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At Crimson Lights patio, Nick joins his parents and Victor asks if he’s heard from Victoria. Nick hasn’t, but knows she’ll be furious about their father blocking her investors. Victor muses, “Let’s wait and see how things work out.”

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In New York, Victoria and Ashland talk possible buildings for the company. He’s found a great place in Tribeca that they can get cheap because one of their investors pulled out. He senses Victoria’s off and wonders if she’s having second thoughts.

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At Society, Chloe complains to Sally that her business partner is late for their meeting. She congratulates Sally on her promotion. The redhead has found a new calling. Chloe wishes she could find a new calling sometimes. Sally asks if her partnership with Chelsea isn’t going well. Chloe explains they’re trying to adjust, but Sally points out they worked together before and Fenmore’s seems like a dream situation. “So, what’s going on?” Chloe tries to cover, but Sally sees through it. She guesses the challenge should be sitting right there. “Your missing partner.” Chloe can’t let her bash Chelsea. Sally denies that’s what she’s doing — in fact, she’d like them all to be friends. That said, she saw them arguing and was shocked.
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Chloe explains Chelsea has been hit really hard by the death of Rey Rosales. Since then, she’s been scattered and contentious and it’s been really difficult. Sally wonders if she ever got past her issues when she came back to town and couldn’t be with Adam. Chloe insists Rey represented her second chance and it’s been emotional since he died. Sally finds this unfair to Chloe and doesn’t think Chelsea appreciates her. “You’ve done everything right.” Sally hopes Chelsea realizes what she has in Chloe — she knows all too well what it’s like to mess up a good thing. She wishes Chloe the best and walks off.

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At Newman Enterprises, Chelsea arrives with some paperwork for Adam to sign for Connor. She’s annoyed and he asks if everything’s okay. She complains that Chloe’s become a real taskmaster. Chelsea congratulates Adam on his new job. He’s confirms he’s happy, but is concerned about her lately. “Are you sure everything’s alright?” Chelsea admits she’s tired of being micro-managed by Chloe. She rants that she’s obsessed with deadlines and it’s not fun. Adam notes she’s walked a fine line with her — they have, at times, been bitter rivals. Maybe he can help. Chelsea doesn’t know what else to do. Adam suggests she suck it up and deal with it. Chelsea reveals she may not have to — she got another offer.

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Swearing Adam to secrecy, she confides that Kyle and Summer want her to design for Marchetti. Chloe doesn’t want to take it on, but she can handle it. Adam sighs. “Chelsea I have known you for a long time and honestly, I don’t think you can.” She’s great at what she does, but this Marchetti thing is too much and it’s like she’s latching onto things to fill a void. Chelsea argues the point. Adam feels she’s backsliding. She’s getting caught up in petty grievances. Chelsea scoffs but Adam continues, “Ever since Rey died you have not been yourself.” Chelsea concedes it’s been hard. Adam warns she needs to deal with it — what she’s doing now is not sustainable.
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In New York, Victoria tells Ashland they need to move quickly on the place in Tribeca and she’s hired an attorney. They also need a name for the paperwork. Ashland jokes it shouldn’t have Newman in it. Victoria agrees they should leave their names out of it and suggests Destiny Media after his saying “the hand of destiny.” He loves it. Victoria announces she’s put her $250 million in the corporate account already and he should add his $250 million before they make an offer on the building. Ashland tells her to send him the information and he will. They embrace and Victoria smiles over his shoulder.

At Crimson Lights, Nick goes inside to get a refill and Michael questions Nikki about asking Michael to dig into Diane’s past — he doesn’t want him to split his focus. Nikki notes he’s not getting any results where Ashland’s concerned and Victor hints that it will work out… sooner than anyone expects. Nikki complains that Michael will probably drag his feet looking into Diane anyway. She doesn’t understand how he’s suddenly so calm about Victoria and Ashland’s situation. Victor muses, “Trust Victoria the way you trust me.”

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Inside, Nick updates Sharon that he heard from Victoria, who confided in him, and he went to Victor. Sharon guesses Victor did everything he could to shut down their venture. Nick confirms it. Nick’s not sure he did the right thing. Sharon feels Victoria put him in a difficult position and questions, “Why would she do that?”

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In New York, Victoria shows Ashland the account and explains it’s set up so they’ll both have access. She sent him the information so they can take the next step. He starts his transfer. Victoria says that once this goes through, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with and she’ll prove to her family that she doesn’t need them hovering over her. “This will be my statement of a lifetime” Ashland pauses before making the transfer to make a speech about them renewing their commitment to each other. Not so long ago, he thought this was impossible. “This makes me so damn happy that we’re doing this together. I will never, ever give you a reason to doubt me again” Victoria declares it a new beginning for them. She loves thinking about the possibilities, especially with this building he’s found. They agree they’ll celebrate big tonight. But first, Ashland has to transfer his funds into their joint account to secure their future.
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Adam visits Sally at Newman Media and leaves a gorgeous bouquet on the desk with a card urging her to kick some ass. She beams.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick admits to Sharon that he’s wondered why Victoria confided in him about her venture and whether it was a test. If it was a message to Victor, then he was just a pawn. He fears if she comes back, her involvement in this will be a setback for them. He doesn’t have much influence in the family dynamic because he walked away from the company. If he was still involved, he’d have more influence. Sharon asks, “So what are you going to do?” Nick doesn’t know; right now he’s just worried about Victoria.
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In New York, Ashland has transferred the funds and Victoria urges him to go meet with the realtor. He’s the happiest man in the world right now. She smiles. “I’m the happiest woman.” Once he’s out the door, she picks up her tablet, takes a deep breath and looks at the bank balance of $500 million dollars. She hits, “Submit transfer” and receives a warning: “Are you sure? This operation cannot be undone.” She hesitates and then hits, “Yes.” The screen reads: “Transfer complete.” Victoria exhales.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Nikki thinks Victor is too calm, as though his plan is already working. Victor denies he’s heard anything. Nikki fears the longer Adam’s sitting in his perch, the harder it will be for Victoria to reclaim it. Victor muses, “Then Victoria had better hurry up.” Nikki wonders if he’s even thought about yanking Adam out to reinstall Victoria and hopes this will all work out. Victor just smiles, but then admits he doesn’t know if his plan will work as he has no idea where Victoria’s head is at.

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At Newman Media, Adam wants to tap into Sally’s instincts. He has a problem. He’s saddled with a COO who has know interest in his vision. Adam needs to move quickly to come up with an idea and show his father he’s indispensable. He’s done some research and there’s a major retailer they could move in on in the south. Sally thinks it’s a solid idea, but it just sounds like one Victor would have. If he wants to make a splash, he needs to do something different and surprise his father by setting the business world buzzing. “Shoot for the stars, and the moon. Hell, buy the moon. That would get people’s attention!” Adam finds this sexy and they start kissing. Sally has every confidence he’ll come up with something spectacular. She turns the conversation to her hiring a COO. She wants Chloe. Adam doesn’t think that will work. Sally feels she and Chelsea’s partnership is on its last legs. Adam doesn’t disagree, but she doesn’t have the experience. Sally makes her pitch as to why Chloe would be perfect and asks, “Do you have any other objections?” Adam says yes, “She hates me with every fiber of her being.”

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Chelsea arrives late to Society for her meeting with Chloe and wants to get to work. Chloe tells her this was very inconsiderate to not even send a text. “I’ve had it. This isn’t working.” Chelsea’s eyes get round.

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In New York, Victoria calls for the jet to be sent immediately. Outside the door, Ashland appears, slides his card in the door, grasps the handle and turns it…

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor gives Adam an ultimatum, tensions boil over with Chloe and Chelsea, and Ashland makes a shocking discovery.

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