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At Crimson Lights, Nikki tells Nick that if a few sleepless nights is what it took to get rid of Ashland, then it was worth it. They toast to better days and she asks if he’s considering coming back to Newman. He suspects his sister’s job offer was more of a gesture of good will. His mom thinks it’s more than that and she’s happy to see her children are closer again. Nick will always support his sister, regardless of how exasperating she is. His mother thinks Victoria genuinely appreciates his instincts. Although she feels he should do whatever makes him happy, Nikki knows Victor would be thrilled to see them working together again.

Nick and Nikki discuss his return Y&R

Nick can’t handle all the turmoil and rivalries. Neither of them can even blame Adam for being angry about what’s happening now. They sense Victor can’t resist pitting him against Victoria all the time. This is part of why Nick is reluctant to go back. He’s got a great life and likes what he does. The only thing that’s making him consider a return is his concern for Nikki, who is always stuck in the middle of these fights. This crisis might be over but there’s no way Locke will take this lying down and serious problems are no doubt on the way. All of this thoughtfulness makes Nikki smile and she explains that she’s sure Victoria wants him in a high position because he has a unique vantage point and has grown out of needing his father’s approval. “You could be the moral compass,” she says. Nick reveals that Sharon said something similar to him. His mother hopes he considers it.

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Victor enters Society and finds Adam sitting at the bar. He tells him that storming out of that meeting with his siblings was inappropriate. Adam claims it was just honest. He shakes his head as Victor goes on about how proud he should be of his sister. “Are you kidding me right now?” Adam asks. He can feel the ground crumbling beneath his feet. His father insists he was not manipulating him, and Adam points out that his sister played both of them. The Mustache refuses to listen to any criticism of her. He wants them to work together as a family, not fight like gladiators. Victor reminds him of how he welcomed him into the family and all the flack he got from his siblings for it. He points out how close he and Nick have become. “I only had to give up one of my kidneys,” Adam jokes. Victor reveals that Victoria has asked Nick back to the company and he’s hopeful that he will accept it. He wants all three of his children to pool their considerable skills — together they’d be formidable. Adam can’t argue with that.

Adam and Victor discuss future Y&R

In the Newman office, Victoria recaps her entire situation for Billy. Everything went exactly as she planned it. He thinks it was brilliant and admires everything she did. She says it’s sweet of him to be happy her father got his money back. Billy is only happy it’s not in Locke’s pocket. Sitting down, he guesses that Adam is going to try and exploit this to hold it over her head. She dismisses all that and repeats she’s made everything right again. Victora’s plan is just to forget Ashland now. Billy’s relieved to know Locke won’t be part of their kids’ lives and notes that Victoria’s not as fragile as he thought.

Victoria and Billy discuss revenge Y&R

The topic turns back to Adam. Smiling, Victoria says he senses he won’t be running Newman for long. They chat about their children and their time at camp. Victor strolls in and notices Billy-Boy is there. He orders him out and lets him know that his daughter has gotten better at getting rid of her toxic exes.

Once Billy departs, Victor sits down and complains about the “idiot.” When he jumps into discussing business, Victoria stops him and asks him to be honest: “How upset are you with me?” Before he answers, he wants to know how much Billy knew about her plans. His daughter admits he knew nothing. That’s a relief but he wonders why she didn’t confide in him. She didn’t want her father to have to lie to her mom. After they go over how she handled everything, Victoria asks if she still has a job. Victor commends her again for taking revenge. He’s very proud of how capable she is.

Victor proud of Victoria Y&R

Victoria’s eager to get Nick back into the company. Victor admits he has no clue which way his son is leaning, but he gets the sense that he is prioritizing his family more than he has in a long time. He’s been impressed by Nick’s loyalty. Victoria is learning to appreciate that too. Her father hopes she can extend that to Adam as well. This leads to them bickering and he insists she needs to take what his son has to say seriously. He’s sure that Adam has been working hard for the family and won’t compromise that.

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In a suite at the GCAC, Ashland answers a knock on his door — it’s his man Stannis, who previously worked for him in Peru. Locke chastises the man for bungling the situation in South America with Michael Baldwin and then offers him a chance to redeem himself. This time the target will be much more manageable. “My wife.” Locke wants Stannis to keep tabs on Victoria while he keeps a low profile. He wants to know everything she does.

Locke settles in Y&R

Billy finds Adam at Society and starts taunting him about Victoria’s return. “Did you even get a chance to unpack?” he asks. How many times has Victor given him the hook? Adam tells him to go to his pathetic podcasting room. Smugly, Billy continues gloating as Stannis eavesdrops from a nearby table. As Billy goes on about the pleasure of watching Adam’s life fall apart, Adam reminds him that he’s most dangerous when his back is up against the wall.

Billy taunts Adam Y&R

Chloe finds Chelsea in the park. They watch Connor playing soccer in the distance. Chelsea thanks her for coming to meet after she snapped at her. Her friend clarifies that she was only looking out for her, not criticizing. That only makes it worse on Chelsea’s part. She feels like she owes her friend so much for all the opportunities Chloe created for her. She doesn’t want to let her down. “We need to dissolve our partnership,” Chelsea announces. Chloe thinks this is an overreaction but her friend thinks this is the only solution. She knows that Chloe has put her heart and soul into their line, but she can’t do it. This is the best thing for their friendship.

Chloe and Chelsea end business Y&R

“Sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” Chelsea asks. She feels like she’s been trying too hard to make other people happy and doesn’t have the energy to do that anymore. Chloe isn’t angry; she supports her doing this to take care of herself. Chelsea will inform Summer and Lauren that she is voiding her deals with both of them. Her friend says it’s better that they lose the business partnership than their friendship. Chelsea is sure plenty of people will be happy to hire her. Chloe assures her she doesn’t need to worry about that.

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As soon as she’s alone, Chloe calls Sally and tells her she wants to discuss her job offer further.

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