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On the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki hopes Victor is right and his plan will work. He gets a text from the pilot and informs his wife and Nick that Victoria is flying back to town alone. Nick suggests they not get over-excited about this. Billy wanders in and wonders why they are all looking so serious. Victor sneers at him and the “trivial crap” he’s mentally mired in for his “stupid podcast.” Billy smugly tells them he’s happy that Victoria is finally breaking free of the man who has been pulling her strings since she was in diapers. Nick tells Billy this is a family matter and directs him out.

Victor, Nikki and Nick wait for news YR

Victor complains about what a “constant pain in the ass” the Abbott is. Nikki wonders if her daughter is returning to confront Victor about pushing the investors away. They speculate. Victor arches an eyebrow and looks away. His wife asks what happens if she returns to the company. He’s not making any plans now. Nick agrees they should leave everything in the air.

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In New York, Ashland is surprised when he walks into the suite and finds Victoria packing her bags. She claims she wasn’t planning to sneak away without him. He had to come back and grab his tablet. He thought she was on her way to the lawyer’s office and notices Victor has sent her a text. Reading it, he sees the jet is on the way. Standing up, she admits she sent for the jet. This is her decision alone. Locke wonders if she is having second thoughts about walking away from her family. Victoria could never walk away from them. That he believed she could only shows how little he knows her. She informs him this move to New York was calculated to cut ties with him and end his relationship with her and her family for good.

Victoria rubs Ashland's face in it YR

Victoria tells Ashland he behaved exactly as she expected. Now, she’s drained his account and he has nothing, just as he deserves. Every moment they’ve had has been a lie. She suffered at the prospect of watching him die from a non-existent disease. The truth didn’t just break her heart, it crushed her. Even saving her life from a car wreck probably wasn’t a selfless act. He didn’t deserve that payoff money. She’s not even sure he’s capable of feeling guilt and she decided she wouldn’t let him take advantage of her family. This has only been payback; she’s lied and deceived him in the same way he did her.

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In Sally’s office, Adam reluctantly admits that Chloe doesn’t have to be a fan of his to be a good fit as her COO. They discuss all the tension between Chloe and Chelsea. He thinks his ex has been avoiding her emotional well-being since Rey died. Sally gets the impression Chelsea is near the end of her rope. She’s startled when Adam informs her that she’s been offered a designer position at Marchetti. He’s sure that Chelsea will spin out under pressure. Spectra suggests that parting ways could be the best thing for both of them. Adam tells “Madame CEO” to hire away and assures her he never had any personal issues with Chloe. He has total faith in Sally’s judgment. She loves how supportive he is.

Sally and Adam strategize YR

Adam gets a text telling him the Newman jet has been sent to New York. He calls the pilot and learns this is because of Victoria. Immediately, he assumes this means that his sister is in and he’s out. Spectra urges him not to assume the worst-case scenario but he doesn’t see this playing out any other way. Sitting down, she recaps Victoria’s big exit with Ashland and suggests maybe she is just coming back to make peace with her folks. Adam is sure there is a lot they don’t know. As he gets antsy, she urges him not to panic. It will cloud their thinking when they need to be at their sharpest. He thanks her. They need more information so they can act accordingly.

Adam finds his family sitting at Crimson Lights. He was going to use the jet to take Connor to a baseball game in Pittsburgh and learned his request was bounced because Victoria requested it. He wonders why this is, given that she doesn’t even work for the company or want anything to do with the family. Victor relays that the jet is bringing Victoria back to Genoa City. Adam asks the nature of the visit… or is it more than just a visit? Victor crosses his arms and says nothing.

Adam questions the jet YR

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At Society, Chloe bickers with Chelsea about how she treats her and her deadlines. “You’re all over the place. I can’t keep up,” Chloe complains. She’s had to navigate her ups and downs and she’s impossible. Things can’t go on this way. Chelsea declares that without her, there is no business. Her friend just wants them to find a better way to communicate. Chelsea can’t believe she’s hearing this and is sick of not being appreciated more. Chloe’s jaw drops. She’s supported her through so much, even criminal activity. Even at Chelsea’s lowest, Chloe was there, bending over backward for her. She set up a whole fashion platform for her — it’s impossible for Chloe to comprehend Chelsea suggesting that she’s not a good enough friend. When they bring up the Marchetti job, Chelsea accuses Chloe of treating her like an irresponsible child. “If you want out, be my guest!” she blows up, storming out.

Chelsea rants at Chloe YR

Chelsea bumps into Billy on the way out. Seeing she’s distraught, he follows.

In the park, Chelsea complains to Billy that Chloe has really gotten to her. They have been disagreeing a lot and their partnership has gotten personal. He says that he and Lily have disagreements as well but they talk them out. She vents about having her buttons pushed. Chelsea then wonders if perhaps she’s projecting since Chloe has been the best friend she’s ever had…

Chelsea and Billy talk in the park YR

Billy compliments Chelsea on her insight but suggests she not start a podcast because it would be a real downer. They have a chuckle about that. He admits that what she said about his podcast hit him hard because he realized that she was right. She concedes that Chloe was right too. That’s why she’s so upset.

Back at Society, Sally corners Chloe, who warns her that she is in a lousy mood. Sally assumes this is because of Chelsea. She thought she could use someone to talk to… and maybe an option.
Sally has an offer for Chloe YR

In New York, Victoria refuses to believe Ashland can even feel love. She’s taken away his fortune to hurt him as much as she can. Putting down his tablet, he tells her this isn’t what she wants. Their love was real. She admits it was on her part but every word she’s said since she got back from Switzerland has been a lie and he’s been too arrogant to see it. “You got me. Congratulations,” he says. She asks how it feels to be bested by her. He points out she just committed fraud, which makes her laugh considering his whole life has been built on fraud. She has proof of what he’s done and can destroy him with one phone call. “Was it worth it?” he asks. “Yes,” she answers, telling him that the plan was hers and so is the satisfaction of crushing him. His name and presence have been wiped from Newman — now he’s nothing and no one. Locke claims he loved her with his heart and soul. She finds that predictable and is looking forward to a life without him. “We’re through,” she says, and warns she doesn’t want to see or hear from him again. Victoria takes her  bag and walks out.

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