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Jack arrives at the Abbott mansion, where Kyle informs him that he’s decided to leave his position at Jabot and take on the new role at Marchetti. Summer and Kyle wait at length for a response. Jack finally says he’s not surprised, but will miss working side-by-side with his son. “It’s meant the world to me.” Kyle agrees they’ve grown closer because of it. They had a good run. Kyle chides that they’ll find more ways to spend time together outside of work. Jack assures he’s thrilled for both of them. “This is your opportunity to spread your wings and show the world what you can do. I can’t wait for you to soar.” Jack assumes Phyllis is happy about this, but Summer hasn’t told her yet. She’ll get into it when she returns from Savannah. Summer adds that she’d decided to put her anger aside where Diane’s concerned. Jack’s unconvinced and Summer admits she is too. She asks what happened between them before her mother left, but Jack won’t reveal a thing. He rushes off. Summer complains to Kyle about his father being evasive — she needs to find out what he and her mother are hiding.

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Diane meets Michael at the park. He thought it was only fair to warn her about something — Nikki wants to run her out of town. Diane scoffs; this isn’t new information. Michael advises her not to underestimate the blonde’s determination and relays — off the record — that she wants to get her hands on any and all dirt from her years in Los Angeles. “She asked me to do the digging.” He agreed, only to prove she deserves another chance. Michael asks her to tell him the truth here and now — did she break any laws or pull any stunts while she was out west supposedly rehabilitating herself? They spar verbally about whether or not people can change and Michael ends up revealing that he just spent time in a Peruvian jail. It’s evidence that when he investigates someone, he’s very thorough. Diane insists he can dig as deep as he wants into Taylor Jensen. She has nothing to hide. “I needed to turn things around and prove to myself I was worthy to be in Kyle’s life.”
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Nearby, Phyllis, still in her disguise, eavesdrops. Michael urges Diane to have patience. Eventually, people will have to admit she’s changed. He reinvented himself and now he has the life of his dreams. He loves Lauren more now that the day he married her. Diane sighs. She finds that inspirational and may not give up on the “happily ever after” herself. Phyllis, listening in, puts her hands on her hips. Michael questions if she had a love life in Los Angeles. Diane was working on herself and didn’t have time or energy for romance. Michael thinks she should put herself back on the market. Just then, Jack appears. Phyllis crosses her arms as he and Diane greet one another. Michael relays that he enjoys Diane’s company more than ever and suggests others should listen to her — they may discovery they feel the same way.

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Devon leaves his penthouse and runs into Elena. He asks her to hold that thought and re-enters his apartment. He realized he doesn’t have his tablet. They search and he asks about the hospital. Elena admits it’s been hectic, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything — especially today. She finds his tablet behind the couch cushion and then takes a call. After disconnecting, Devon asks if the call had anything to do with her good mood.

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In the hall, Elena thanks Devon for something before going into her own apartment, where Nate is on the couch. She’s glad he’s there and says she has news. She was asked to speak at a medical convention next week. Nate congratulates her. Elena continues on to say the convention is Hawaii. If he can take time off, they should go together. Nate’s not so sure that’s a good idea. Elena works to convince him. Nate thinks it’s enticing but the timing is rough with his new job. Elena reveals she’s already spoken to Devon, who doesn’t have a problem with him working remotely. Nate is irked that she didn’t talk to him first before going to Devon with this. Elena reiterates that it wasn’t planned. Nate feels it was a conversation they should have had first. He’s in a new role working to prove himself and be as professional as possible. It’s not exactly cool to have his girlfriend ask the CEO for time off. Elena throws up her hands. “I didn’t mean to overstep.” Nate doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the company, but he’s proud of her for getting the opportunity. Elena thinks is sucks that they jobs keep getting in the way of them being at each other’s big events. Nate promises they’ll take a vacation when the time is right.
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Imani joins Amanda at Crimson Lights and snaps that she doesn’t want to hear about the coffee. Amanda asks what’s wrong. Imani sighs, “It’s mom.” Amanda learns that she had a stroke earlier that day and is in the hospital. Amanda wants to go, but Imani explains no one but her dad is allowed in right now. They’re both shaken up. Amanda apologizes for downplaying Imani’s concerns about their mother previously. Imani vows they’ll stay positive together and relays that they’ll be able to call and her dad will put them on speaker so she can hear their voices. Amanda becomes emotional. Imani explains that as soon as Naya’s able, they’ll bring her home to recuperate. Amanda cries. Imani holds her hand. She knows it’s a lot to take in. Amanda just waited so long to find her mom, and now her medical condition is just getting worse and worse. It shows her how precious life is. Imani suggests Amanda go and spend some quality time with Naya, and make it count. Amanda’s surprised, but Imani knows she wants to make up for lost time. Amanda worries about work. Imani can handle whatever comes up while she’s gone. Amanda nods. “Okay, I’ll think about it.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle hates to see Summer tying herself up in knots over Jack, Phyllis and Diane. For the moment, it looks like everyone wants to move forward. Summer’s not buying that her mother has sorted out her anger. She’s worried she’s lying low and will come back with a new plan of attack.

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At the park, Jack tells Diane that she should go to the house — Kyle and Summer have news. She leaves, and Michael asks Jack if he will come around to the idea that Diane has changed. Jack is willing to admit it might be possible and hopes it’s true for Kyle’s sake. In the bushes, Phyllis crosses her arms in consternation. When Jack walks away, Michael calls, “You can come out now, Phyllis.”

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Phyllis’ jaw drops. She asks Michael, “How did you know I was there?” He explains that his “Phyllis-dar” goes off if she’s within a 50-mile radius of him and asks what’s going on — she’s supposed to be in Savannah. “Are you really following Diane around and spying on her?” Phyllis is just getting the lay of the land. She complains that some of her close personal friends have forgotten Diane’s past misdeeds. Michael rants that she needs to stop stalking in the shrubbery and maybe face the fact that the woman has changed. Phyllis maintains that she has not changed. Compared to Diane, her past is just faux pas. Michael understands her skepticism, but she shouldn’t let herself be consumed with anger. Has she thought about what’s at risk? Phyllis knows exactly what she stands to lose because of Diane Jenkins. Michael reminds her that her daughter is married to Diane’s son, and Kyle is on the path to forgiveness. They’ll be in constant contact. It’s Phyllis’ worst nightmare. Michael asks, “Do you really want to put your daughter in the horrible position of having to choose between her husband and you?”
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At the Abbott manse, Diane arrives, and Kyle fills her in on his job swap. Diane’s thrilled — for both of them. Just then, Summer receives a text from Phyllis asking her to meet her at the hotel and keep quiet about her being back. Summer claims she has a work matter to take care of and exits. Diane tells Kyle she’s so happy about his news and doesn’t want to miss another moment of his life.

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At home, Devon holds Amanda as she cries about her mom. He’s there for anything she needs. There actually is something she could use his help with — she’s tempted to go and see her mom but is worried about work. Devon assures her they have a legal team to rely on and she’ll be there if they really need her. “Family comes first.”
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In Phyllis’ hotel suite, Summer asks, “What’s with all the mystery?” Phyllis claims she wanted alone time with her, that’s all. Summer tells her the Marchetti deal is going through. Phyllis realizes they’ll be staying in Genoa City and hugs her. She asks what Jack thought and then wonders if she missed anything with Jack or Diane while she was gone. Summer relays that there is harmony in the Abbott family — it’s her she’s worried about. She’s concerned her mother will try to flat out wreck it and warns her, if that is the case, “Don’t.” Phyllis gawps, “Wow.” She insists she wants to put the animosity with Diane behind her as she’s realized the anger isn’t good for her. Summer, skeptical, responds, “That’s very… Zen of you mom.” She wants to know what happened between her and Jack. Phyllis won’t tell her anything and vows they’re all going to hit the “reset” button. Summer invites her to come with her right now to face Diane and let her know she’s ready to put the anger behind her and move on, starting today. “Can you do that?”

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At the coffee house, Elena thanks someone on the phone for covering for her last minute and complains that Nate can’t make it — she’ll be alone in Hawaii by herself. At a table, Imani overhears.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Diane seizes an opportunity with Jack, Victor works to derail Victoria’s latest venture, and Phyllis extends an olive branch.

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