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Amanda wanders into the lobby of the Grand Phoenix as Phyllis is having an employee clear the wine bottle and glasses from outside her suite door. The redhead updates her pal that she definitely ruined things with Jack and maybe shouldn’t have come back from Georgia at all. She explains that she took responsibility with Jack and apologized but he told her she was insincere. Amanda’s stunned to hear she also went to Diane and asked for a truce — even though it’s against every fiber in her being to be nice to that bitch. Amanda is proud of her for doing it for Summer and muses about the mother/daughter bond. Phyllis senses a change in mood and asks what’s going on with Amanda, who is clearly emotional.

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Jack arrives at home, where Diane appears from the kitchen where she was getting cookies for Harrison. “Family really does mean so much,” she croons. She updates Jack that she saw Allie in the park with Noah. He’s glad as he’d love her to put down roots. Diane reminds him that none of it would have happened if not for her. Jack smiles, “You’re not going to let me forget that, are you?” Diane notes he’s smiling at her but he advises her not to read too much into it. Diane deduces he’s cautiously ready to trust her. Jack remarks on how tenacious she is in her intent to turn things around. Diane worries she might have pushed too far with Kyle and asks Jack’s advice. She reveals she asked their son for help finding a job. Jack asks, “What about your life in L.A.?” Diane wants to be there and to pivot to a career in PR, but she fears Kyle felt on the spot. Jack won’t intervene on her behalf. “This is between you and Kyle.”

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At Chancellor Winters, Imani presses the button on the elevator and shoots Amanda a text. The elevator opens and Elena arrives. She heard about her mother’s stroke and offers support. Imani lets her know how great Nate has been. Elena is there to see her boyfriend, but Imani informs her he’s not there — he’s with Devon at Society. They get on the elevator together and Imani reaches over to push the button before Elena can while musing that it’s so funny how she knows more about Nate’s coming and goings these days than she does.
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At Society, Devon makes a dig at Nate about getting up on stage and promising 50 podcasts without ensuring they had that number produced and ready to go. Nate was assured they were in the pipeline. Devon clarifies that doesn’t mean they’re ready. They don’t have 50 podcasts and now they’re scrambling. Nate concedes that he jumped the gun on the announcement and apologizes. Devon’s mostly just busting his chops, but if he has any podcast ideas, he’d love to hear them. Elena walks in and says she has an idea. She sits and pitches a medical podcast with segments about medical mysteries. Devon thinks it’s a great idea and asks Nate what he thinks. Nate doesn’t see how they can do it — she’s the face of Ask MD Now under contract to Newman Media. Elena explains that things have been hectic there and they keep putting Ask MD Now on hiatus. Devon feels it’s a no-brainer and is sure Amanda or Imani can take care of the contract issue. Nate asks Elena, “Are you sure you have the time to commit to this?”

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Chelsea meets with Summer and Kyle at Crimson Lights and congratulates them on their acquisition of Marchetti — everyone at Fenmore’s is buzzing about it even though it’s not official. She asks what else they have up their sleeves. Summer glances smugly at Kyle. “We would like to bring you in to design a new line for Marchetti.” Chelsea’s jaw drops, but she explains she has an exclusive contract with Fenmore’s. Summer and Kyle tell her that Lauren’s on board and they believe she’s the perfect person to take over for Angelina. Chelsea wants to give them an answer, but she has to talk to Chloe. “But as far as I’m concerned… start chilling the champagne!”
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At the hotel, Amanda updates Phyllis that Naya had a stroke and it’s heartbreaking. Phyllis is so sorry and asks what she can do. Amanda assures that no one can do anything right now and it’s too soon to know her prognosis. “It’s going to be such a long process.” Amanda explains that she was glad to see her mom and that Imani urged her to go first. She’ll have to prepare her sister now to see her like that. Phyllis feels her problems are nothing compared to this and asks again what she can do. Amanda tells her Devon’s been great. Phyllis thinks she’s lucky to have a supportive man by her side. She wishes she’d done more to support that in her life. “I don’t know… I don’t know what I’m saying,” she shrugs. Amanda thinks she’s saying she loves Jack. Phyllis recaps that they’re not meant for each other — at least with Diane Jenkins in town. “She infuriates me.” Amanda urges her to dial it down and keep the peace, for Summer and Jack. Phyllis explains that he made it abundantly clear she can’t control her destructive tendencies and he said she’s only happy chasing happiness. Amanda cringes, but advises her friends to be patient. Maybe they’ll find their way back.
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Summer and Kyle arrive at the Abbott mansion in a celebratory mood. Diane says she’ll leave, but Kyle announces they’d like to offer her a job in the PR department of Marchetti. Jack and Diane are slightly taken aback. She promises not to let them down and tells Summer she appreciates her willingness to give her this opportunity. Diane marvels at what an incredible day it’s been. Jack listens to her gush, stone-faced.
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Chloe arrives at Crimson Lights where Chelsea teases she has news that may make her want to dance on the tables. She declares that she’s been asked to design for Marchetti. “Isn’t that incredible?!” Chloe shakes her head in disbelief. Chelsea wonders why she’s getting the impression that she doesn’t think this is an amazing opportunity? Chloe is trying to be realistic about how time-consuming this will be, not to mention all the work she still has to do on her own brand. “You’re spreading yourself too thin.” Chelsea is irritated and informs her that Lauren is supports this. It’s an amazing opportunity for everyone involved! Chloe is a realist and argues that the hard work starts when she finishes a sketch. “Saying no is saying yes” to making sure their current line succeeds. They argue heatedly as Chelsea accuses her of managing her. “Every time we disagree you go into baby-sitting mode. This has to stop! Now!”
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At the Abbott house, Diane wants to take everyone out to celebrate. Jack offers to hang out with Harrison, but they convince him to join them since the kid’s busy with Mrs. Martinez.
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At Society, Devon doesn’t want to get in the middle of Nate and Elena’s discussion and steps away to take a call. Elena figures that Nate is worried that their relationship can’t handle her taking on more. If she does the podcast, she’ll be joining him on his adventure and could even take a step back from the clinic. Elena loves the idea of being part of the family venture and spending more time together. Nate kisses her. Devon reappears and Elena announces she’s part of the team. He welcomes her aboard.

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Imani arrives at the hotel and Phyllis congratulates her on the launch. “I’m very sorry to hear about your mother.” She leaves the sisters to talk, and Imani nervously asks Amanda what it was like seeing Naya in the hospital. Amanda admits it almost broke her to see their mother hooked up to the machines and she’s not communicating right now. She will take care of work now so she can go see her in the hospital. Imani looks full of dread. Amanda’s sorry if she frightened her. She was afraid to see her too, but she was so happy she did. “You have to go.” Amanda warns if something happens and she doesn’t get a chance to talk to her, she’ll never forgive herself.
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At Society, Kyle, Summer, Jack and Diane discuss the merger, Chelsea having to talk over their proposition with Chloe, and raise their glasses. “Cheers!” Just then, Phyllis walks in and stops short upon seeing the happy grinning foursome. Summer spots her mother and waves. Phyllis slowly walks over. Diane chirps they’re celebrating Summer and Kyle hiring her at Marchetti. Phyllis is there to thank Abby for stepping in at the launch. Summer wants to talk to her mother about doing fashion shows at the hotel and they step aside. Diane tells Jack that maybe she and Phyllis will be able to get along. Jack looks dubious. Across the way, Summer knows her other is not okay. Phyllis tells Summer she’ll support her because she loves her. They embrace and Phyllis stares daggers at the table where Diane is laughing with Kyle and Jack.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Nate asks Imani how long it would take her to get Elena out of her contract with Newman Media. Imani asks, “Why would I want to do that?” Nate wants to do a deal with her so she can host a medical podcast for them. Imani thought she was heading out of town. Nate will have her sign contracts as soon as she gets back. Imani, resistant, rambles about them being swamped. Nate confides that Devon’s been giving him a hard time and Elena’s podcast might help him redeem himself. Imani will help Nate. He asks, “By the time she gets back, right?” Imani takes the opportunity to ask exactly how long she’ll be gone.
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At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Chelsea continue to argue at volume. Chloe won’t sit there and let Chelsea insult and disparage her and storms out after saying she has to go pick up Bella.

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