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At Newman Media, Sally makes a business call before walking into her office as CEO for the first time. She looks around, sits behind the desk and beams.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor stops in to check on Adam and notes he’s making changes around the office already. Adam figures he’d better make his mark while he can, given he’s probably there for a limited time. Victor doesn’t know what he means, but Adam calls his bluff. This promotion wasn’t about his skills, instead it had everything to do with Victoria. “This is a message.” Adam knows he’s the last person she’d ever want to see in that chair. His very presence is a jolt to bring her back to reality. Victor muses that they can’t predict her reaction. Adam doesn’t know why he’s still pretending, but assures his father he’ll play his part better than he ever imagined. Victor smiles. Adam continues on to say that this gives him a chance to prove that he should be in charge of the company, and that the company runs more smoothly without Victoria and the three-ring circus that constantly surrounds her. Victor crabs about him judging his sister when she’s going through a rough patch. Adam points out she has no problem doing it to him. He’s sure his father has considered that this might now work, but either way, he plans to dazzle him right out of the gate. Victor reminds him that he once sat in that chair, he didn’t do a good job.
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Adam concedes that he stepped in before and was determined to do it his own way. Victor says, “You were arrogant, son.” Adam is disgusted by his methods, in retrospect, but he got results. H’’s a different man now and believes he’s the right one to lead the company into the next century. Adam’s pitch is interrupted when Michael walks in. Victor tells the attorney he’ll take him to discuss things at Society, and warns Adam not to screw up as he exits.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick updates Nikki that he hasn’t heard from Victoria. She complains that her daughter has cut them out, and she’s sure Ashland’s praising her for it. Nikki realizes that she must have told Billy where she was going because of the kids. Nick doubts he’ll be okay with this arrangement. Nikki doesn’t even recognize Victoria anymore after her giving up everything for this lying, conniving bastard. She fears her heart will get broken. Nick asks, “Then what?” What if she won’t seek their help because she’s too ashamed of her choices. He thinks Victor replacing his sister with Adam might be more than she can handle. Nikki grimaces. Instead of bringing her home, it could drive her away for good. Nick reveals that he and Victoria made up before she left; they’ve always had each other’s backs. He thinks they’ll have to let this thing with Ashland play out, but Nikki muses, “Not quite yet. I have another avenue I need to explore.”
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At the park, Billy leaves Victoria a message of regret about the things he said the last time they spoke. Lily comes up behind him, unseen, as he says he doesn’t want her to think that way about him. Billy doesn’t want to be one of the people stopping her from living her life on her own terms, so he’ll agree to letting her have the kids stay with her wherever she lands. “I want you to be happy, Vick. I really do.” He disconnects and Lily steps out.
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Billy reiterates that he’s 100% committed to her and she thanks him for doing the right thing. They circle back to his conversation with Jill and Billy reveals that she’s a fan of his podcast. Lily’s not surprised. Billy explains his mother also warned him he could be self-sabotaging again. He assures Lily there’s nothing to worry about — what she’s picking up on isn’t self-sabotage. The work he’s doing on the podcast is personal and also fragile, like he needs to protect it. He’s excited to see where the journey takes him. Lily wonders if he’s pulling away from Chancellor-Winters. Billy will be there riding shotgun; his journey isn’t separate. He assures he’s not pulling away from her. Just then, Chelsea walks up and asks after the company and Katie and Johnny. Lily excuses herself to get back to work. Billy sees her off and then rejoins Chelsea.

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Chelsea tells Billy that he and Lily make a beautiful couple and she’s happy for him. Billy asks what’s going on with her. Chelsea croaks, “Life’s good, can’t complain.” Billy asks her to be honest with him. Chelsea opens up about her friendship with Rey, who only saw the good in her even though she poisoned him. Billy didn’t expect to hear that they’d become close. Chelsea reveals he really listened to her when she had no one else to turn to and his death has been hard on her and Connor. Billy’s sorry. Chelsea chirps that she and Chloe are coming up with a new line… but lately she’s been acting more like a babysitter than a collaborator. Billy gets a text and says he has to run. He tells Chelsea he’s glad she’s doing well and he’ll see her soon. She asks to get Connor and Johnny together for a hang when he gets back from boarding school. Billy replies, “We’ll see,” and leaves.
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Adam stops into Sally’s office and marvels that she’s completely at home behind that desk. She shows off her outfit and he thinks it screams “media mogul.” Sally thanks him for the desk plate with her name and position on it. Adam pretends to interview her about her promotion. “How do you plan to make people sit up and take notice.” Sally answers the question with an impressive mission statement, and then says she needs a COO she can trust. Adam hopes she’ll find as good a COO as he did. They canoodle and Sally asks how his first day on the job is going. Adam goes over his conversation with his father. Sally thinks Adam needs to make a splash to prove beyond a doubt that he deserves to be there. Adam doubts he’ll get support from his COO Nikki. Sally tells him he’ll always have her support.

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At Society, Victor wants Michael to find Ashland and Victoria. “You let me know what they’re up to.” Michael offers his perspective — he hates Ashland almost as much as he does, and it shocked him that Victoria chose to go with him, but Victor also told him he thought this was more about her wanting to go out on her own than about Locke. “We’re both fathers, I understand how difficult it is to let go. Perhaps it’s time.” Victor feels his daughter is capable in business, but when it comes to her private life, she keeps gravitating toward flawed men. He can’t understand it. Michael points out Victor himself is a powerful, deeply flawed man who has proven he’s capable of changing. Victor’s affronted and is over the armchair psychology. “I want you to do a job.”
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Michael balks, but Victor reminds him that he wants revenge on Locke just as much as he does. Michael patiently responds, “It’s Victoria’s choice.” Victor declares that she needs their help; she’s obviously incapable of making up her mind and leaving that bastard. He’s convinced Victoria knows she’s made a mistake, and he wants her back there now. Michael needs to find out where they are and what their plans are — he’ll take care of the rest.

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In the park, Nick runs into Chelsea, who asks about Sharon and notices something’s bothering him. He admits it’s Victoria. Chelsea’s shocked to hear Ashland made up his cancer, but is familiar with the scam. Nick reveals they paid him off to get him out of the company but he has a hold on Victoria, who has run off with him. Chelsea thinks Nick has every right to want Ashland destroyed.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy asks Nikki what she wants to talk about. Nikki wants to know where Victoria and Ashland are, and worries about the children being forced to spend time with that monster. She’s sure that her daughter told Billy where she is and swore him to secrecy, but… Billy cuts her off. He doesn’t know any more than anyone else. He concedes he hates what she’s doing and how it’s affecting everyone who cares about her… including Victor. Billy explains that he threatened to fight her where the kids are concerned but realized it was the wrong thing to do. “I will be stepping back. I’m going to let it go.”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily deals with an assistant, who says the PR department is interested in Billy’s podcast. The woman confides she’s a big fan. Lily pauses, and then agrees. When the woman walks out, Lily seems thoughtful.

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At Newman Media, Sally unbuttons Adam’s shirt as she assures him they will always be a team. He reciprocates and they kiss passionately. He puts her up against the door.
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