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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Summer discuss the tea and food in Milan. He jokes that they need to move back and she ask him not to, before complaining that she’s trying to come up with a way to broker peace between their mothers. Kyle thinks they should stay out of their conflict. Summer muses that just being in the vicinity of Diane brings out the worst in Phyllis. Summer wonders if there’s a way they could get his mother out of town for a while. Kyle doesn’t think she’ll go for it — she’s putting roots down and even asked him for help finding a PR job. “Maybe we can get Phyllis to hire her at the hotel.” Summer shoots him a glare. His jokes aren’t funny today.

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At the hotel, Phyllis enters wearing a hat and sunglasses and ducks into the elevator.
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At Crimson Lights, Allie enthuses to Jack that Ashley arranged a second visit to the Jabot lab for her. They talk about how incredible she is, and Jack wonders if she could arrange a summer internship for his granddaughter. Allie balks; she’s not sure she should be able to jump in front of everyone else. Jack reassures her. Allie thinks it sounds perfect but asks for some time to think about it. Jack knows there’s an emotional element to all of this — following in her father’s footsteps. The girl admits she’s been thinking a lot about how her dad would feel about her being in Genoa City. Jack learns Noah convinced her he’d be happy she’s in a place where people care about her. He muses that she’s charmed everyone she’s met. Talk turns to Diane and Jack won’t dictate how she should feel about her, but he does warn her not to get too close. She always has her own agenda and he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.
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At Society, Chelsea’s humming gets on Chloe’s nerves, and she asks her to stop. Chelsea relays that Connor’s been thinking about Rey and asked if they play soccer in heaven. Chloe assures that they’ll both get through this. Worried about the new line, Chloe asks to see what her friend is working on. She hands over an inspiration for next year. Chloe, turning intense, reminds her they’re up against a deadline. “You need to get focused!” Chelsea gawps. “It’s a process!” Chloe’s process involves making sure they have designs on time so as to get them into production. Chelsea can’t just flip a switch to finish a design. Chloe warns they’ve missed a couple of deadlines and reveals they can no longer get the custom print she wants. Chelsea protests — it’s essential! Chloe fumes that if they keep missing deadlines, Lauren will kick them to the curb and all of this hard work will have been for nothing! Chelsea insists she’s coming up with some great stuff. Chloe reminds her they can’t sell sketches — they need time to make the clothes.
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Chelsea needs Chloe to relax and trust that everything will work out. Under her breath, Chloe mutters, “Where have I heard that before?” Chelsea barks, “Excuse me?!” Chloe explains her job is to babysit her. Chelsea gasps in outrage. Chloe backs it up and they continue bickering until Gloria appears. She sees their nerve are frayed and tensions are high — they need a spiritual guru and must be so happy to see her!
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Glo goes on about Lauren being thrilled with her outstanding performance at JCV and lets Chloe know she was talking up their new line at the recent fashion week in London. Chloe balks. “I didn’t ask you to do that.” Chelsea frowns at her. Chloe wonders how she could chat it up when she hasn’t seen it. She’s Gloria; she can hype anything. Chloe mutters, “If we ever finish it.” Gloria enthuses that the buyers and critics are excited to welcome Chelsea back into the world of fashion. Chelsea beams but Chloe looks gravely concerned. Gloria rants about how lucky they are to be working together under ideal circumstances. Chelsea remarks, “You’d think so, wouldn’t you?” Chloe admits to her mother—in-law that there has been tension between the friends. Gloria opines that you hire the right person for the job and then get out of their way. Chloe and Chelsea start arguing again and Gloria interrupts, “Ladies, ladies. This will not do.”

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At the Abbott house, Kyle reveals to Summer that he’s still considering helming Marchetti, but he’s not sure he’s the right person for the job. Summer maintains that he is and asks what she can do to convince him. Kyle is torn about giving up the co-CEO position at Jabot; he enjoys working with his dad. Summer argues taking over Marchetti isn’t a step down. Kyle thinks it would give him an opportunity to show his dad what else he can do. He decides he’ll take the job and Summer embraces him excitedly. They kiss and her phone rings — it’s Phyllis. Summer asks her how things are in Georgia.

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In her hotel suite, Phyllis takes off her hat as she tells Summer, “Excellent. Daniel is an incredible host. I’m really enjoying myself.” She goes that he’s been showing her all the sights in Savannah and asks how things are going at home. She wonders if Kyle’s sent Diane packing. Summer reminds her she told her she won’t try and change his mind. Diane’s sticking around and Kyle wants to give her a chance. Phyllis intones, “It’s not going to go well for him or for you. But sometimes people need to learn their lessons on their own.” Summer asks if that means she’s willing to let them make their own decisions where Diane’s concerned. Phyllis states that she will not get worked up over her — anger is poison. Summer relays they’re making progress on the Marchetti deal. Phyllis is glad to hear it and suggests they catch up when she gets home, which will be soon… very soon.

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At Crimson Lights, Allie tells Jack she’s feeling less lonely ever day. Jack’s chuffed. He could see that she need to feel loved and find a sense of belonging — he didn’t want to push because he did that with his father. Allie reaches to touch his hand and assures he got the balance just right. Diane walks in and Allie excuses herself to go meet Noah. Diane tells Jack she’s a special young woman. Jack figures she wants to take credit for all the good things happening to Allie. Diane doesn’t have a lot of positive things she can take credit for. She asks to sit and he tells her, “Yeah, go ahead.” They talk about Kyle, Summer and Harrison staying and Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Diane hopes that people will stop clinging to their old views of her and asks if it’s too soon for him to fall into that category. Jack’s hopeful for her future with Kyle. He suggests she avoid Phyllis altogether. Just then, Phyllis walks in wearing her disguise. She spots them and backs onto the patio.

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At the Abbott mansion, Lauren tells Kyle and Summer she wants to hear about the possible collaboration between Fenmore’s and Marchetti. Summer explains they’d like her chain to be the exclusive carrier for Marchetti fashions in the US. Lauren worries that Angelina is going to step down. Summer reveals that they have a new designer in mind, but wanted to run it by her first. “Chelsea Lawson.”
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At Society, Gloria urges Chloe and Chelsea to listen to what she has to say. She knows they think she’s a gadfly and a wacky mother-in-law, but she’s really a survivor. “I’ve been doing this for a long time and people always underestimate me.” She knows what works and what has value, and they do, as a team. They need to harness the negativity and turn it into some positive energy that will send them rocketing to new heights. They’ll take it to heart. Glo urges them to stay strong, stay smart, and stay together. “Ta ta.”
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At the Abbott house, Summer and Kyle explain to Lauren that her deal for Chelsea’s line would stay in place, the only thing that would change is the branding. Lauren asks, “So it would be Chelsea Lawson for Marchetti?” She’s concerned that the sketches she’s seen so far aren’t the right sensibility for Marchetti. Summer assures they’d tweak the designs as necessary. Lauren doesn’t want to lose the designs she’s seen — they could sell. Kyle suggests Chelsea could pull double-duty, if she can handle the workload. Summer doesn’t see it being a problem — Chelsea’s a force. Lauren asks about the new CEO; they’d have to be on board. Kyle grins, “That won’t be a problem.” Lauren gives the go-ahead to pursue it. Kyle leaves to pick up Harrison and Lauren remarks on how happy he seems. Summer reveals that she spoke to her mother, who is ready to let go of her anger towards Diane. Lauren laughs. “You don’t believe her?” Summer replies, “Not a word.”
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At Crimson Lights, Diane reminds Jack that she and Phyllis are going to cross paths since their children are married. Phyllis eavesdrops as Jack tells Diane she doesn’t need to seek Phyllis out and provoke her. Diane asks if he blames her for what happened between them. Jack wonders how they always end up on this subject — he doesn’t want to talk to her about Phyllis. Diane has one question: Is he hoping to work things out with her when she returns? Jack says no, that ship has sailed.
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At Society, Chelsea’s humming is bothering Chloe again, but she doesn’t say anything. She learns that the man at the factory can give them some wiggle room but warns they can’t let the deadline slip too far. Chelsea hands over a sketch and Chloe declares it’s stunning. They agree Gloria gave them good advice but decide not to put themselves in a position where they need to be counseled by her ever again.

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At the Abbott house, Lauren advises Summer to enlist Diane’s help to make peace. She can get her to apologize or make amends to Phyllis, which might be the only thing that would calm her down. Summer realizes that instead of keeping them apart, maybe she need to bring them together.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis listens as Diane expresses relief that Jack’s not going to try and reconcile with her. “Quite frankly, you deserve better than Phyllis.”

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