feels for him, she can’t help him and risk jeopardizing things with Kyle.

Diane meets with Michael at Crimson Lights. He asks if she has to have a chaperone when she takes Harrison out and is impressed to learn she’s earned trust from the Abbotts already. The lawyer tells her that Locke may be on the way back and might approach her on one of their outings. She says if he did, she would tell him it was inappropriate and bring Harrison home immediately. “That’s exactly what I don’t want you to do,” he says. They could catch him violating the restraining order. That sounds like something Victor would plan, she says. Diane wants no part of it, even if Michael thinks it could buy her some goodwill from the Newmans. However, she does confirm that she saw Locke today and did exactly what she told him she would do.

Ashland returns to his suite, frustrated he couldn’t say hello to his son. He gets a text about the Grinning Soul’s latest podcast. “What fresh hell is this?” he asks.

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